NCOT Ideas for Engagement in a Non-reunion Year


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New Class Officer Training: Ideas for Engagement in a Non-reunion year. How to keep your classmates engaged and connected.

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NCOT Ideas for Engagement in a Non-reunion Year

  1. 1. Ideas for engagement in a non-reunion year
  2. 2. Immediately after reunion • This is the time to get your class engaged in communicating for the next 5 years • Post reunion photos on Facebook, class website and/or personal website or Facebook • Include in the class president’s first letter an encouraging note about viewing and contributing photos from reunion • Establish communication by social media, email blasts • Explore affinity groups within class – use social media • Encourage class officers to participate in outreach
  3. 3. Post-reunion years More photos • Keep encouraging classmates to send photos of their life events, babies, new business, art work, visits with classmates, wildlife in the yard – anything they are interested in.
  4. 4. Post-reunion years Weekend Mini-Reunions • Mini-reunions Weekend at a B&B in a picturesque location Weekend at a big city with a theme (art museums, Christmas Vespers, whatever your city features) Weekend at classmate’s house (small group) to watch or participate in an event Class birthday celebrations – 30, 40, 50, 60 etc A big trip arranged by a travel agent
  5. 5. Post-reunion years One day Mini-Reunions • Art Openings • Boston Marathon, Bay to Breakers, other famous races. Watch together, root for classmate, join post-race celebration • Wendy Wasserstein or Susan Lori Parks or other alumnae plays, shows. • Designate an annual class Mountain Day.
  6. 6. Post-reunion years Just dinner • Dinner for those living within an hour’s drive Someone’s house, a fun restaurant, a dinner cruise, a park lodge
  7. 7. Post-reunion years Just dinner • Class dinner following an MHC event - a tea, for example, for the President visiting town - invite all locals from your class to come to your house or meet at a restaurant afterwards, even if they aren’t going to the tea or other event
  8. 8. Post-reunion years Less than dinner • Small social event to celebrate the opening of a classmate’s business, perhaps financed by the owner • An after-work hour for drinks and conversation at a favorite local place (for big city dwellers)
  9. 9. Post-reunion years Common Read • Taking a tip from the One Book, One Region project, select a book for the class to read and discuss via social media. • Or select a book for classmates in your local area to read and then get together in person to discuss
  10. 10. Post-reunion years Unite to help a classmate • Using social media, snail mail, and personal visits (where possible), support a classmate who is going through a hard time and is willing to let others know about it. • Example: one class sent cards, books, scarves messages, and other caring things to someone undergoing grueling chemotherapy and radiation.
  11. 11. Post-reunion years Alumnae Magazine • As always, send in news for class notes
  12. 12. Post-reunion years classes near 50th reunion • Grandmother/sister program