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Inno­v­a­tive part­ner­ships to improve health and life at scale


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In this grow­ing and rapidly evolv­ing cat­e­gory, there are mul­ti­ple oppor­tu­ni­ties for devel­op­ers to part­ner with large-scale orga­ni­za­tions look­ing for ways to improve health, per­for­mance and busi­ness out­comes. Dur­ing this ses­sion we will dis­cuss sig­nif­i­cant neurotech-related ini­tia­tives tak­ing place at large IT, pharma and auto­mo­tive firms, as well as universities.
- Chair: Richard Varn, Dis­tin­guished Pres­i­den­tial Appointee at Edu­ca­tional Test­ing Ser­vice (ETS)
- Tommy Sagroun, CEO of CogniFit
- Peter Freer, Inven­tor and CEO of Freer Logic
- Glenn Mor­ri­son, Direc­tor of Clin­i­cal Tri­als at Lumosity
- Nikhil Sri­ra­man, IP Ana­lyst at SharpBrains

Presentation @ The 2015 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

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Inno­v­a­tive part­ner­ships to improve health and life at scale

  1. 1. Innovative partnerships to improve health and life at scale
  2. 2. Innovative partnerships to improve health and life at scale Chaired by: Dr. Richard Varn, Distinguished Presidential Appointee at Educational Testing Services (ETS) Tommy Sagroun, CEO of CogniFit Peter Freer, Inventor and CEO of Freer Logic Glenn Morrison, Director of Clinical Trials at Lumosity Nikhil Sriraman, IP Analyst at SharpBrains
  3. 3. Tommy Sagroun, CEO Innovative partnerships to improve health and life at scale
  4. 4. About the company Founded in 1999 by neuroscientists Computerized cognitive assessments and brain training software Improve quality of life through brain fitness 15+ years of scientific validation: independent institutions and peer-reviewed publications B2B partnerships with large companies (industry: pharmacy, education, driving, health and wellness) + B2C
  5. 5. What is MS? Multiple sclerosis (MS): incurable disease of the CNS that disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body Symptoms:  Physical: loss of muscle control, vision, balance, and sensation  Hidden: fatigue, cognitive impairment, and socio- psychological problems Treatment: decrease the frequency of relapses and delay disease progression
  6. 6. Bayer long-term commitment in MS Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals: first company to offer an effective and innovative treatment for MS Bayer optimizes existing therapies and offers physicians and patients a complete help network, including a 360° support approach:  Effective MS therapy  Innovative application system  Direct MS-nurse support  Informative and practical materials How to help MS patients improve their cognition?
  7. 7. Peer-reviewed publications Examples of peer-reviewed publications showing that CogniFit programs help improve cognitive function:  In MS patients  In older adults  In people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)  And reduce depression levels in patients with unipolar and bipolar disorder  And improve sleep quality in older adults with insomnia  And increase mobility in sedentary seniors  And boost dyslexic students’ reading skills
  8. 8. Bayer and CogniFit collaboration Bayer’s conundrum: how to improve cognition in MS patients? CogniFit brain training is clinically proven to improve cognitive skills in people with MS CogniFit + Bayer = better care for MS patients by combining drugs and brain training software
  9. 9. How does the CogniFit program work? Peer reviewed publications – Proves scientific validity Baseline assessment – Captures your cognitive profile Personalized training – Builds your optimal training regimen Real-time difficulty level adjustment – Keeps you challenged Variety of games – Keeps you engaged Diverse cognitive skills – Gets you a comprehensive workout Constant training – Maintains your benefits
  10. 10. The partnership Initial collaboration with Bayer global Local Bayer entities review regulations and marketing strategies for their market CogniFit is available in 16 languages First product’s rollout in Bayer’s parent company country Bayer teams work locally with doctors, nurses and health care providers
  11. 11. Key lessons Largest global companies recognize brain fitness CogniFit’s scientific credibility increases Stronger patient involvement in fighting the disease Customized brain fitness for specific targets Other partnerships with companies from different industries such as health and wellness and education Dedicated online platforms for healthcare professionals, schools, and researchers
  12. 12. Thank you Tommy Sagroun, CEO
  13. 13. Innovative partnerships using neurotechnology Putting the puzzle together Peter Freer, Freer Logic, LLC
  14. 14. Creation  What constitutes a disruptive neurotechnology?
  15. 15. Networking How do I meet the right person in the right company?
  16. 16. Research  Review the company that you’re meeting with noting their interests  Review the person you are meeting with to know what he/she is interested in
  17. 17. Development • NASA • Military • NASCAR • Nuclear Power • Olympic teams
