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Raise the bar! Reloaded


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Infrastructure automation is a voyage we can take step by step. The presentation is about the approaches, priorities and challenges we have to face when we want to automate an IT ifrastructure

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Raise the bar! Reloaded

  1. 1. Raise the Bar! Alessandro Franceschi CodeMotion 2014 Milan A journey towards infrastructure automation Reloaded License: Creative Commons 3.0 by-nc-sa
  2. 2. Alessandro Franceschi @alvagante
  3. 3. they tell about infrastructures like this
  4. 4. but some infrastructures look more like this...
  5. 5. we are probably somewhere in the middle
  6. 6. What can we do? Hold on. Where are we? Look around. Choose a path. Move. Step by step.
  7. 7. Where are we? Where things fail? Where time is wasted? What works well? What's critical? What's strategical? What are the available skills? Learn from failure. Learn from success!
  8. 8. Choose a Path Analyse and evaluate solutions Share vision and goals Draw a general roadmap Be ready for corrections Choose the automation tools: - Configuration Management - Applications Deployment - Continuous Integration - Infrastructure Awareness
  9. 9. Step by Step Get guidance from experts Train the team on the job Do or Know It Yourself Prioritise time savers Build things to be reused Communicate, always Test, act, verify. Reiterate. Step the dots, then connect them
  10. 10. Scenarios nil => NEW Brand new project OLD => NEW Infrastructure migration OLD => OLD Infrastructure update
  11. 11. Brand New Project Faster and easier Freedom on technical choices Standard and updated OS Modern architecture No mess with production
  12. 12. Infrastructure Migration New systems replace existing ones Gradual migration of services Start from what is most needed New setups should be automated
  13. 13. Infrastructure update Harder and more dangerous Probably different OS to manage Undetermined existing setup procedures Manual configurations accumulated over time Evaluate agent setup on older systems Evaluate effort and benefits, for edge cases Evaluate the migration alternative
  14. 14. Infrastructure update We need a gradual approach Define a minimal baseline to apply to all nodes Be careful of OS variations Raise the Bar, step by step: Vertically: add services to the minimal baseline Horizontally: cover more OS and add nodes
  15. 15. Mind the steps How easy and quickly can be done How stable are systems What maintenance efforts they require Number of nodes involved Migration risks and impact What's worth to automate Future benefits
  16. 16. Priorities Integrate what already works well Automate servers deployment (*) Automate common systems configurations (*) Automate your most important stacks (*) Refine testing and apps deploy, then automate (*) Automate or delegate monitoring (*) Time spent here is rarely wasted.
  17. 17. Application Deployments Use the tool you prefer (Capistrano, Fabric, Puppi, OS packages, scripts…) Be able to run it unattended Configure it via CM Run it in via local CLI, CI pipelines, cronjobs, orchestration engines… YMMV
  18. 18. Rollouts Notify and communicate Have some way to test what you change Control the propagation of rollouts Watch logs, monitors and reports During migrations don't be surprised of skeletons
  19. 19. CI and Orchestration Put together your steps: configuration, testing and deployment Be in control Refine over time ChatOps
  20. 20. Infrastructure Awareness Monitoring of systems and business metrics Logs trending and analysis Data Visualisation and correlation Proactive Security Smart infrastructure
  21. 21. Mind-set change When infrastructure is code: - you need to version it - you can test it - you use it (as many times as necessary) - you refine it over time - you, sysadm, are a developer and you don't mess up with the runtime.
  22. 22. Now, RUN! Automation means: - repeatability - consistency - scaling - reduced human errors - velocity - more time to do interesting things
  23. 23. small steps and a vision Thank you, @alvag ante