Music video analyses


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Music video analyses

  1. 1. Music Video AnalysesBy Alvin Goolab
  2. 2. Mysterious GirlPeter Andre
  3. 3. GenreThe genre of this song is pop/reggae. These genres are demonstrated within the setting of the music video and thedance and verse by the second singer. However, the modern interpretation of the song highlights pop features.Lyrical & Visual ConnectionThere are many lyrical and visual connections made within this music video, most repeatedly when Peter Andre sings,“I wanna get close to you” or “move your body next to mine”. These lyrics are represented with images of the girlbeing watched by Peter Andre as he sings, however these images contradict the lyrics as they are apart from eachother which shows Peter Andre’s desire for her which also emphasises the song lyrics and title. But the contradictionis deceived at the end when Peter Andre and the girl are united, this shows a story throughout the music video.Furthermore, when Peter Andre says, “I wanna spend the night with you”, he points at the camera which interacts theaudience with the music video.Music & Visual ConnectionsThe tone of the music relates to the setting of the video as it is set on a beautiful beach with the sun gazing throughwhich reflects a reggae atmosphere and mood. In addition, when everyone on the beach sing along in the chorus, itgives the viewer a sense of happiness which is also created in the piano input. It also makes the viewer feel as if theyare present in the video.ArtistThere are many close-ups of the artist, mainly of his muscular body to engage females with the video, also to meetrecord label demands. As the female seems to be the dominant gender due to the lyrics, it is assumable that the song ismade for women which reflects the appearance of the males bodywise.
  4. 4. VoyeurismWithin the music video, there are slight aspects of voyeurism evident within the images represented during the chorus.These images are of the, half naked, woman sitting beneath a waterfall whilst being watched by Peter Andre. It is clearthat she is at a high level in this part of the video as the camera shot has been taken from a low angle. Meanwhile, alow angle shot has also been used when filming the artist whilst he is looking up which shows that he is gazing uponher, this represents voyeurism.IntertextualityThere is no intertextuality within the song.
  5. 5. StayRihanna
  6. 6. GenreThe genre of this song is pop/soul. These genres are demonstrated within tone of the music which is variably soft anddeep with some energy forming the pop genre. The audience of this song is likely to be those aged between 15 – 25and also couples who are experiencing problems with their relationships.Lyrical & Visual ConnectionAs this song is quite sad, there are lots of connections between the artist and the lyrics. For example, whilst Rihannalays naked in her bath, she says, “he said if you dare, come a little closer”, as she says this she lowers her head whichrepresents that this quote said from him has had an effect on her. The mise-en-scene and visual connection in thisscene emphasises the atmosphere and music genre. Furthermore, moves her head in a circular motion as shesings, “round and around and around we go”.Music & Visual ConnectionsThe setting of the video reflects the tone and atmosphere of the song as it is set mainly in two places, one whereRihanna is laying sad and depressed in her bath which is evident through facial expressions, and the other in the roomof Mikky Ekko where he relentlessly reflects upon moments whilst singing. However, Mikky Ekko is also filmed inthe same setting as Rihanna but at a different time, but he is sitting by the bath where on the other hand Rihanna laysinside, this shows that he illustrates emotions of her absence. This again emphasises the music genre and the sad andsoulful atmosphere.ArtistThere are loads of close-ups of Rihanna’s naked body obviously because she is naked throughout the video which isenticing towards the male population, however this can also relate to the atmosphere with the assist of her bodylanguage that overall shows sadness. The recurring naked figure of Rihanna could be a motif.
  7. 7. VoyeurismWithin the music video, there is voyeurism throughout as Rihanna remains consistently naked. Rihanna is constantlyfilmed at an eye level apart from two moments in the video where the camera is at a high angle. This shows that she isin deep thoughts and is also less dominant then Mikky Ekko who is mainly looking away from the camera whichdepicts a retraction from Rihanna. He is also filmed from a low angle which shows that he has most effect between thetwo characters within the video, hence the song title, “Stay”, of which Rihanna sings most of.
  8. 8. DilemmaNelly
  9. 9. GenreThis song goes by the genre of R&B. This genre is detectable throughout the song due to the relaxing tone of themusic which remains at a consistent level. The audience of this song is likely to be those aged between 15 – 35 andalso couples who are experiencing love mainly because it’s a love song.Lyrical & Visual ConnectionAs this song is a love song, there are many connections between the two artists and the lyrics in terms of love. Forexample, whenever Kelly Rowland sings, “all I think about is you” the video shows her looking across the road toNelly which shows romance. Furthermore, when Kelly is with her boyfriend, she attentively stares at Nelly rather thanher “Boo”, she does this whilst singing, “even when I’m with my boo, all I think about is you”. Therefore the imagesrepresent the lyrics creating the connection.Music & Visual ConnectionsThe setting of the video is mainly within the artists neighbourhood whilst a narrative is shown throughout the musicvideo. As the narrative of the video is syncronised with the lyrics of the song. The tone of the music creates a peaceful,romantic atmosphere as every part of the video is moving in time with the music, such as the mercedez when Kelly isdriving at the speed of the music around the corner with Nelly before the doors open at night, this depicts a scene ofromance which engages the audience with the scene and music allowing them to feel the affection between the artists.ArtistThere are no close-ups of the artists throughout the video as it was not suit the song. However, a number MCU andMS have been used to show expressions within the face of the artists whilst they look at each other from a distance orfrom close up when they are dancing, etc. In some aspects, the recurring appearance of Kelly’s boyfriend during eyecontact between the artists could be a motif.
  10. 10. VoyeurismThere is no voyeurism within this video clip as there is no need for any due to the music genre and mainly the melodyof the song.