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Altizon Historian


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Introduction to Altizon Data Historian

Published in: Internet
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Altizon Historian

  1. 1. The Internet of Things Company Yogesh Kulkarni Co-founder, COO
  2. 2. How to interact today Audience will be in mute mode. Attendees can interact with presenter in the following two manner: 1. Use Chat window 2. Raise Hand
  3. 3. Data is the new Oil
  4. 4. Data… The volume of the data is continuously increasing Imperative for business to make sense out of this data
  5. 5. Historian Traditional Historians Advanced Tech Historian
  6. 6. CONNECT EVERYTHING PROCESS EVERYTHING OWN YOUR DATA DEPLOY ANYWHERE Connect Seamlessly Collect & transfer data securely Remotely manage devices Define Structure Get Insights Generate Notifications & Alerts Store Data Securely Create visualizations Build applications using API’s Integrate with your LOB applications SaaS Deployment Cloud Hosting & Support Private cloud/ On-premise The Product:
  7. 7. Deployment Architecture • Connect Multiple Plants • Add new sensors, event types without changing anything on the server • Build dashboards on the fly • Trending and analytics • Monitor multiple plants from central location
  8. 8. Traditional Historians • On premise deployment • Heavy Infrastructure need • Relational DB • Single plant ops insights • Non-scalable storage • What do you do with this Data? Datonis-H • On Cloud • Minimal infrastructure • NoSQL DB • Centralized ops insights • Scalable storage • Advanced Analytics – Big Data Engine • Complex Event Processing
  9. 9. Contact us for more details Phone (India): +91 959 544 5145 Phone (US): + 1 650-319-8863 Thank You