Inspire 2014 – Kaiser Permanente: Optimizing Service Cost and Improving Customer Experience


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As health insurers and providers face increasing cost pressures and customer expectations, it is critical to take a data driven approach to optimizing cost while improving service and satisfaction. Hear how Alteryx has empowered an analytics team at Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's largest not-for-profit health plans, serving 9.1 million members, to rapidly produce and automate data analysis to drive continuous improvement in their member services. See how they have been able to scale the volume of analysis produced and position themselves as a strategic partner in advancing the organization's strategic objectives.

Greg Hall, Director, Analytics – Member Services, Kaiser Permanente

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  • Nice work Greg, this gives us a good outline of how to approach delivering data using these new tools.
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Inspire 2014 – Kaiser Permanente: Optimizing Service Cost and Improving Customer Experience

  1. 1. #inspire14 Optimizing Service Cost and Improving Customer Experience Greg Hall Director, Analytics Member Services Contact Centers Kaiser Permanente
  2. 2. #inspire14#inspire14 Kaiser Permanente A $53B integrated health system focused on prevention
  3. 3. #inspire14#inspire14 Kaiser Permanente Founded in 1945, now has over 9.3M members in nine states
  4. 4. #inspire14#inspire14 Kaiser Permanente Comprised of insurance plans, hospitals, and medical centers
  5. 5. #inspire14#inspire14 Kaiser Permanente Largest integrated store of electronic medical records
  6. 6. #inspire14#inspire14 Kaiser Permanente Our cause is health Our passion is service We’re here to make lives better.
  7. 7. #inspire14#inspire14 Member Service Contact Centers Analytics A small team equipped to deliver big results Equipped with: • An effective rapid analytics process • Tools: Toad, Alteryx, Tableau • Candid and team-first culture
  8. 8. #inspire14 Analytics Speed Our customers have new expectations for speed • Customers do not only compare our companies to our competitors • Customers benchmark performance by the best in class regardless across industries • Analytics teams need to match the speed of the internet
  9. 9. #inspire14 Rapid Analytics Methodology Delivering analytics speed requires alignment • An effective analytics process is required • The desired outcome is not simply analysis • The goal is analytical insight that leads to improved decision making and customer satisfaction
  10. 10. #inspire14 Delivering Analytics Speed 1. Start Simply: Begin with what you have, with the smallest set of data possible 2. Engage Leaders Early: Engage with leaders to share initial insights 3. Enrich the Model Iteratively: Add data elements that can provide meaning in each iteration 4. Emphasize Execution: Shift from analysis to execution as soon as elements of the path forward become clear Four keys to an effective analytics process
  11. 11. #inspire14 Start Simply • Start with what’s accessible • Small data sets facilitate initial speed • Leverage learnings in early iterations to save time later on Begin with the smallest set of data possible
  12. 12. #inspire14 Engage Leaders Early • Assess leadership “pull” • Assess alignment and depth of analysis required • Leverage feedback to focus efforts and avoid wasted effort Engage leaders early to ensure alignment and confirm direction
  13. 13. #inspire14 Enrich the Model with Each Iteration • Use input from leaders and SMEs to inform each iteration • Leverage Alteryx’s architecture to join additional data sources and iterate through the analyses • Review each iteration with leaders and SMEs to confirm alignment and expected outcomes Add data elements to the model and assess relevance
  14. 14. #inspire14 Emphasize Execution • Consistently, employees report that execution is a bigger challenge than good planning (or analytics) • We need to focus on execution to ensure our analysis will translate to customer value Good Plans vs. Good Execution—Which Needs the Most Attention? Dick Ruhe / September 30, 2013
  15. 15. #inspire14 Rapid iteration has multiple benefits • Allows us to start to move forward without waiting • Allows us to test business level engagement to decide resources to apply • Allows us to incorporate learning along the way
  16. 16. #inspire14 Alteryx’s Modular Architecture is Key • Alteryx’s design drives rapid iteration • Individual tools allow for quick module assembly, fast changes, and easy additions • Leveraging previous Alteryx modules and others’ analyses facilitates speed Alteryx is designed for rapid iteration
  17. 17. #inspire14 Example 1: Contact Center Volume Drivers Streamlining the Customer Experience
  18. 18. #inspire14 Start Simple We started with a small set of data • Started with data that was immediately available • We analyzed contact volumes across several regions • We enriched the model and normalized contact volume with customer counts
  19. 19. #inspire14 Alteryx Module An Alteryx module allowed us to conduct rapid iterations with minimal effort • Scheduling modules to run saves analyst time in future iterations • We can quickly add elements to the model
  20. 20. #inspire14 Engage Leaders Early We asked leaders key questions to assess alignment • Do the data align with what they are seeing and experiencing? • Do they have other feedback about the data? • What issues are they experiencing? • Do the data support their assumptions? • What other data would they like to see?
  21. 21. #inspire14 Engage Leaders Early Sharing the model with leaders early provided key insight • By reviewing analysis early we discovered key areas of alignment • Leaders were most interested in an unexpected area of our analysis • We saved analyst time by understanding level of analysis required The 9th most frequent call turned out to be of immediate importance to a senior leader
  22. 22. #inspire14 Example 2: Customer Onboarding Working Across Departments to Optimize Cost and Customer Experience
  23. 23. #inspire14 Kaiser Permanente Experienced Rapid Growth • Kaiser Permanente has experienced significant customer growth in 2014. • Large influxes of customers requires close coordination among departments • Systems and processes stressed by growth required increased coordination and visibility to data Rapid growth stresses processes and requires effective internal collaboration
  24. 24. #inspire14 We Needed a Cross Functional Customer View • Membership onboarding and customer service data were joined to achieve maximum insight • Data elements were added with input from SMEs We blended and analyzed multiple customer data sources
  25. 25. #inspire14 We Engaged Leaders Early We asked questions to help us decide the next action • If we continue this analysis, who is in a position to take action? • What type of action could possibly be taken? • Do we have the right people involved? Experts guided the next iterations
  26. 26. #inspire14 We Emphasized Execution • Once the needed solution was discovered, we shifted our analytics efforts • The analytical model now empowers tracking of improvement We achieved sufficient insight and moved to support solution implementation and benefits tracking
  27. 27. #inspire14 Results Our process is 4X faster We expect to realize 3X the cost savings • We can conduct analysis an estimated four times faster with Alteryx than with previous tools • Compared to our previous methodology and tools, we expect to deliver three times the cost savings with a rapid iterative analytical process that is fueled by Alteryx
  28. 28. #inspire14 Summary 1. Start Simple: Begin with the smallest set of data possible 2. Build a Model: Create a model that can be leveraged in future iterations 3. Engage Leaders Early: Engage with leaders to review the iteration 4. