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In-Memory Database Solutions for China Telecom - Account Balance Management (ABM) System


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Altibase helped China Telecom to scale without boundaries; allowing China Telecom to be efficient while avoiding downtime.

ALTIBASE® HDB™ is the only Hybrid DBMS in the industry that combines an in-memory DBMS with an on-disk DBMS, with a single uniform interface, enabling real-time access to large volumes of data, while simplifying and revolutionizing data processing.

Altibase is provider of In-Memory data solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission-critical environments.

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In-Memory Database Solutions for China Telecom - Account Balance Management (ABM) System

  1. 1. China Unicom - Online Charging System (OCS) CASE STUDY FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEEDIT
  2. 2. ■ Overview ■ Problems ■ Solutions ■ Results AGENDA In-Memory Database Solution CASE STUDY FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS
  3. 3. + Overview Altibase Altibase is provider of In-Memory Database solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission- critical environments. China Unicom China Unicom, through its subsidiary, Jiangsu Unicom, serves millions of prepaid mobile customers in the Jiangsu Province, China. Summary Altibase enabled China Unicom’s customers to check remaining balances which increased customer satisfaction and maximized retention. In-Memory Database Solution
  4. 4. + Problems Historically, China Unicom suffered from payment defaults and operational deficiencies manifesting themselves in three core areas.  Inability to Effectively Terminate Service: China Unicom was unable to identify and cut customer usage when prepaid balances were exhausted. Essentially, customers who chose to game the system, would talk for free until China Unicom’s systems “caught up.” China Unicom’s DBMS could not efficiently detect negative balances. Worse yet, losses shadowed increasing latency. The result was uncollectible receivables.  Inability to Reinstate Timely Service: Unfortunately, customers who inadvertently exhausted their balances and subsequently paid their overages, suffered also. Limitations in China Unicom’s DBMS speed prevented swift reactivation of service to these loyal customers. The result was a catastrophic loss of consumer confidence, customer satisfaction and ultimately, retention.  Inability for Customers to Accurately Check Remaining Balances: Since customers could not accurately check their current balances, they could not preemptively replenish their accounts. The balance information was stale and loyal customers paid the price with defunct service. In-Memory Database Solution
  5. 5. + Solution ALTIBASE HDB In-Memory DBMS1 provided China Unicom with performance, reliability and functionality all with the underpinnings of a complete solution. Fortifying China Unicom’s decision to utilize ALTIBASE HDB was Altibase’s stellar reputation for excellent technical support2. In-Memory Database Solution 1) China Unicom installed Altibase HDB as an in-memory only database on an IBM P6-570 system with 16 * 4.7 GHz power6 CPUs and 156GB of memory. 2) Only two weeks of development effort was required to implement a DBMS query wrapper interface based on Altibase's standards-compliant ODBC interface.
  6. 6. + Results  China Unicom has the capacity to precisely check and act on customer balances.  Customers cannot take advantage of China Unicom’s system latencies.  Outstanding balances, when paid, coincide with swift restoration of service.  Customers can check accurate remaining balances, knowing when to reload funds.  Customer satisfaction, loyalty, attraction and retention are maximized.  Customer attrition is minimized.  Losses attributable to undetectable “free usage” as well as payment deficiencies are mitigated. In-Memory Database Solution
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