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Strategic Location Planning with Alteryx for Maximum Team Collaboration and Efficiency: Sainsbury's, Inspire Europe 2016


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The Property Department's main responsibility at Sainsbury's is to ensure the locations of new and existing stores meet expectations. From the moment their team got their hands on Alteryx, the possibilities for location analysis became endless. Within this session you will see how Alteryx is much more than just a workflow.

To watch a recording of this session from Inspire Europe 2016, visit

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Strategic Location Planning with Alteryx for Maximum Team Collaboration and Efficiency: Sainsbury's, Inspire Europe 2016

  1. 1. Strategic Location Planning with Alteryx for MaximumTeam Collaboration and Efficiency Samantha Jayne Hughes Analytical Systems Developer Sainsbury's 14 September 2016
  2. 2. #inspireeurope16 Session Speaker
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction • Company Overview • Business Challenge • Solutions • Our Experience with Alteryx • Benefits • Conclusion #inspireeurope16
  4. 4. #inspireeurope16 To watch a recording of this session from Inspire Europe 2016, visit
  5. 5. Sainsbury’s Overview 7 • Our customers are at the heart of everything we do • From our first store in 1869 on Drury Lane to our latest opening …
  6. 6. • Property Department • Reducing our Carbon Footprint • Changing our lighting • Changing our refrigeration • Changing how we deal with waste • Investment & Planning • Network Plan • Mixed use developments • Offering more to our customers Sainsbury’s Overview 8
  7. 7. • Property Insights & AnalysisTeam • Small team with highly specialised skill set and knowledge of location data • We build, support and manage a variety of data, tools and software for the Investment & PlanningTeam Sainsbury’s Overview 9 Sainsbury’s Property Investment & Planning Property Data Analytics
  8. 8. Business Challenges 10 100’s Flat Files to support MapInfo 10,000’s lines of code to support tools
  9. 9. Business Challenges 11 Feedback was poor on provided tools Slow Dated Office Based Legacy Low Resource Tool base was High Maintenance SmallTeam Knowledge & Skills Duplicated Effort Tools were calculating the same information but not always consistent
  10. 10. Business Challenges 12 PropertyAnalyticalToolset Project Plan (Our Shopping List) SQL Server Alteryx Alteryx Server
  11. 11. Business Challenges 13 PropertyAnalyticalToolset Project Plan (Our Shopping List) SQL Server Alteryx Alteryx Server Delivered September 2014
  12. 12. Business Challenges - Data 14 100’s Flat Files to support MapInfo
  13. 13. Business Challenges - Data 15 C# Code
  14. 14. Business Challenges - Data 16
  15. 15. Business Challenges -Tools 17
  16. 16. Business Challenges -Tools 18 2013 Annual Update Took around 4 weeks of data processing Code base was large More data than required stored in the spreadsheet Was out of date once released to the Location Planners 2015 Weekly Update Takes 15 minutes to run Code reduced to four procedures Redesigned to reduce the amount of data No longer out of date
  17. 17. 19 Now what?
  18. 18. 20 Data Tools Processes
  19. 19. Teams Involved • High Level Analysis – Location Planning • Margin Analogue – Finance • Cost to Serve – Logistics Positives • The right teams are involved • Knowledge and expertise is incredible • Working towards a common goal • Recognition that the process isn’t working for their team Business Challenge - Process Processes for Review Surveyors Location Planning Finance Logistics 21
  20. 20. Bigger Picture • These processes are about being able to get new sites through assessment to the point where they are ready to go to a board meeting for sign off. • This meeting is called a Convenience Capex Meeting aka CCM Business Challenge - Process Processes for Review New Sites High Level Convenience Capex Meeting (CCM) 22
  21. 21. High Level Analysis
  22. 22. • New Sites Process • A new sites email was set up in which public, agents, colleagues could email in a new site location for assessment • 7 day SLA was set to reply to email • Several teams involvement within the process meant it was slow to meet the 7 day SLA • Email proved popular which lead to many sites to assess Business Challenge - Process 24 • New Site Problems • No High Level Assessment at source • Too many emails related to new sites • Not enough resource • Heavily reliant on people • Systems outdated and unable to meet demands • No confidence or trust in the process • Too many benchmarks to find the answer
  23. 23. Business Challenge - Process 25 New Sites Email Pipeline Co-ordinator Email to relevant Surveyor Surveyor would need more information from Location Planner Location Planner would run a High Level and get back to Surveyor Surveyor would then make an assessment Return email to individual who raised the new site • BeforeAlteryx: multiple teams involved and reliance on old and slow software for a quick turnaround.
