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Internet of things (IoT) Overview_Altizon Systems


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Scope and Potential of Internet of Things - Explore the Digital Transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT). This article highlights the top use cases of IoT, the potential and scope of IoT services across industries and the study of Altizon's IoT Platform for making your Enterprise IoT Ready.

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Internet of things (IoT) Overview_Altizon Systems

  1. 1. Internet of Things (IoT) Overview : Scope and Potential We need to talk, Fridge.
  2. 2. Definition of IoT Landscape (Top Use Cases) Industrial Automation (Manufacturing 4.0) Smart Metering Connected Cars Retail Healthcare Wearables Connected Homes
  3. 3. New Service and Business Models Predictive Maintenance Condition Monitoring Real Time Device Monitoring Equipment Maintenance Operation Optimization Cross Device Communication Quality Control Public Utilities Management Security and Safety Management Potential of IoT : Digital Transformation Across Industries
  4. 4. Digital Transformation with Altizon IoT Platform : DatonisTM Advanced Analytics Deep Learning Device Connectivity Kits Device CloudReal Time Alerts & Monitoring Services Smart Connected Device
  5. 5. • Real Time Monitoring • Condition Monitoring • Predictive Analytics Dashboard Real Time Alerts & Monitoring Services Aliot Device Management Identity Management Datonis ALERT Direct Visibility Into Parameters Manufacturing Company Digital Transformation with Altizon IoT Platform : DatonisTM Click the Book Cover to Download the Infographic
  6. 6. Why did this machine need servicing so quickly? I cannot be everywhere! Am I getting the most out of my machines? Why is it so expensive to get productivity information from my machines directly to my laptop? Why do all commercial Solutions only work with advanced machines? Why can’t they work with my current equipment? Am I hearing only what I want to hear? Why didn’t my ERP tell me of this problem last week? Did my guys use it properly? IoT: Asking the BIG Questions
  7. 7. How should you select the ideal IoT Platform ? Heterogeneous Equipment Data DIY Data Visualization Self Service Capabilities Deep Learning Algorithms Flexibility and Scalability Plug n Play 3rd Party Algorithms – Platform Extensibility etc.
  8. 8. Why leading companies choose Altizon ? Most Comprehensive Support for Industry 4.0 Industry leading Stream Analytics and Event Rule Engines Best DIY Enterprise Dashboards Go Mobile, Go Cloud Solutions Enterprise Grade Scalability and Security
  9. 9. Recognized as Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor, Altizon is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform company focussed on making Enterprises Internet of Things(IoT) ready. Our flagship product, the Datonis IoT Platform, helps you build your IoT product in weeks by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a highly-scalable, real-time, big- data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring services. Datonis easily integrates with your existing IT systems to provide a seamless transition between your IoT devices and your IT infrastructure management tools. Datonis is available both in a SaaS as well as in a Hosted model. Click the Brochure to Download About Altizon
  10. 10. • Most Comprehensive Support for Industry 4.0 • Industry leading Stream Analytics and Event Rule Engines • Best DIY Enterprise Dashboards • Go Mobile, Go Cloud solutions • Enterprise grade Scalability and Security PROCESS EVERYTHING Define Structure Get Insights Generate alerts & notifications Store data securely DEPLOY EVERYWHERE SaaS Model Cloud hosting & support Private Cloud/On-premise CONNECT EVERYTHING Connect Seamlessly Collect & Transfer Data Securely Manage Devices OWN YOUR DATA Create Visualizations Build Applications using API’s LOB Integration We help you build your Smart Connected Devices with the : About Altizon
  11. 11. Machine Learning Data Visualization Data Diversity Designed for Manufacturing Services Platform Depth Algorithms’ Marketplace The SIX Pillars (Altizon IoT Platform)
  12. 12. Contact Us INDIA OFFICE US OFFICE Contact us at: Website : Phone (India): +91 959 544 5145 Phone (US): + 1 650-319-8863 FREE 720 University Ave, Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA Office No. 1, First floor, Revati Arcade II, Baner Road, Pune, Maharashtra – 411045, India