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KPMG’s Use of Alteryx and Qlik for Discovery and Data Visualization


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Learn how KPMG is utilizing Alteryx and Qlik to deliver cutting edge data-discovery and data visualization solutions internally and to their customers. This deck shows two joint use cases of Alteryx and Qlik created by KPMG: Auditing pharmaceutical sellers to ensure they are in compliance, and predicting FIFA World Cup results. We will show how Alteryx integrates disparate data sources, enriches the data with 3rd party data sources, performs advanced analytics, and seamlessly outputs the analytic dataset into Qlik for visual data discovery.

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KPMG’s Use of Alteryx and Qlik for Discovery and Data Visualization

  1. 1. Delivered at the Qlik Customer Conference 2014 © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential KPMG’s Use of Alteryx and Qlik for Discovery and Data Visualization Presented by Thomas Haslam, Director of Innovation, KPMG Brian Dirking, Director of Product Marketing, Alteryx
  2. 2. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential 2 Introduction to Alteryx
  3. 3. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Customer Success 600+ Customers across the world Strong Foundation 95%+ Renewal rate with funds to support innovation Corporate Info. 3
  4. 4. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential 4
  5. 5. The Alteryx Solution For Analyst Enablement © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Report 5 All Relevant Data Access, cleanse, and blend data with unique packaged data options Rapid design of predictive analytics with unique spatial understanding Packaged Market & Customer Data Consumerize the use of sophisticated analytics Enrich Analyze Blend Tex t
  6. 6. How Alteryx Works with Qlik © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential 6 • Rapidly create spatial & predictive analytics for apps with no coding • Automatically update data and models • Reduce reliance on specialists to create models • Empower analysts to create deeper insights in Sense through data blending and advanced analytics • Reduce burden on IT to create data set for visualization • No coding predictive and spatial analytics Broader access to Advanced Analytics Through Guided Apps Self Service Data Preparation & Analytics for Analysts
  7. 7. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential 7 The Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit
  8. 8. Introducing Thomas Haslam © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Tom Haslam is the Director of Innovation for KPMG’s Data & Analytics Center in the US. Tom’s work involves the conception, design and execution of advanced analytics and visualization projects including big data integration, business intelligence dashboarding, predictive modeling, and risk profiling and scoring. He has also designed and executed the technology strategy for KPMG’s D&A group, and leads an innovation program aimed at defining and executing new analytic projects across the firm. Tom has worked in the analytics technology and innovation space for over 15 years, initially as an attorney and then as co-founder of an analytics software start-up, before becoming a management consultant.
  9. 9. KPMG’s Use of Alteryx and QlikView for Discovery and Data Visualization Thomas Haslam, Director - Innovation – Data & Analytics KPMG Management Consulting
  10. 10. About KPMG Agenda • The Data & Analytics Practice • Why Alteryx and QlikView? • How we are using these products to transform our business Analyzing Performance • Combining multiple complex data sources using Alteryx • Visualizing results in QlikView • Case Study – Off-Label Pharmaceutical Promotion Predicting Outcomes • Simulation modeling using Alteryx • Visualizing results in QlikView • Case Study – World Cup 2014
  11. 11. About KPMG
  12. 12. About KPMG The Lighthouse is the KPMG US Data & Analytics Center of Excellence, bringing together our acquisitions and the deep industry expertise of established KPMG US teams BUILDING SUSTAINABLE CAPABILITIES ■ Enterprise data & analytics strategy ■ Data modeling & information management ■ Data transformation, aggregation & integration ■ Analytical model development ■ Enterprise Business Intelligence, data & analytics technology design and implementation (open source & commercial) ■ Information protection & governance ■ Organizational design & change management DELIVERING DATA-DRIVEN BUSINESS ANSWERS ■ Data transformation (structured & unstructured) ■ Data aggregation/integration ■ Insights discovery ■ Real-time and dynamic analytical models − Decision engines − Non-parametric models − Predictive models − Optimization ■ Business intelligence, dashboards & reporting Mathematics, Operations Research, and Graph Theorists Data Scientists and Programmers Applied Statisticians and Analysts Analytical Consulting and Client Services
  13. 13. Why Alteryx and QlikView? Why Alteryx? • Outstanding support • End to end data manipulation and analysis tool • Integration with QlikView • Easy to use • Predictive analytics toolset
  14. 14. Why Alteryx and QlikView? Why QlikView? • Data driven discovery supports detailed data analysis • Reporting functionality • Excellent support • Industry standard • Intuitive for users
  15. 15. Transforming our Business
  16. 16. Transforming our Business Collect Structure Analyze Visualize
  17. 17. Analyzing Performance
  18. 18. Analyzing Performance Case Study Case Study – Off-Label Pharmaceutical Promotion • The Problem: It is illegal for pharma companies to promote the use of their drugs for purposes that are not “on-label” – ie, authorized by the FDA • It is not illegal for doctors to prescribe the drugs for off-label use – eg, prescribing tricyclic antidepressants for chronic pain • How can pharma companies monitor whether their sales reps are promoting the drug for “off-label” usage? Combining Multiple Complex Data Sources and Analyzing the Data in Alteryx • Doctors, sales reps and regions • Prescriptions issued data • Sales reps expense and call data • Training attendance data Visualizing Results in QlikView • Reporting comparative performance • Predicting results
  19. 19. Preparing the Data 1 – Import the raw data 2 – Perform complex analytics 3 – Output .qvx
  20. 20. Visualizing the Results 1 – Off-label sales by territory 2 – Sales rep score cards
  21. 21. Predicting Outcomes
  22. 22. Predicting Outcomes Predicting Outcomes • Simulation modeling using Alteryx • Visualizing results in QlikView • Case Study – World Cup 2014
  23. 23. Predicting Outcomes World Cup Prediction Models Accuracy Ranking
  24. 24. Questions? Thomas Haslam Director - Innovation - Data & Analytics KPMG Management Consulting 201-637-6024
  25. 25. Next Steps • Visit the Alteryx booth for an in-depth demonstration of Alteryx with QlikView and Qlik Sense • Visit the Qlik page on • Read the joint whitepapers on Predictive and Spatial analytics • Get the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Qlik: © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential 25