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Social Commerce: Facebook Open Graph Marketing


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Social Commerce: Facebook Open Graph Marketing

  1. 1. Social Commerce:Facebook Open Graph MarketingLeveraging the Facebook Like Button and Open Graph for Marketing May 2011
  2. 2. What is the Like Button and Open Graph? The Facebook Like Button lets a Put simply, the Open Graph is user on your website share your Facebook’s attempt to bring every content with their Friends on webpage into the social graph on Facebook. When a user clicks the Facebook. Using Open Graph protocol, Like Button on a product page, these webpage (or objects) function content page, or another page on similarly to a Facebook Fan Page. your website, a story appears in Features include the ability for their friend’s News Feed. customers to ‘like‘ the page (object) and for that page to publish content to fans.
  3. 3. How it WorksStep 1: Add Open Graph Protocol to WebsiteStep 2: Customer ‘Likes’ WebpageStep 3: Retarget Customers on Facebook
  4. 4. Step 1: Add Open Graph Protocol to WebsiteTo turn your web pages into objects in the social graph, you’ll first need to add twothings- the Facebook Like button and Open Graph protocol meta tags. Each pagethat you add the open graph tags to will function nearly identically to a FacebookPage. Available meta tags include Title, Object Type (people, places, product, etc.),an Image, URL of object, and Description.
  5. 5. Step 2: Customer ‘Likes’ WebpageWhen a customer clicks the Facebook Like button on your webpage, the story isshared in their friend’s News Feed. More importantly, everyone that likes that page isorganized into a group, similar to an email list or fans of a fan page. As that listgrows, a brand may have hundreds or thousands of customers that like a specificwebpage. That webpage could be for a specific product, say Levi’s Relaxed Fit 550or for a product category, say Romantic Comedy Movies.
  6. 6. Step 3: Retarget Customers on Facebook Open Graph Object Customer’s News FeedOnce users have ‘liked’ your web page, you are able to retarget those customers inthe future. The most powerful method of this retargeting is sending a message tofans via the Facebook News Feed. Similar to a fan page, objects in the Open Graphhave the ability to publish content to fans homepage on Facebook. Another methodof retargeting is publishing Facebook advertisements which target customers whohave liked your web page.
  7. 7. Facebook Marketing Opportunities Social Retargeting Web pages that have integrated the Like Button an the Open Graph function just like a Facebook Fan Page- which allows brands to send messages to users via the newsfeed. These targeted messages can alert fans when a product they like goes on sale. Facebook Profiles Your page will show up under ‘Likes & Interests’ on a user’s profile for their friends to see. This keeps your brand in the conversation without being disruptive. Facebook Search Optimization Your page will show up at the top of the results when a user searches on Facebook. Your product or content will be top of mind for users.
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