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Opening Keynote, Dean Stoecker: Alteryx, Inspire 2016


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Chairman, CEO and founding partner of Alteryx, Dean Stoecker kicked off Inspire 2016 with amazing use cases of Alteryx that have made profound changes in many organizations - stories about analysts who have accomplished what was previously thought to be impossible, and who were recognized for their efforts with awards, promotions, and other career advancements. He set the tone for the conference, embracing this year’s theme of “”, sharing his vision of self-service data analytics, and our belief that analytics skills are the single most important competency one must possess in order to continually move the needle on business performance.

To watch a recording of this session from Inspire 2016, visit

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Opening Keynote, Dean Stoecker: Alteryx, Inspire 2016

  1. 1. i• am• dean• stoecker
  2. 2. welcome
  3. 3. 1,200+ a+endees 450 companies 25 countries 89 partners
  4. 4. Daniel Boors,n
  6. 6. Traditional BI platforms are designed to support modular development of IT-produced analytic content, specialized tools & skills, and significant upfront data modeling, coupled with a predefined metadata layer is required to access their analytic capabilities IT
  7. 7. MOBILE & INTERNET • 150 million emails • 700 thousand Facebook logins • 350 thousand tweets • 2.4 million Google searches • 3 million YouTube videos • 51 thousand Apple app downloads Every 60 seconds
  8. 8. 2020 4BILLION $4TRILLION 25+ MILLION 25+ BILLION 50TRILLION Connected People Revenue Opportunity Apps Embedded and Intelligent Systems GBs of Data BIG DATA
  11. 11. TYPES OF
 SELF-SERVICE VENDORS Stand-Alone Integrated with
 BI/Data Discovery Integrated with Advanced Analy9cs Pla;orms Informa9ca Paxata Hitachi Group (Pentaho) Tamr Trifacta Dell (Toad) IBM DataWorks Waterline Data* Ala9on* Zaloni* ClearStory Data Pla;ora Datameer Looker MicrosoM Power Query Tibco Spotfire Cambridge Seman9cs Tableau Qlik MicroStrategy IBM Watson Analy9cs Alpine IBM SPSS Knime RapidMiner SAS Enterprise Guide Lavastorm Datawatch Alteryx
  12. 12. Modern BI platforms consist of a self-contained architecture that enables non-technical users to autonomously execute full-spectrum analytic workflows from data access, ingestion & preparation to interactive analysis and the collaborative sharing of insights LoB
  14. 14. Don’t you feel a bit bad for the analyst that doesn’t have #Alteryx? Jason Mack @dataMack Con,nue to be amazed and impressed by @alteryx. Jamie Laird @jamielaird When you're using @alteryx even the biggest data sets feel small. Joey Diaz @joey_data This is why I love @alteryx - impor,ng 66 CSV’s with one import tool and output a TDE in < 4 seconds #performance André de Vries @andre347 There’s a connector to @Adobe Analy,cs in the latest @alteryx version? This is going to change my life! Adam Medcalf @adam_medcalf MS Access I have seen your ‘Query too complex’ error for the last ,me… @alteryx Jonathan Drummey @jonathandrummey The possibili,es of Alteryx, in our eyes, are endless. Rana Dalbah @rdalbah79 There have been just a few ,mes where some tool or plaiorm has truly changed my life. Alex Huang @alexhuang Alteryx is an asset that has only increased my passion for data. Andrew Kim @andrewkim80916 It’s fun to be peaking almost 30 years into my career. Andy Moncla @andy_moncla If Alteryx was a pop star, she’d be Beyonce! Maryam Hussain
  15. 15.
  16. 16. i• am• a• discoverer
  17. 17. Christopher Columbus Marie CurieMargaret Mead Charles Lindbergh Lise Meitner
  18. 18. Nicola Tesla
  19. 19. We are all DiscoverersBusiness Leaders Analysts IT Professionals
  20. 20. Analytics will become the fabric of everything we do John Carter SVP, Analytics & Business Insights ” “
  21. 21. No one tells me ‘that’s impossible’ anymore Jack Morgan Project Management & BI Manager ” “
  22. 22. The goal of IT is to liberate analytics across the enterprise ” “ Michael Perillo Data Analytics & Visualization Strategy Information Technology & Services
  23. 23. Jack Morgan
 Charles Schwab Cathy Bridges
 Motorcar Parts of America Patrick McAuliffe
 Meijer Michael Treadwell
  24. 24. 100,000 Users 1 Million Page Views Engagement up 2,000% 1,500 Solutions
  25. 25. i• am• a• creator
  26. 26. Ada Lovelace Gertrude ElionGeorgia O’Keeffe Fyodor Domeyevsky Sir Isaac Newton
  27. 27. Jason Mack Customer Analy,cs Ryan Linders Cross-Sell/Upsell Analysis Jus2n Winter Supply Chain Analy,cs Cathy Bridges Inventory Analysis David Seawright Voter Analysis Raphael Rose & Sanjiva Srivastava Compensa,on Analysis Preethi Elango & Tom Laney Opera,ons Analy,cs Jed Klink Retail Site Selec,on Marshall Greene Pa,ent Risk Analysis Eric Daly Sales Strategy William McBride Profitability Analysis Samuel Thomas & Rob Poidomani Financial Planning
  28. 28. 500,000 Agents 100 Countries 2.4M Terminals 20,000 Employees 31 Transactions p/s
  29. 29. 348,000 Employees $75 Billion Revenue 289 Factories 200 Countries 12 Industries
  30. 30. John Schneider
 Sentry Insurance Brandon Sharbo
 Clayton Holdings Alex Huang
 Hyundai Motors of America
  31. 31. i• am• a• seeker
  32. 32. Dr. Bernard Kouchner Nelson MandelaMalala Yousafzai Jane Goodall
  33. 33. Buckminster Fuller
  34. 34. #AlteryxForGood
  35. 35. Business Analyst Nanodegree co-developed with
  36. 36. #AlteryxForGood
  37. 37. Andy Kriebel Head Coach, The Information Lab
  38. 38. ‘Weaponry to Livingry’
  39. 39. Post Conference Survey