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Making Data Analysts Self-Sufficient: A Case Study of Amaysim


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See how Amaysim, a phone service provider in Australia, is making their data analysts self-sufficient to access the data they need and perform advanced analytics. Using Alteryx, Tableau and Amazon Redshift, Amaysim has developed a flexible analytics architecture to enable fast investigation for critical business decisions.

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Making Data Analysts Self-Sufficient: A Case Study of Amaysim

  1. 1. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Making Data Analysts Self- Sufficient at Amaysim Brian Dirking Director of Product Marketing, Alteryx 1 Adrian Loong Business Intelligence Manager, Amaysim Brandon Chavis, Solutions Architect, AWS Network Dustin Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Julian Dell IT Director, Amaysim
  3. 3. 3 amaysim is Australia award winning low cost mobile provider dedicated to delivering simplicity, fairness and low prices. In 4.5 years, Amaysim has gone from a startup to become Australia’s largest MVNO with over 600k customers Award winning MVNO • Largest MVNO with over 600k customers • Market leading NPS • Money magazine‘s best of the best awards for 2012 and 2013. • Roy Morgan: #1 Mobile phone service provider 2013 , 2014 About 1. Size of Data • Over 10b call data records to be analyzed • Over 20-30m call data records added daily 2. Velocity & Complexity of data with multiple data sources • Livechat • Zendesk • Call data records • Google analytics / Website data • Point of sale data • Exact target Size of analytics challenge Introductions
  4. 4. Team Experience and Expertise Julian Dell – IT Director • Worked in the role since before launch of amaysim in 2010 • Has been working in IT industry for over 25 years with over 10+ years in senior management roles. Worked in Financial markets, Financial planning, Advertising, Media and Telco industries. Worked in some of the world’s largest companies including Citibank, Deutsche Bank and News Corp • Has been part of two previous start-ups (Truelocal and Adstream) including building initial launch systems and transforming their IT systems from start-up to mature business IT setups Expertise: • IT leadership • IT strategy • IT Transformation of startups • Programme management • E-commerce and systems development 4
  5. 5. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Introducing Alteryx Brian Dirking Director of Product Marketing 5
  6. 6. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Customer Success Customers across the world 700+ Strong Foundation Renewal rate with funds to support innovation 95%+ Corporate Info. 6 Leader in Data Blending and Advanced Analytics
  7. 7. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Share The Alteryx Solution For Analyst Enablement 7 All Relevant Data Access, cleanse, and blend data with unique packaged data options Rapid design of predictive analytics with unique spatial understanding Packaged Market & Customer Data Consumerize the use of sophisticated analytics Enrich Analyze Blend Te xt
  8. 8. Fast, simple, petabyte-scale data warehousing for less than $1,000/TB/Year Amazon Redshift Brandon Chavis, Solutions Architect
  9. 9. Amazon Redshift Easy to Use • Provision in minutes • Monitor query performance • Point and click resize • Built in security • Automatic backups Priced to let you analyze all your data
  10. 10. Common Customer Use Cases • Reduce costs by extending DW rather than adding HW • Migrate completely from existing DW systems • Respond faster to business • Improve performance by an order of magnitude • Make more data available for analysis • Access business data via standard reporting tools • Add analytic functionality to applications • Scale DW capacity as demand grows • Reduce HW & SW costs by an order of magnitude Traditional Enterprise DW Companies with Big Data SaaS Companies
  11. 11. Dustin Smith Product Marketing Manager
  12. 12. Help People See and Understand their Data
  13. 13. MAKING DATA ANALYSTS SELF- SUFFICIENT AT AMAYSIM Presented by: Julian Dell & Adrian Loong Date: 14/04/2015
  15. 15. Strategy - Data driven decisions in real time 1. Knowledge is power 2. Smart management = happy customers & happy shareholders 3. Get a real competitive edge - stop looking back and start predicting the future 4. A 3 year rolling forecast in real time – generate real company wealth by being reliable
  16. 16. To make data driven decisions with realtime intelligence 17 Be the business enabler: Transform Data into Insight– Using analytics to drive business performance Visual and Easy: Make it easy for business users to see trends and ask questions through self-service Data Visualizations Recommendations to improve business performance Management consulting
  17. 17. Source: information-capabilities-framework/ Shifting from reactive to proactive analytics