  24. 24. Solution • Use Alteryx to create a new High Level Analysis Report for Surveyors to save time and not needing Location Planners to run a High Level Analysis for every new site email made available through Alteryx Server. 26
  25. 25. Solution 27 New Sites Email Pipeline Coordinator Runs High Level Alteryx Routine and Emails RAM RAM makes an informed decision and returns email • Process is much smoother and the response is much quicker for the teams and the customer as the 7 day SLA is definitely now achievable.
  26. 26. Margin Analogues
  27. 27. • Margin Analogue Process • Once a site was inputted onto a CCM agenda then the Margin Analogue would be run. • It was also be added to a request list to the Logistics department for a Cost to Serve. • Manual process using Excel and would require a lot time to match against other stores in our estate. Business Challenge - Process • Margin Analogue Problems 29 • Finance team lacked resource • Poor sites were being put on a Board Meeting agenda in order to gain a fuller insight into the site (CCM Meeting) • Slow turnaround would mean that new sites were being pulled from the meeting the day of or before due to finances not stacking up • Moral was low
  28. 28. Business Challenge - Process 30 High Level Approved Sites Use Ready Reckoner – deal to Landlord Based on GOR geographies, Margin averages by Format of store **Issue: this is based on averages and can have massive differences to a Financial Appraisal** CCMAgenda to receive a Financial Appraisal Could not get accurate data unless it was going to a Board Meeting (Resource) Receive Output from Finance Based on this output papers would be pulled from Agenda due to not stacking up financially CCM • Use Alteryx to create a Margin Analogue Model that can alleviate the FinanceTeam from pressures and provide the High Level on Finance benchmarks .
  29. 29. Solution 31 • Use Alteryx to create a Margin Analogue Model that can alleviate the FinanceTeam from pressures and provide the High Level on Finance benchmarks instantly.
  30. 30. Solution 32 • Alteryx has significantly reduced the process and allows the surveyors to make an informed offer to a Landlord at the right stage in the process. Finance now also use this tool and its become invaluable to their team running a manual process in seconds. High Level Approved Sites Run Margin Analogue Model Make an offer to a Landlord CCM
  31. 31. Cost to Serve
  32. 32. • Cost to Serve • Once on the CCM agenda a request to Logistics for a detailed cost to serve happens on a Monday. • Two model options were run and presented in Excel. • Often site requests would be too far away from a depot to be viable even though it stacks up for Location Planning and Finance therefore would fail. Business Challenge - Process • Cost to Serve Problems 34 • Reliant on another team for a fuller analysis to be run • No way of being able to rule new sites out which were not viable earlier in the new site process, therefore poor located sites were being requested for a full analysis • Surveyors not having a relationship with Logistics
  33. 33. Solution
  34. 34. • Cost to Serve • The model cuts out unfeasible sites earlier in the process • Email output – to all involved • Should the model not give expected results all people can be informed by responding directly to that email • Logistics have sight of what the model is being run for and where in the country so that they can see locations where we want to be for forward planning Business Challenge - Process 36 • It’s a high level view on cost to serve which is very fast and very informative • As well as the model output all the assumptions and reasoning are included with it so users are fully aware of how Alteryx got to that conclusion. • Logistics enjoyed working with us on this tool and it helped them shape their model moving forward
  35. 35. Our Experience withAlteryx • Alteryx has been an fantastic tool for enabling change and updating our data, tools and processes over the last two years at Sainsbury’s • We have decommissioned SAS within our team, saving ££££’s on licenses • We have saved hours of our teams time by fully automating data updates • We have provided more informative information to our teams by updating our tools more frequently and sometime even dynamically. • Working with other teams and enabling Alteryx within shared processes has been well received • In the future we hope it will help us explore our curiosities around providing better data visualisation to the organisation. 37
  36. 36. Benefits 38
  37. 37. Conclusion 39 So why is Alteryx more than just a workflow? It is the tool to enable positive change throughout an organisation where data is concerned. – Samantha Hughes
  38. 38. Thank you! Keep sharing! Samantha Jayne Hughes Analytical Systems Developer Sainsbury’s 02476 529165 |
  39. 39. #inspire16 You can also achieve the incredible benefits described in this slide deck Download a FREETrial of Alteryx and experience self-service data analytics on your next data project