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The bourne identity


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Published in: Education
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The bourne identity

  1. 1. “The Bourne Identity”
  2. 2. Chapter 1
  3. 3. There was a Man who had lost his memory.He was damaged physically and mentally andand a doctor was helping him to recover
  4. 4. He suspected the patient was a soldier
  5. 5. All the answers were there the patientwent to France
  6. 6. In the coffee a man walked in and recognized him
  7. 7. The man tried to kill him but the patientkicked him and the man escaped
  8. 8. Chapter 2
  9. 9. That was an envelope with "Owner only, officer of the TreadstoneSeventy-one Company" typed on it. He opened it, and read:Owner: Jason Charles BourneAdress: UnlistedNacionality: AmericanJason
  10. 10. He pushed the mans face into the elevator wall, opened hiscoat, and found another gun. He pointed it. "how many?""Two. One by elevators. One by the car outside""What kind of car?""A Peugeot. Brown"
  11. 11. The killers were moving through thecrowd toward him. Bourne walkedquickly toward the woman, seized her bythe arm, and pulled her away from thereception desk. As she looked up a him insurprise, he showed her the end of thegun in his pocket."I dont want to frighten you", he saidquietly, "but i have no choice. Take me toyour conference room".Surprise had turned to shock. "Youcant...""Yes, I can". Unseen by the people aroundthem, he pushed the gun into her side."Lets go".
  12. 12. Chapter 3
  13. 13. A man was killed... Jason Bourne had been paid tokill. The police had offered a reward. Others wouldfollow. How many people were looking for him?Who were they? When would this end?.“There’s number 37”, he said. “Stop the car”
  14. 14. "You promised that our last piece of business would be the finalone," Chernak shouted, white-faced. "This is too dangerous.""The envelope that you passed to our friend at the DreiAlpenhauser," Bourne said. "Who gave it to you?"
  15. 15. As he lay on the bed,words came to him: Aman was killed...You accepted thejob... And then:Theyll pay for youcorpse! Carlos willpay!.
  16. 16. He seized the man by theneck, then lifted his bloodyleft hand and spread the bloodacross the Swiss mans eyes.Reaching across with his righthand, he turned the wheel tothe right, into a pile ofgarbage.
  17. 17. The killer fired and missed.Bourne fired and heard a cry.He had wounded the man.
  18. 18. "Who are you?" Marie asked."They say my name is Jason Bourne"."They say? What does that mean?""My life began five months ago on a small island in theMediterranean..."
  19. 19. "But whatever we learn about Treadstone... Bourne said, "Men are stilltrying to kill me, and I dont know why. I have to know why someonenamed Carlos will pay for my corpse..."
  20. 20. Bourne looked at the date of the newspaper. Thursday,August 26. Something was wrong. Washburn had told him,again and again, trying to help him remember: You werebrought to my door on the morning of Tuesday, August24...
  21. 21. "Im afraid," dAmacourt explained, "that I cannot give that kind ofinformation to a stranger on the telephone. I suggest that you come tothe bank. My office is on the ground floor".
  22. 22. They sat down and Bourne ordered drinks. "Tellme," he said."The instructions came from the GemeinschaftBank. I could lose my job if I talk to you.""You could lose your life if you dont" Bourne said."Name your price".
  23. 23. On the way, hewas shot in thethroat! “Peter! Oh,what have Idone?""You haven´t doneanything." Bournecould hardlybreathe. "A bulletin the throat ... Itwas Carlos."
  24. 24. The End…Group : Carucci Sofia Sitner Willig Julieta