Sleepy hollow 2


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Sleepy hollow 2

  1. 1.  Students:-Carolina Milone-Agustina Silvero-Ignacio Sabelli-Leonel Affinito-Gonzalo Diaz Mulligan  Teacher: -Beatriz Vaccaro
  2. 2. Sleppy Hollow There was a valley called sleepy hollow cause it was a very peaceful place and people there felt sleepy.The ones that livedthere believed inspirits. There weremany stories but themost famous wasabout the ghost of aheadless man with ahorse that was killedin a war and he losthis head.
  3. 3. interests -He loved food characteristics and singing. - He believed strongly in- His Name was Ichabod Crane.- He was very tall and thin. spirits and he- He had long arms and legs. heared voices- His head was small and very flat in the forest. on the top.- He had huge ears.- Had large green eyes and a very long nose.- He wasnt handsome at all.- He hasn`t got a lot of money.
  4. 4. He was a young man who also wanted to marry katrina.Characteristics Ichabod didnt want to fight- He was tall and with him because he knows Handsome. that Bones was going to- His body was big win, so Ichabod start ed and strong. playing tricks on him. He had short, black, Ichabod was invited to a curly hair. Baltus Van Tassel’s party. He- He was an excellent was going to go to see horse rider. katrina.
  5. 5. Katrina was a newpupil of Ichabod`spsalm-singersgroup, she was thedaughter of BaltusVan Tassel, an oldfarmer. Katrina was young and beautiful. Ichabod was in love with her. He wanted to marry her because if he got married with her, he would had a good and easy life.
  6. 6. Ichabod borrowed a . Ichabod went to the to the farm Brom Bones was there too.where he was staying Katrina danced withthat week. The horse Ichabod, but she was not happy.was old, thin and it She didnt want to be withhad one eye. him, she liked Brom Bones.
  7. 7. Almost midnight , The schoolmastercame back from the party with Gunpowder . When the ghost He was looking for something in was supposed to the forest. a huge black shape dissapear, the was standing in front of him, The headless headless Horseman. Ichabod was horseman passed really terrified, he was going to by him, riding as return to his house but fast as the wind Gunpowder resisted. The his horse with his headless Horseman and Ichabod head. went back to the bridge.
  8. 8. Gunpowder was found withouthis saddle but there were nonews of Ichabod Crane, thestudents waited for him but hedidn’t come, the only thing thatwas found was theschoolmaster`s hat. Somepeople said he died, otherssaid that they saw him in NewYork and others suspected fromBrom Bones…