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Why the Future of Brain Enhancement and Mental Health is Digital and Pervasive


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Presentation by Alvaro Fernandez hosted by the Imperial College Centre for Neurotechnology in London.

Description: As seen in patent and investment trends, research findings and consumer/patient behaviors, Mental Health and Brain Enhancement are rapidly evolving in transformational ways which some call “empowering” and some “controversial.” Alvaro Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief of independent market research firm SharpBrains, will present and discuss the latest market data and forecasts on how digital platforms are poised to revolutionize brain & mental health diagnostics, monitoring, therapies and enhancement.


16:00–17:00 | Seminar including Q&A (Lecture Theatre G34)
17:00–18:00 | Drinks reception (Ground Floor Foyer)

Bio: Alvaro Fernandez, named a Young Global Leader, runs SharpBrains, an independent market research firm tracking applied neuroscience. He has been quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Reuters, and Associated Press, among others, and is the Editor-in-chief of seminal market reports on Pervasive Neurotechnology and Digital Brain Health, and co-author of the book The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness. Alvaro enjoys serving in the World Economic Forum’s Council on the Future of Human Enhancement, and in the Global Teacher Prize Academy run by the Varkey Foundation, and holds an MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University and a BA in Economics from Universidad de Deusto, in his native Spain.

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Why the Future of Brain Enhancement and Mental Health is Digital and Pervasive

  1. 1. Alvaro Fernandez SharpBrains CEO & Editor-In-Chief May 30th, 2018 Why the Future of Brain Enhancement & Mental Health is Digital and Pervasive
  2. 2. 1. 2. 1-Strongly Disagree 2-Disagree 3-Neutral 4-Agree 5-Strongly Agree 1. “My healthcare provider offers excellent brain health care” (only 10% respondents Agree/ Strongly Agree) 2. “Doctors should monitor cognitive health systematically, especially when prescribing new medicaments” (91% respondents Agree/ Strongly Agree) Source: SharpBrains 2017 Survey (not released yet)
  3. 3. Finalists included: • MyCognition (UK) • WEKIT (EU) • Sincrolab (Spain) • MyndYou (Israel)
  4. 4. 5 Data Points
  5. 5. Source: The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness
  6. 6. Start with the User in mind (not the science, or the buyer) US (consumer-driven innovation) + EU (institutional adoption) Ethics Final thoughts
  7. 7. @alvarof