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Inspire 2015 - EMC Corporation: Analytics at the Speed of Business with Alteryx and Tableau


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Problems with blending disparate data sources are common within large companies, and EMC is no exception. But since their initial purchase of Alteryx only a couple of quarters ago, EMC is already seeing an 8x productivity gain, and generating deeper business insights across the company in areas such as customer service field analytics and R&D analytics. In this session, you'll hear about the benefits they're seeing in resource optimization, usability, and boot camps, plus direct feedback from the business teams who are using Alteryx and Tableau.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Inspire 2015 - EMC Corporation: Analytics at the Speed of Business with Alteryx and Tableau

  1. 1. #inspire15 Analytics at the Speed of Business with Alteryx and Tableau Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Wendy Gradek, Sr. Manager EOS BI and Analytics, EMC
  2. 2. #inspire15 Rapid Analytics Addressing the need to deliver faster…
  3. 3. #inspire15 • Academia • Biology and Biochemistry • Emphasis on cellular and microbiology • Favorites: • Virology, Immunology, Genetics • Analytical Chemistry • Career • Biotech Research Scientist • Support Specialist / Technical Account Management • Business Analyst / Visual Designer • Management Who am I? Area Years Analytics Data Enthusiast Longer than I can remember Services and Support Since 2000 Tableau Since v5 Alteryx Since 2014
  4. 4. #inspire15 Speed is Relative As technology improves, we move faster…
  5. 5. #inspire15 Speed is Relative Fastest production cars through the ages (post 1947 only – source: Wikipedia)
  6. 6. #inspire15 Speed is Relative Author: Dennis Bratland • Over a span of 120+ years, top speed of production cars have increased over 22x Year Make / Model Tested Speed (mph/kmh) 1894 Benz Velo 12/19 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL 140/225 1968 Ferrari 365 GTB4 (Daytona) 174/280 1993 McLaren F1 240/386 2010 (today) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 267/431
  7. 7. #inspire15 Speed is Relative • Pencil and Paper • Calculators • SQL Code • Excel and Macros Before
  8. 8. #inspire15 Today: Alteryx and Tableau Platform Speed is Relative
  9. 9. #inspire15 What is the Correlation to Analytics? • Analytics that used to take weeks and months to produce over a year ago has the possibility of taking only minutes today. Speed is Relative • It used to take an hour to reach a 12- mile destination in 1894 has the possibility of taking only 3 minutes today
  10. 10. #inspire15 What can you do with the remaining 57 minutes…
  11. 11. #inspire15 Speed is Relative
  12. 12. #inspire15 Our Need for Speed The Business Challenges
  13. 13. #inspire15 Why do we need to go faster? • Demand from our customers • Competitive in the market • Address needs that current infrastructure do not resolve today • Get to the data we need in the sea of data we have Our Need for Speed
  14. 14. #inspire15 Our challenges Our Need for Speed • Time • Disparate data sources • Error prone manual data processing • Lack of geo spatial data
  15. 15. #inspire15 There must be an easier way…
  16. 16. #inspire15 Our Need Answered: Alteryx Easier, Faster, Better Our Need for Speed • Spatial Analytics: 87% • Data Blending/Writing: 4000-8000% • Data Source Updates: 132-1200% • Data Transformation: 800%
  17. 17. #inspire15 Analytics Without Limits Our Businesses Moving Faster
  18. 18. #inspire15 Our Businesses Moving Faster Innovation Zone Various data sources Rapid Prototyping and iterative changes Rapid Analytics Delivery Facilitate 360 views Data Driven Decisions Business Owned Innovation: Alteryx and Tableau Platform
  19. 19. #inspire15 Solving Problems Faster • Resource Optimization • Ad hoc Reporting • Data blending and transformation • Deprecation of custom code • Geo Coding • Prototyping • Logic Consistency • Data Validation • What If Testing Our Businesses Moving Faster
  20. 20. #inspire15 Our Businesses Moving Faster • Custom code maintenance eliminated • Shadow IT tasks no longer needed Right technology, right fit, right solution: Alteryx + Tableau Platform
  21. 21. #inspire15 • Sample – disparate data sources • Deprecate old code • TDE generates in minutes Our Businesses Moving Faster Right technology, right fit, right solution: Alteryx + Tableau Platform
  22. 22. #inspire15 Feedback from our platform users • “With Alteryx…I feel like I can do anything and then visualize it in Tableau” • “On average, I am able to get back at least a full day of each week” • “…the tool is easier, more intuitive and scalable to use (for immediate and future needs)” • “I am able to see my results in 30 minutes instead of the 6 hours it used to take…” • “Alteryx is allowing me to create prototypes of data sets quickly that allow me to create a Tableau output for visualizing…” Our Business Moving Faster
  23. 23. #inspire15 Moving at Lightning Pace Keeping the Momentum Going
  24. 24. #inspire15 Spread the Word…Collaborate and Share • Humble beginnings • Teams curious enough to try • Field Operations • Finance • R&D • GHE • New teams reaching out • RSA • Presales Keeping the Momentum Going
  25. 25. #inspire15 Spread the Word…Partnership • Partnership with Alteryx and Tableau • Breaking barriers • Enabling analysts • Getting the right help to the right teams • Bootcamps • Follow ups Keeping the Momentum Going
  26. 26. #inspire15 Spread the Word…Community • Meet Ups and User Forum • Data Visualization and Analytics Conference • Analytics Enablement Center Keeping the Momentum Going
  27. 27. #inspire15 Rapid Analytics Addressing the need to deliver faster…
  28. 28. #inspire15 How we are addressing our need for speed • Being open-minded to new technology • Mindful evaluation of tools • Team collaboration and sharing of technology • Partnership with our vendors • Community – Sharing – Learning - Teaching Addressing the Need to Deliver Faster
  29. 29. #inspire15 Sonoma Raceway
  30. 30. #inspire15 Wendy Gradek Twitter: @WendyGradek Email: Let’s Connect
  31. 31. #inspire15 Questions…
  32. 32. THANK YOU! #inspire15