  18. 18. How Amaysim has benefited from their analytics program Workforce Productivity • We have a 3 person analytics team covering wide span of functions (Finance, Marketing – Customer retention & acqusition, Sales – Retail and Online, Data warehousing, HR) • By enabling line of business users to quickly build on a baseline of analytics, they can easily solve their own specific business problems quickly and do not have to wait on Business intelligence teams Reduced time to insight • We are able to get the data we need faster. Projects that would have taken 2-3 weeks are now down to a day Data driven decision making • Line of business users are able to get direct access to their own data in an easy visualization enabling them to able to solve problems faster. • People can look at the data, do some discovery, and then arrive at an answer
  19. 19. AGENDA 20 Executive Buy in & Funding the Journey Cultural change and enabling business leaders to succeed Technical perspective – Using Alteryx and Redshift in conjunction with Tableau to bring the best of breeds together
  20. 20. Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence The Stack Source Data IT ETL Data Warehouse Business ETL Visualizer & Reporting • ECC • CRM • CSC • Google analytics • Sales POS • The list goes on… • Alteryx desktop selected and deployed • Gives our business the agility we need • Business driven rather than IT driven • Ability to do predictive analytics • Tableau desktop & Server selected and deployed • Self serve BI • Business dashboarding • Ability to do predictive analytics Time to load Reliability of Data Query performance Flexibility for slice/dice Visualization performance Data definitions / governance Data exploration • CDC used for real time data replication • Slower to build • More reliable • Redshift selected for reliability, processing power and scalability 21
  21. 21. Best of Breed solutions Redshift gives us the speed and robustness to store and analyse vast volumes of data Alteryx fuels Tableau visualisation, allowing us to quickly iterate gain insights in Tableau Source system 1 Livechat Source system 2 Zendesk Amazon Redshift Datamart External data / Marketing data Blend & enrich Visualization • Clean the data • Apply business rules • Validate business rules in teams 3 4 2 1 Comments Tableau can be used to directly visualise and analyse big data directly from Redshift 1 Alteryx can be used to blend data which is not in the Redshift database 2 Alteryx can apply and validate more complex business rules before visualizing outputs in Tableau Continuously iterate between Alteryx and Tableau when discovering more data 4 3
  22. 22. Best of Breed solutions Alteryx is an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics, including spatial and predictive analytics in a simple and easy to use drag and drop interface
  23. 23. 24 Best of Breed solutions Tableau is excellent for collaboration – We use Tableau server to share dashboards & insights and Tableau desktop is used extensively for slice and dicing
  24. 24. AGENDA 25 Buy in & Funding the Journey Cultural change and enabling business leaders to succeed Technical perspective – Using Alteryx and Redshift in conjunction with Tableau to bring the best of breeds together
  25. 25. How do you get buy-in and engage the business? 26Source: The Age up/homedelivered-style-for-timepoor-men-20150122-12vua1.html
  26. 26. Address current business painpoints via doing short proof of concepts with new tools Use cases Business description Current Painpoints Exec dashboard High level dashboard for management enable consistent understanding of KPIs across Amaysim • No “single” source of truth for Execs • No current and consistent data definitions Finance Audit Wholesale invoice rec External data delivery Commissions processing Need to get read balances for each individual mobile phone number • Unable to extract raw XML from Call data files easily to establish a balance sheet position Wholesale invoice reconillation with Amaysim internal data • Unable to extract raw XML from Call data files easily • Different data definitions between Optus and Amaysim Data is delivered to external targets with downstream impact to data marts, other application systems (Monte) etc. • Exact target (CRM) • Datamarts • Datarama (marketing) • Monte (Scheduling) General analytics • Ad hoc deep dive • Slice and Dice General analytics include ad hoc analytics on portfolio, churn propensity, CLV and other areas • Business users do not have a wholistic end to end view of the entire Amaysim business. • Certain users (eg: Marketing) have resorted to using their own analytics software Commissions is calculated to be paid across our distribution network. • Identify opportunities to improve commissions processes How do you engage the business? 1
  27. 27. 28 Start small, iterate quickly and deliver business value 2 Start small, deliver continuously • Start small ( 1 desktop license) , prove value and extend outwards • Iterate quickly & deliver continuously to get management buy-in • It helps to speak the language… Source: How do you engage the business?
