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In-Memory Database Solutions for Solomon Investment and Securities - FOREX Trading Platform


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Altibase enabled Solomon to command a fully integrated, global, real-time FOREX trading platform.

ALTIBASE® HDB™ is the only Hybrid DBMS in the industry that combines an in-memory DBMS with an on-disk DBMS, with a single uniform interface, enabling real-time access to large volumes of data, while simplifying and revolutionizing data processing.

Altibase is provider of In-Memory data solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission-critical environments.

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In-Memory Database Solutions for Solomon Investment and Securities - FOREX Trading Platform

  1. 1. Case Study: Solomon Investment and Securities ("Solomon”) – FOREX Trading Platform CASE STUDY FOR FINANCIAL SERVICE SPEEDIT
  2. 2. ■ Overview ■ Problems ■ Solutions ■ Results ■ Technical Details AGENDA In-Memory Database Solution CASE STUDY FOR FINANCIAL SERVICE
  3. 3. + Overview Altibase Altibase is provider of In-Memory database solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission- critical environments. Solomon Investment and Securities (“Solomon”) Solomon Investment & Securities is a leading, global investment firm. Summary Altibase enabled Solomon to command a fully integrated, global, real-time FOREX trading platform. In-Memory Database Solution
  4. 4. + Problems Solomon, with its Oracle legacy system, experienced severe latency within its domestic futures and options trading system. Additional performance issues surfaced during global expansion of its Foreign Exchange (FOREX) trading platform.  The geometric growth of online traders caused Solomon’s trade execution and confirmation system to become unreliable.  Solomon needed a secure, dependable DBMS solution that improved speed, eliminated trade execution error and increased stability.  With little technical support and a sluggish system, Solomon’s total cost of ownership (TCO) spiraled.  Solomon sought a proprietary, FOREX platform that would seamlessly handle substantial trading volume while providing instantaneous data on exchange rates. In-Memory Database Solution
  5. 5. + Solution  Solomon integrated ALTIBASE HDB in-memory DBMS in 2007. Initially, Solomon utilized ATLIBASE HDB for its domestic futures and options trading only. In 2010, after witnessing a consistent jump in speed, connectivity and stability in those systems, Solomon expanded ALTIBASE HBD into its other platforms1. In-Memory Database Solution 1) Included FX Margin Trading and Overseas Futures in Home Trading System (HTS).
  6. 6. + Results  ALTIBASE HDB has allowed Solomon to command a fully integrated, global, real-time FOREX trading platform.  All of Solomon’s FX Margin activities rely on ALTIBASE HDB, achieving maximum efficacy.  Solomon handles the increasing growth of online trading with uninterrupted service and precise execution.  ALTIBASE HDB has provided Solomon with a significantly lower TCO coupled with superior technical support. In-Memory Database Solution
  7. 7. + Technical Details  Solomon achieved exceptional results by leveraging key features of ALTIBASE HDB, specifically in the areas of high-performance and open platform. ALTIBASE Overseas FX Servers In-Memory Database Solution Active-Standby I M FEP Load Balancing L4 Home Traders ALTIBASE AS AS Overseas FX Servers Overseas FX Servers
  8. 8. +  Solomon, prior to switching to ALTIBASE HDB, was utilizing a conventional on-disk DBMS for their FOREX/Overseas Futures Home Trading System. Increasing trading volumes resulted in significant surges in the number of database transactions. This increase placed a heavy burden on the capacities of their existing conventional on-disk DBMS. Specifically, increased latency became a huge challenge for Solomon.  Solomon, since 2007, (with its Domestics Futures & Options Commercial Trading System) had already experienced resounding success with Altibase HDB in-memory DBMS Version 4 which was embedded in a third-party solution, TOPS. As such, Solomon quickly realized that Altibase’s technology would benefit its other business lines. Replacing its conventional on- disk DBMS for its FOREX/Overseas Futures Home Trading System was the target.  In 2010, Solomon replaced the existing on-disk DBMS with ALTIBASE HDB Version 5.5 which was configured in in-memory only mode. Because Solomon was able to put the entire database in memory, latency was minimized dramatically.  While delivering extreme speed, ALTIBASE HDB utilized a fraction of CPU, resulting in significantly low resource consumption. Solomon further identified ALTIBASE HDB’s superior reliability and stability, both fortifying its excellence in speed. In-Memory Database Solution Performance
  9. 9. +  Solomon was running its conventional on-disk DBMS on an IBM AIX Server, and ALTIBASE HDB satisfied the ideal scenario of replacing the current DBMS technology which could run on the same platform. Altibase’s flexibility helped Solomon avoid additional server costs.  ALTIBASE HDB was the perfect fit. As an open platform ALTIBASE HDB is supported on all industry standard platforms including IBM AIX Servers. Solomon installed ALTIBASE HDB Version 5.5 on their IBM AIX 5.3 Server without requiring any changes to their existing HW investments. In-Memory Database Solution Open Platform
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  11. 11. Website: Email: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: @altibase