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In-Memory Database Solutions for National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
- Financial Accounting Information System


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Altibase enabled NACF to provide customers with uninterrupted, 24/7 service while increasing performance speeds by 500%. NACF, with 1172 branches, is the largest and only national, agricultural cooperative in Korea. NACF’s Cooperative Banking Unit offers diverse financial services such as deposits, loans, credit cards, insurance, FOREX, and securities. NACF achieved outstanding results with its Account Processing System by leveraging the key features of ALTIBASE HDB, specifically in the areas of high-performance and high-availability.

ALTIBASE® HDB™ is the only Hybrid DBMS in the industry that combines an in-memory DBMS with an on-disk DBMS, with a single uniform interface, enabling real-time access to large volumes of data, while simplifying and revolutionizing data processing.

Altibase is provider of In-Memory data solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission-critical environments.

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In-Memory Database Solutions for National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
- Financial Accounting Information System

  1. 1. Case Study:National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NACF)- Financial Accounting Information SystemCASE STUDY FOR FINANCIALS
  2. 2. In-Memory Database SolutionAGENDACASE STUDY FOR FINANCIALS■ Overview■ Problems■ Solutions■ Results■ Technical Details
  3. 3. + OverviewAltibaseAltibase is provider of In-Memorydata solutions for real-timeaccess, analysis and distribution ofhigh volumes of data in mission-critical environments.National AgriculturalCooperative Federation (NACF)NACF, with 1172 branches, is thelargest and only national, agriculturalcooperative in Korea. NACF’sCooperative Banking Unit offersdiverse financial services such asdeposits, loans, credit cards,insurance, FOREX, and securities.SummaryAltibase enabled NACF to provide customers with uninterrupted, 24/7service while increasing performance speeds by 500%.In-Memory Database Solution
  4. 4. + ProblemsNACF was spending inordinate amounts of excess capitalsupporting overtime employees, extended office hours andresulting inefficiencies. The vast majority of NACF’s branches were forced to prolong operatinghours on a regular basis. The culprit was performance issues with itsFinancial Accounting Information System1. NACF’s Account Processing System could not effectively manage loadingand processing large volumes of data feeds from its 20 application servers.Representative data feeds included tasks such as transactionprocessing, branch teller support and error management. The underperformance wasted valuable resources in the form of needlessovertime pay, while sparking an uncontrollable deterioration of companymorale and overall productivity.In-Memory Database Solution1) Financial Accounting Information System consists ofAccounting Processing System and Accounting ManagementSystem
  5. 5. + SolutionIn 2006, the NACF deployed ALTIBASE HDB in-memory DBMS tobuttress its Account Processing System. Realizing that the rootcause of its performance failures stemmed from the pervasivelimitations of its traditional on-disk DBMS, the NACF made theswitch to ALTIBASE HDB in-memory DBMS. ALTIBASE HDB resolvedNACF’s large volume data management deficiencies, shorteningoffice hours, increasing worker productivity and decreasing spend.In-Memory Database Solution
  6. 6. + Results NACF has reduced the operating hours of its 1172 branches,respectively, by an average of over 1 hour per day. NACF’s Account Processing System has increased the performance ofloading and processing data feeds from its 20 application servers by500%. NACF’s Account Processing System seamlessly handles 3000transactions per second and over 50 million transactions per day. NACF provides customers with uninterrupted, 24/7 service leveragingAltibase’s High Availability feature that comes out of the box anddeploys without issue. NACF no longer wastes capital on office overhead, overtime pay andhas repositioned itself for high productivity igniting further growth.In-Memory Database Solution
  7. 7. + Technical Details NACF achieved outstanding results with its Account Processing System byleveraging the key features of ALTIBASE HDB, specifically in the areas of high-performance and high-availability.ALTIBASE HDBIn-Memory DBMSIn-Memory Database SolutionActive-ActiveAdministrationReplicationApplicationALTIBASE HDBIn-Memory DBMSApplicationApplicationApplicationApplicationApplicationApplicationMainframe
  8. 8. + With a conventional on-disk DBMS in the backend, NACF’s Account Processing System couldnot effectively manage loading and processing large volumes of data feeds from 20application servers which provided different categories of services. The legacy system onlyallowed data processing to execute in batch/day processing windows. The throughputrequirements of the application environment went far beyond the on-disk DBMS’s intrinsiccapacity. As the number of concurrent sessions and the volume of data increaseddrastically, the performance and the stability of the on-disk DBMS suffered greatly. Planned and unplanned system outages became the norm, negatively impacting NACF’sbusiness. NACF deployed ALTIBASE HDB in the in-memory only DBMS mode to replace the old,underperforming on-disk DBMS. After NACF made the switch to ALTIBASE HDB, the systemstarted processing of data from the application servers in real-time. The system handledmore than 4,000 concurrent sessions with ease. The system’s throughput was alsodramatically improved, delivering a minimum of 10 million retrievals per system per day. NACF’s Account Processing System has increased the overall performance of loading andprocessing data feeds from its 20 application servers by 500%.In-Memory Database SolutionPerformance
  9. 9. + Using the out of the box replication feature, NACF implementedALTIBASE HDB based on a 2-node, Active-Active HA architecture.In this architecture, both ALTIBASE HDB nodes processedtransactions concurrently, with each node capable of taking overin the case of a failure of the other node, providing non-stopservice with improved reliability and fault-tolerance. This architecture ensured that NACF’s mission-critical data wasnever compromised by unplanned downtime - due to a systemcrash, malfunction or planned downtime - due to patches orupgrades to its DBMS.In-Memory Database SolutionHigh-Availability (HA)
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  11. 11. In-Memory Database Solution
  12. 12. Website: www.altibase.comEmail: Info@altibase.comFacebook: @altibase