  28. 28. 29 Do things that drive top line or bottom line performance Link it back to Financial performance CASE STUDY: REVENUE ASSURANCE How do you engage the business? • Historically amaysim receives Call data record files from Optus which gets pre- processed before loading to internal IT applications. • Alteryx was used to perform independent revenue assurance on XML files to verify integrity of revenue accounts 3 610_.gz 620_.gz Optus XML 610_1.xml 610_2.xml 610_3.xml 610_4.xml 610_5.xml unzip CDR610_1 CDR610_2 CDR610_3 1 Combine all into 1 dataset 2 Eliminate duplicate CDRs 3 Identify linked Data CDRs Re-calculate data rounding 4 Load Redshift5 Business Rules Data stores Source systems Pre- Processing Visualisatio n Optus XML
  29. 29. 30 Visualize and engage business users by keeping the message simple and direct4 Senior execs are often short on time and want to be given a straight answer • Top left detail should always contain the most important metrics Give insights not just metrics How do you engage the business?
  30. 30. AGENDA 31 Executive Buy in & Funding the Journey Cultural change and enabling business leaders to succeed Technical perspective – Using Alteryx and Redshift in conjunction with Tableau to bring the best of breeds together
  31. 31. Cultural change & enabling business users to self serve Democratise the Opportunity1 Source: Most business leaders want to use data to make better decisions.. • You don’t have to be an IT specialist to use Alteryx • Give users access to the tools, use Alteryx & Tableau to show them how much faster you can spot a trend • 1:1 Training sessions for different stakeholders tailored to their needs
  32. 32. Cultural change & enabling business leaders to succeed Make it relevant to different stakeholders2 Senior management • More interested in insights, dashboards and outcomes • Spend time showing them dashboards built and how opportunities to improve business performance (eg: revenue generation, expense reduction). Functional specialists & leaders • Alteryx relevant to functional leaders • Alteryx to “clean” the data before visualizing in Tableau • How can it be used to streamline processes Source: schools-not-first-port-of-call-for-managerial-recruits/2013863.article
  33. 33. Cultural change & enabling business leaders to succeed Celebrate success: Keep building and iterating3 Existing tools require analysts to have “coding” experience Few disparate analysts using SQL to deliver analytical solutions Where we are now Using ‘Best’ of Breed products • Visualization : Tableau • Data blending: Alteryx • Warehousing : Redshift (WIP) Using Alteryx & Tableau to deliver : • Revenue assurance • Sim Sales • Customer disconnections & churn • Port-outs by carrier • CDR analysis Where we will be Self serve analytics for all business users • Real time P&L with Slice and dice with visualization • Assurance over logic processing (Audit, Commissions) Advanced predictive analytics • Churn propensity • Customer behaviour Where we started
  34. 34. Enabling Business success 3 Key Areas BEST OF BREED PRODUCTS3 EXEC BUY-IN & FUNDING1 CULTURAL CHANGE & ENABLING BUSINESS LEADERS TO SUCCEED 2 Key Observations ENABLING BUSINESS SUCCESS • Answer an important business question - Establish the value of Tableau early on by showcasing critical business issues in dashboard • Keep the message simple and direct • Go beyond dash boarding to engage business leaders on portfolio observations • Democratize the Opportunity - Gather people of interest together from Sales, product, marketing • Make it relevant to different stakeholders - Include everyone & break down silos • Celebrate success - Keep people involved and excited • Combine Redshift (Database), Alteryx (ETL) and Tableau for Visualization • Tableau is excellent for collaboration – We use Tableau server to share dashboards & insights and Tableau desktop is used extensively for slice and dicing 3 ingredients to enable business success
  35. 35. Q&A and Next Steps Download the Visual Analytics Kit: Sample analytics workflows Corresponding Tableau Visualizations 36 Get the Amazon Redshift Free Trial: shift/free-trial Download the Amazon Redshift Getting Started Guide: getting-started.html Download a Free Trial of Tableau: trial Our partner in Australia: MIP Phone: +61 2 9260 0700 Email: