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In-Memory Database Solutions for Korea Telecom(KT) - Wired Telephone SMS Service


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Altibase helped KT to increase processing speeds of their wired telephone SMS service by over 600% while reducing KT's IT spending.

ALTIBASE® HDB™ is the only Hybrid DBMS in the industry that combines an in-memory DBMS with an on-disk DBMS, with a single uniform interface, enabling real-time access to large volumes of data, while simplifying and revolutionizing data processing.

Altibase is provider of In-Memory data solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission-critical environments.

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In-Memory Database Solutions for Korea Telecom(KT) - Wired Telephone SMS Service

  1. 1. Korea Telecom (KT) -Wired Telephone SMS ServiceCASE STUDY FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONSSPEEDIT
  2. 2. ■ Overview■ Problems■ Solutions■ ResultsAGENDAIn-Memory Database SolutionCASE STUDY FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS
  3. 3. + OverviewAltibaseAltibase is provider of In-MemoryDatabase solutions for real-timeaccess, analysis and distribution ofhigh volumes of data in mission-critical environments.Korea Telecom (KT)KT is South Korea’s largesttelecommunication service provider.SummaryAltibase helped KT to increase processing speeds of their wired telephoneSMS service by over 600% while reducing KT’s IT spending.In-Memory Database Solution
  4. 4. + ProblemsBuilt on an Oracle DBMS back-end, KT’s Wired Telephone SMSService was overrun with heavy traffic and stability issues.Transactions that were being processed “per second” were on therise, and KT was in immediate need of replacing their legacysystem with a significantly more robust solution. Three areas calledfor a rapid overhaul. The current system configuration restricted usable datamanagement and flow. Data loss occurred due to a lag in datamigration when the active system failed. With piling demands on the legacy system, and reactive attempts forresolutions, total cost of operating and maintaining the systembecame untenable. KT’s system infrastructure found itself obsolete. Data managementand interrelated processes were timeworn and further, associatedhardware was becoming non-responsive.In-Memory Database Solution
  5. 5. + SolutionKT implemented ALTIBASE HDB In-Memory DBMS into their WiredTelephone SMS Service in 2010. ALTIBASE HDB’s built-in support ofGeographic Information System (GIS) functionalities, became anatural augment to KT’s business. ALTIBASE HDB enabled KT toutilize its real-time detection, analysis, and data replicationfeatures to foster continued advances.In-Memory Database Solution
  6. 6. + Results The number of active servers has been reduced to 4 from 30 servers. System resource usage is down by 73%. Active demand on the systemhas been reduced to 15% from 88%. KT’s IT spending has been reduced significantly while performance andsystem availability has been dramatically increased. KT’s reputation, bolstered by unilateral increases in customersatisfaction, loyalty, attraction and retention, is at an all-time high. KT’s processing speed has been increased by 600%. Before deployingALTIBASE HDB, processing speeds were 100 transactions per second(TPS). ALTIBASE HDB delivers 600 TPS. Even in the event of an unexpected “active” server crash, KT providesuninterrupted service with its replicated, standby server.In-Memory Database Solution
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  8. 8. Website: www.altibase.comEmail: Info@altibase.comFacebook: @altibase