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Robin hood 16


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Published in: Education
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Robin hood 16

  1. 1. Robin HoodTeacher: Beatriz VaccaroCourse:1º 4 ºStudents: Lucio Cicero , Mayra Alvarez , FrancescaMachado , Carla Mereles , Melina Burgos .
  2. 2. Chapter 1George Ganwell fought against a Norman Lord who wanted hislands. His two sons and wife were killed. He only had his daughterJoanna. He taught her to fight with bow and arrow. She fell in lovewith a Norman but her father did not accept him. She escaped tothe forest with him. They had a boy, Robin Fitzooth, Joanna taughther son to live in the forest.
  3. 3. Chapter 2Robin was lord of Ganwell and Locksley, and lived inhis father’s home. He was a good man, the worstperson was the greedy sheriff of Nottingham .The sheriff was a hard man but Robin Hood robbedrich people and gave the money to poor villagers.Robin was the happiest person because he and thelovely Lady Marian planned to marry. The sheriffdiscovered that Robin Hood was Robin Fitzooth.
  4. 4. Chapter 3Marian stood in front of the abbot in St. Mary’s Abbey.The abbot began to speak, then the sheriff came with20 men with bows and arrows. He was therobber, Robin Hood!. The sheriff saw thirty or moretall strong men. The abbot was angry. A Great fightbegan outside the abbey, the sheriff knew Robin’s nameand he couldn’t go backto Lockleys house.
  5. 5. Chapter 4The sheriff and his men took money and food from the villagers.An old man, Munch the Forester, caught a deer in the Kings Land.Munch had to pay for the deer but Munch didn’t have money, thesheriff ordered his men to kill Munch and pull down hishouse, Munch tried to escape, when three arrows hit him anddied, the Foresters young son stood outside his fathers house, Will Scarlet, walked into the village, but it was late . That yearmany young men came to the forest Robin and Will taught them touse a sword a bow and arrow.
  6. 6. Chapter 5After the fight in the abbey, Robin and his men worked very hardfor the villagers.Then they met Will at lunch time near the bridge, Robin stood inthe middle of the bridge and suddenly somebody ,behind him, told him to get out of the way. The speaker was a big manhe, moved into the bridge and proposed a fight. Robin couldn`twin.So quickly thought of a plan. He looked over the top of the bigman’s head, and shouted. Robin quickly kicked the man’s legs ashard as he could. But the big man kicked Robin and fell of thebridge into the water. He’s name was John.
  7. 7. Chapter 6Will found a sad Richard of Lee in the forest and took himto Robin Hood. He needed help to pay the money he waslent by the abbot to save his son’s life. Robin offered himthe money. Little John went with him, but they wanted totest the abbot and see if he was flexible …
  8. 8. Chapter 7They found out the abbot would not wait another yearfor the money so that he could have Sir Richard’s landsand the house. So little John gave him the full amount ofthe debt, the abbot was very angry.
  9. 9. Chapter 8In the summer, Lady Marian and her father had a big party. The Sheriff knew that Robin would be there. When the Sheriff’s men tried to catch him, another fight broke out.
  10. 10. Chapter 9The next day, The Sheriff visited Marian’s father and said thathe wanted to marry his daughter. Marian didn’t talk to himbut she listened behind the door. Her father wanted her tomarry The Sheriff but she refused.
  11. 11. Chapter 10Marian decided to live with her uncle because she refused tomarry the sheriff. She went with Friar Tuck but they gotseparated in the forest. Robin and Marian wanted Friar Tuck tomarry them, but first they needed to find him.
  12. 12. Chapter 11Robin found Friar Tuck working as a ferryman and had some funwith his boat before asking the friar to marry Robin and Marianand then be one of his men.
  13. 13. Chapter 12To recover the money they had given to Sir Richard, Robin’s meninvited two rich churchmen to a forest dinner and robbed themof clothes, their houses and their bags full of gold.
  14. 14. Chapter 13Sir Richard Tried to return the money Robin lent him butinstead Robin gave him fine clothes and a white horse forhis wife.
  15. 15. Chapter 14The Sheriff had a plan to catch Robin. He organized an archerycontest. He knew Robin would be tempted to participate. Robinwent to the contest but the Sheriff could not catch him.
  16. 16. Chapter 15King Richard arrived in Sherwood to know about Robin hegave back Robin’s Lands and named him Robin of Locksley.
  17. 17. Chapter 16Sr Richard died and Robin was caught and wounded. From StMary’s Abbey, where he was dying, shot an arrow and wasburied in the forest where it fell.