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Transforming Managed Service Business using IoT


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How IoT is transforming business for managed service provider

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Transforming Managed Service Business using IoT

  1. 1. Transform your Managed Service Business model with
  2. 2. Introduction Uday Nair Solution Delivery Manager • 10 + Years of Experience Sales, Product Management, Channel Partners (Telecom, Engineering, IT services) • MBA ( IB + Marketing ) , BE Production Pune University, MDP (IIM – Calcutta) • Likes : Cooking , Road Trip
  3. 3. Focus Group Managed Service Providers Managing Assets and keep it running, closely monitoring the cost and aligning it with Customers’ business goals Assets Managed Business Goals Facility , Solar Panel, Wind Turbine, Plant Equipment (Compressors, Turbines , Pumps) etc Healthy working condition of Asset Avoiding Cost of failure
  4. 4. Device Data is “Supreme”  Plant site maintenance  Plant equipment maintenance  Preventive and Predictive maintenance  Spare part management  Building Automation All these services require precise Real Time Data from Assets IoT makes it much less of a challenge Integrated Maintenance Management Services provided by Professional MSPs Hardware IoT Connectivity Application
  5. 5.  As per study covering over 300 participants 40 % have at least 1 to 10 IoT enabled solutions for maintenance and have plans to buy more.  Among both users and non-users of IoT enabled solutions, the majority (84%) say they believe IoT solutions will have a either “moderate” or “strong” impact on industrial maintenance in next five years How facility managers are using IoT in maintenance Research Data  Extract from LNS research and Maintenance Technology Magazine
  6. 6. CONNECT EVERYTHING PROCESS EVERYTHING OWN YOUR DATA DEPLOY ANYWHERE Connect Seamlessly Collect & transfer data securely Remotely manage devices Define Structure Get Insights Generate Notifications & Alerts Store Data Securely Create visualizations Build applications using API’s Integrate with your LOB applications SaaS Deployment Cloud Hosting & Support Private cloud/ On-premise The Product
  7. 7. Transforming Business • Move from Reactive to Proactive Condition Monitoring • Data Driven Predictive Analytics
  8. 8. Solution Accurate Real time Device Management Device Management Inventory Management Accurate Spares Part Management Change Management Asset Health Obsolescence Real time Condition Monitoring using Alerts and Notifications Asset Obsolescence & migration plans Asset Change Management using Predictive Analytics Solution Benefits adding Value to MSP services • Monitor and track health of your assets using Dash boards and real time alerts • Accurate Spare and inventory management through true maintenance monitoring • Armed to trouble shoot bottlenecks • Manage the economics of Asset maintenance reliably through Predictive maintenance • improve plant efficiency and reduce asset Fatigue and increase asset lifetime • Reduce maintenance overtime and unplanned equipment failure • Adherence to maintenance SLA and contractual obligations • Better Risk Management
  9. 9. Case Study: Enabling the Smart City Management System Benefits: • Efficient management of utilities resulting in major operational expense reduction • Seamless connectivity of entire assets to a central platform to monitor, manage and maintain assets • Integrated utilities management to provide better service to residents • Centralised metering and billing • Utility demand planning • Asset health monitoring • Predictive maintenance • Outage / Leakage detection & control • Energy Audits
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