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In-Memory Computing Solutions for EBS - CRM Platform and Single Sign-On


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Altibase helped EBS to handle more than 10 million subscribers with Single Sign-On (SSO) features without delay.

ALTIBASE® HDB™ is the only Hybrid DBMS in the industry that combines an in-memory DBMS with an on-disk DBMS, with a single uniform interface, enabling real-time access to large volumes of data, while simplifying and revolutionizing data processing.

Altibase is provider of In-Memory data solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission-critical environments.

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In-Memory Computing Solutions for EBS - CRM Platform and Single Sign-On

  1. 1. EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) – CRM Platform & Single Sign-On (SSO) CASE STUDY FOR GOVERNMENT SPEEDIT
  2. 2. ■ Overview ■ Problems ■ Solutions ■ Results ■ Technical Details AGENDA In-Memory Database Solution CASE STUDY FOR GOVERNMENT
  3. 3. + Overview Altibase Altibase is provider of In-Memory database solutions for real-time access, analysis and distribution of high volumes of data in mission- critical environments. EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) EBS is the sole, public television and radio network in South Korea. With national reach, EBS promotes continuing, supplemental education for all South Koreans. EBS, through its online channel, EBSi, offers further educational ubiquity through its e- learning and online application systems. Summary Altibase helped EBS to handle more than 10 million subscribers with Single Sign-On (SSO) features without delay. In-Memory Database Solution
  4. 4. + Problems EBS was focused on implementing a robust CRM platform that integrated Single sign-on (SSO) LOGIN features, uninterrupted connectivity and deeper educational solutions. With its lofty goals, EBS quickly realized that current, multiple, data-driven systems could not meet its needs.  EBS could not deploy the first step of its CRM, as its systems could not cope with the demands of 10 million core subscribers utilizing the SSO property1.  EBS’s initiatives required continuous up-time for 100,000 simultaneous, active user sessions, doubling and thus, straining capacity.  A critical, feature-rich application was “EBSApply,” an online admissions process designed to help high-school seniors with college admittance. With the recent memory of a similar, substandard launch in the private sector, fail-safe preparation was top-of-mind.  The new portal’s prerequisite was the elimination of Social Security Numbers for LOGON. Although this satisfied EBS’ “Clean Site” requirements, it placed a heavy burden on system processing.  With just email, name and username, the demand on processing performance increased by nearly 300%. In-Memory Database Solution 1) EBS-TV: 8 million subscribers, EBSi: 2 million subscribers
  5. 5. + Solution  ALTIBASE HDB In-Memory DBMS’ built-in High Availability (HA) and Replication features allowed EBS to effortlessly handle the increased capacity while also providing stability during peak transaction times. Specifically, widespread system demands during high-use periods (college application season), proceeded glitch-free. In-Memory Database Solution
  6. 6. + Results  EBS has a robust CRM platform that provides a wealth of e-learning, personalized web services and continuing education for all of South Korea.  EBS, without issue, handles its primary, 10 million subscribers with SSO features.  EBS processes 100,000 parallel sessions with ease, doubling its capacity.  Leveraging ATLIBASE HDB’s Hybrid functionality, all account information, past and present, resides harmoniously for optimal use either in-memory or on-disk.  Readily available personal, proprietary and data-driven information permits EBS to process vast college applications through its ‘EBSApply’ feature. This gives students invaluable utility, assisting them with the growing demands of college admissions. In-Memory Database Solution
  7. 7. + Technical Details  EBS successfully implemented an Integrated ID Management System as part of its new CRM platform by leveraging the key features of ALTIBASE HDB, specifically in the areas of high-performance, high-availability, scalability and flexibility. In-Memory Database Solution ALTIBASE HDB Active-Standby for Normal Period SSO WAS 1 SSO WAS 2 ALTIBASE HDB SSO WAS 2 SSO WAS 1 Active-Standby for Peak Period ALTIBASE HDBALTIBASE HDB
  8. 8. +  EBS had a new project initiative to build a CRM system infrastructure for subscribers of both the primary EBS and EBSi web sites. EBS is the broadcaster’s flagship site with 8 million subscribers and EBSi is the web site geared toward high school students with 2 million subscribers.  One of the technical challenges of this project was to implement an Integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO) Identification (ID) Management System for both web sites that could support and enhance the performance for high number of concurrent users. The company also wanted to abandon the use of associating a social security number with each account. The primary technical concerns were system stability, performance and having the flexibility to maintain historical data.  ALTIBASE HDB enabled EBS to architect an ultimate system that would satisfy all technical goals of the project, in terms of performance, HA, storage flexibility and scalability.  In this architecture, using the out of box replication feature, to maintain the integrated account data, EBS deployed ALTIBASE HDB in the hybrid mode (in-memory + on-disk DBMS) on two separate nodes with a dynamic HA and Scalability concept making use of both Active-Active and Active-Standby configurations. During normal operation periods system would use the Active- Standby configuration which provided EBS with the capacity and stability to handle typical workloads (an average of 50,000 concurrent sessions). In-Memory Database Solution Performance, High Availability, Scalability and Flexibility
  9. 9. +  The Active-Active configuration was the choice to handle high transaction volumes for the peak period when a large number of students submitted their undergraduate applications. The Active-Active configuration provided EBS with the scalability to handle 100,000 concurrent sessions across two participating active ALTIBASE HDB nodes.  The hybrid mode allowed EBS to persist increasing number of historical data for login and logout times, and web pages visited, in ALTIBASE HDB on-disk DBMS with no constraints on the storage capacity.  EBS’ Identification Management System is also benefited from the fact that ALTIBASE HDB is standards-compliant and full-featured DBMS. With ALTIBASE HDB, with no additional learning curve, EBS’s applications developers using standard interfaces and programming languages such SQL92, JDBC and Java implemented and deployed the new system within a two-month period. In-Memory Database Solution Performance, High Availability, Scalability and Flexibility
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