Strategic analytics predictions for 2013


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Strategic Analytic Predictions for 2013 from Alteryx. Predictions cover Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Customer Analytics, Cloud Analytics, BI platform areas and is based on research from top groups such as McKinsey, IDC & The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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Strategic analytics predictions for 2013

  1. 1. Strategic Analytics Predictions for 2013
  2. 2. R will overtake Data & businessBlending of data analysts 190,000 SAS Institute inin theLOB to person gap in academia and industry for enabled withanswer strategic need for data Big Data andquestions scientists* predictive accessible predictive analytics The Business Analyst Evolves into the Data Artisan
  3. 3. Cloud Analytics Becomes Strategic Through Analytic Applications Data as a Big Data = Not enough90% of Big Business ServiceFortune 500 capacity becomeshave Big Data $50bn or capability inprojects* by 2017* the enterprise Analytics as a Service
  4. 4. Big Data and IDC says Big Gartner to produceData Discovery Data market is the BI and Rise of thenegates growing at approximately Analytics Analyticsthe need for Platform Magic PlatformOLAP etc. 40%* Quadrant The BI Platform Declines as the Key Decision Support Environment
  5. 5. Big Data Gets Real and Delivers Broad Business Value64% of Big Data gets into Emergence of Big Dataorganizations say the hands of the app stores Analytics haveDecisions wouldimprove if Big Data business for Big Data to be as easy Analyticswas available for as the appsmore people* you use at home
  6. 6. EIU Research: Top sources to All the 77% of Exec’s relevant dataBig Data value blend Big report morecomes from employees need is required to Data with:combination with 1. competitive access to Big make aother data * 2. customer Data* strategic 3. segmentation decision Context is King for Big Data and Customer Analytics
  7. 7. Visit the Alteryx Analytics Gallery and make these prediction become a reality for your organization in 2013
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