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The bourne identity 3


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Published in: Education
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The bourne identity 3

  1. 1. THE BOURNE IDENTITY Robert Ludlum - Leonel Virgillito -Facundo Paoli -Federico Camio -Alejandro Morsaline
  2. 2. This story is about a man, who has been found injured bothphysically and mentallyin the sea by fishermen.The fishermen took him to a very good and trustable , called Dr. Washburn.
  3. 3. The man talked while being “asleep” in some different languages, that’s one of the reasons why the doctorthought he was a professional or a criminal. Another reason was that the doctor found a microchip with a bank codeunder his skin. When he awoke and recovered his consciencehe realized that he has lost his memory! He couldn’t even remember his name.
  4. 4. As he wanted to know who he was, he travelled to Zurich, where, apparently, he was very well-known, and a lot ofpeople wanted to see him dead, but he didn’t know why.
  5. 5. There he met Marie, hetook her as a hostage inorder to escape from the hotel.
  6. 6. Then he was attacked by some men who finallyfound him. This men alsotried to kill Marie, but he could fortunately rescue her.
  7. 7. So they decided to travel to Paris; there, they discoveredthat a man called Carlos wanted to see them dead, and they didn’t know why, so they tried to find out the reasons.
  8. 8. They discovered thatCarlos was an important criminal and murderer.He was one of the most dangerous men in Europe.
  9. 9. END - Leonel Virgillito - Facundo Paoli - Federico Camio- Alejandro Morsaline