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Robin hood 20

  1. 1. Robin Hood Story .Members of the group:• Taiel Tripoali• Ramiro Magnotta• Agustin D´alessandro• Fabricio Zapata• Mailen Zabala• Ulises D`audia
  2. 2. CHAPTER 1 Robin Hood`s grandfather fougth a Normand lord that wanted to steal his home and land . In the fight Lord Gamwell lost his two sons and wife. But Sir Gamwell also had a young daugther, Joanna.So he taught her how to fight with bow and arrow Five year later, a young man named William, fell in love with Joanna. He wanted to marry her but Gamwell , didn`t acept this. Joanna escaped with him . A year later, Joanna sent for his father and met him in the Sherwood Forest. There he found his daughter and met his grand son , Robin. Sir Gamwell asked them to live near him and she accepted. he would learn the secrets of the forest because it would be his second home
  3. 3. CHAPTHER 2 After twenty five years,Robin became lord ofLocksley.The village people liked Robin Fitzooth.The worst person was the greedy sheriff ofNottingham. The men robbed rich people and gavetheir money to poor villigers .That night therewas going to be a great party atLocksley house. So the sheriff would send one of hismen.Robin planned to marry Lady Marian the next day.The sherrif planned to catch Robin.
  4. 4. Ceremony
  5. 5. CHAPTHER 3On his wedding day to Lady Marian,theSheriff`s men interrupted the ceremony andthere was a fight outside the abbey.RobinHood had to hide in the forest because theSheriff knew who he was but he askedMarian to wait for him.
  6. 6. CHAPTHER 4After the events at the church , Prince Johnsold Robin`s lands to the Sheriff and thesituation of the villagers got worse .Muchthe forester was found carrying a deaddeer and, as he couldn`t pay for it , theSheriff would kill him. Much told the Sheriffhe could lead him to Robin , but heescaped into the forest hewas killed and hishouse pulled doun Much`s son joined Robin
  7. 7. Lands of Robin Hood
  8. 8. CHAPTER 5Ana walked along the forest Robin metLittle John a big and strong man theyfought, Little John won and threw Robin intothe river .
  9. 9. the fight with Litle John
  10. 10. CHAPTER 6-7Will found Sir Richard in the forest and tookhim to Robin. Sir Richard was very good. Heneeded help to pay E100 to the abbot ofST.Marys. This man lent him the money tosave his son`s life.Robin offered him themoney and litle John went with him. Theabbot wanted the lands but Sir Richard andlitle John payed the amount, the abbot wasvery hungry
  11. 11. CHAPTER 8In the summert Lady Marian and her fatherhad a big party the sheriff knew Robinwould visit her, then his men wanted tocatch him, another fight broke out.
  12. 12. CHAPTHER 9The next day the sheriff visited Marian’sfather and told him he wanted to marry hisdaughter. Marian didn’t talk to him but shehearnd behind the door her father askedher to marry the sheriff but , she refused.
  13. 13. CHAPTER 10Marian ran away to the forest.She wentwith F.Tuck, a fat and strong churchmanTuck and Marian got separated in the forestRobin and Marian wanted him to marrythem but first they needed to find him.
  14. 14. Lady Marian and RobinHood
  15. 15. CHAPTER 11Robin found F. Tuck working as a ferrymanand had some fun with his boat then heasked the F.Tuck to marry them F.Tuckjoined Robin`s group
  16. 16. CHAPTER 12Robin wanted to recover the money theyhad given to Sir Richard.Robin invited tworichchurch men to a forest dinner.
  17. 17. CHAPTER 13Sir Richard tried to return the money Robin had lent him. Robin didn’t accept it instead he gave Sir Richard fine clothes for him and a white horse for his wife.
  18. 18. CHAPTER 14The Sheriff organised an archery contest.He knew that Robin would be tempted. There he was going to catch him.
  19. 19. CHAPTER 15King Richard arrived in Sherwood disguised as a friar. He wanted to know Robin Hood.The king gave him back his lands
  20. 20. He was KingRichard
  21. 21. CHAPTER 16 Two years later, King Richard died and Robin was caught and wounded.From St Marry`s Abbey, where he was dying, he shot an arrow and he was buried in the forest where it fell
  22. 22. The end