  18. 18. What to expect  No overnight successes  Slow moving companies with due diligence processes  Open the kimono  Have an NDA  Do you have a patent?
  19. 19. Create Buzz  Create news about your product or service
  20. 20. Summary  Perhaps the most critical factor once you’ve had initial contact is follow-up  No overnight successes  Innovation drives your ability to get people to use your tech  Innovation is driven by needs
  21. 21. Privileged & Confidential Lumos Labs, Inc. Lumos Labs SharpBrains Summit 18 November 2015 Glenn Morrison, PhD
  22. 22. LUMOS LABS, INC. The Human Cognition Project The HCP advances the science of cognitive enhancement through a global, collaborative research network.
  23. 23. LUMOS LABS, INC. Our Mission • Create and validate training tools that aim to improve cognitive abilities • Create and validate assessment tools to measure cognitive performance • Advance the pace of cognitive science research • Expand the understanding of the human brain
  24. 24. LUMOS LABS, INC.
  25. 25. LUMOS LABS, INC. • Brain Health Registry (BHR) is a UCSF-based nonprofit website designed to create a registry of individuals for recruitment into clinical trials and investigator initiated research • BHR currently has >35,000 members • self report questionnaires • neuropsychological tests • informants/study partners information • genetics (from spit kits or blood samples) • devices • Lumos Labs currently supports BHR by: • Providing the NeuroCognitive Performance Test (NCPT) as one of the online neuropsychological tests. • Helping to recruit to the BHR by conducting targeted outreach to Lumosity users
  26. 26. LUMOS LABS, INC. Alzheimer’s Disease – A Case Study • One major focus for the BHR is Alzheimer’s disease (AD) • AD clinical trials face numerous challenges • Slow recruitment • High screen fail rate • Partnering with BHR, Lumos has the opportunity to impact the way in which AD research is conducted In screening - 25% at memory test - 25% with no amyloid - 25% for other reasons Enrolled Screen 4000 to enroll 1000
  27. 27. LUMOS LABS, INC. Alzheimer’s Disease – A Case Study • Lumos Labs has over 70 million users, which provides a large audience to invite to participate in research • Participants who join the BHR take Lumos’ NCPT • Goal to pre-identify those most likely to qualify for trial enrollment At home computerized memory testing - 10% at memory test - 25% with no amyloid - 25% for other reasons Enrolled In screening Identify those most likely to ‘pass’ memory test Screen 2500 to enroll 1000
  28. 28. LUMOS LABS, INC. BHR and Lumos – A Mutually Beneficial Partnership • Partnership benefits goals of both BHR and Lumos • BHR gains access to a potentially interested audience to help build the registry • Lumos contributes the NCPT to the BHR in an effort to advance research • Lumos gains access to data to help further validate the NCPT • Other research opportunities emerge to advance goals of both parties
  29. 29. LUMOS LABS, INC. Examples of Other HCP Partnerships • Partnership between Lumos, Anthrotronix, Geoffrey Beene Foundation, BrightFocus, US Against Alzheimer’s, and 21st Century Braintrust • Goal was to understand the impact of providing care for dementia patients • Partnership between Lumos, Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative, and University of Antioquia • Lumos partnering to build awareness of familial AD registry in Colombia by reaching out to users • Collecting cognitive data on families with genetic predisposition for early onset AD
  30. 30. LUMOS LABS, INC. Supporting Academia and Advancing Neuroscience Research • More than 100 academic collaborators • 60 academic institutions • Global outreach
  31. 31. LUMOS LABS, INC. How to Get Involved • We review proposals quarterly, and our next scheduled review will take place in December • We evaluate research studies by considering the following criteria: 1. adequate sample size 2. total training time of 20 hours or greater 3. sufficient randomization and active controls 4. relevant outcomes measures or assessments 5. processes and controls to ensure study integrity 6. suitability of investigator(s) and institution Visit:
  32. 32. Pervasive Neurotech Partnerships and Innovations Nikhil Sriraman SharpBrains Analyst
  33. 33. Why we identified non-invasive neurotech patents
  34. 34. How we identified non-invasive neurotech patents 4K+ US non-invasive neurotech patents 10K+ GLOBAL pubs yielded w/ similar process
  35. 35. Five key trends and insights 1. Exponential growth since 2010 1. Large companies with strong portfolios 1. Evolution from invasive to pervasive 1. Multi-sensor, multi-variable data analysis 2. Aggressive “build” AND “buy”
  36. 36. 1. Exponential growth in neurotech
  37. 37. Portfolio strength assessed via SharpBrains Index 2. Large companies emerge as leading IP holders
  38. 38. 3. Exemplary portfolio – from invasive to pervasive
  39. 39. 4. Exemplary portfolio – multi-sensor, multi-variable analysis
  40. 40. 5. Aggressive “build” and “buy”
  41. 41. Questions?
  42. 42. Thank you for another fun day Sponsors
  43. 43. Next Steps: 1) Expo Day tomorrow! 2) To discuss: Summit’s LinkedIn Group 3) Recordings and Handouts
  44. 44. To learn more, visit