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Old Or New? The Future Of Media?


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What is the future of media? Will social media kill 'old' media? Or is 'new' media nothing without the old?

Published in: Technology, Sports, Business
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Old Or New? The Future Of Media?

  1. New Or Old? The Future Of Media? Ciarán Norris, Director: Search, Affiliate & Social Media
  2. Does The Future Look Like This?
  3. What Does The Future Look Like? <ul><li>Creating a social media strategy </li></ul><ul><li>Case Study: Brylcreem </li></ul><ul><li>Case Study: Transport For London </li></ul><ul><li>Summary/Questions </li></ul>
  4. What Is Old Media?
  5. gastev on flickr
  6. kb35 on flickr
  7. Joao Pedro, uai ! on flickr
  8. What Unites These?
  9. Centralised Production Phillie Casablanca on flickr
  10. Centralised Distribution elisasizzle on flickr
  11. One To Many Model jem on flickr
  12. Massive Ad Revenue yomanimus on flickr
  13. What’s Changing?
  14. 50 Million Audience In: 38 Years Filmore Photography on flickr
  15. 50 Million Audience In: 13 Years dailyinvention on flickr
  16. 50 Million Audience In: 4 Years rileyroxx on flickr
  17. 50 Million Audience In: 3 Years jjuanpol on flickr
  18. 50 Million Audience In: 2 Years jaycameron on flickr
  19. So What Is New Media?
  20. New Media Is Only New If You’re Old
  21. So What Does This Mean?
  22. Source: & Alexa
  23. 10 Of Top 20 Sites Are Social Source: Alexa
  24. 10 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute Facebook would be the 5 th largest country in the world Over 133 million blogs created since 2002 15-24 yr olds spend 2.14 billion minutes per month on Bebo 800 million photos uploaded to Facebook every month Social media sites are 5 of top 10 most popular globally Sources include TechCrunch, Facebook, Wikipedia, Technorati, Bebo, Alexa
  25. Is Old Media Dying?
  26. on flickr 2009 Q1 = $51m Loss
  27. 2008 = £2.55bn Loss Indiewench on flickr
  28. Source: Roy Greenslade /The Guardian UK Newspapers Since Jan 08
  29. So Social Media’s Winning?
  33. Source: Read Write Web 100% Of Inventory For Sale 2008 = $25m
  34. Jonsson on flickr 3% Of Inventory For Sale 2008 = $500m Loss
  48. 1/18 Of 100m Videos Are UGC
  49. So What Does This Mean?
  50. Social media allows people to maintain a wider circle of friends than ever before, and talk to all of them more easily than ever before… But they still like to talk about the same stuff.
  51. People Don’t Change, Tech Does
  52. But They’ll Sort It Out, Won’t They?
  53. 22 Million Views $0 Revenue
  54. D’OH!
  55. D’OH!
  56. Questions ? <ul><li>Give me a shout.. </li></ul><ul><li>Ciarán Norris </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul>- bast - on flickr Questions
  57. Ciarán Norris,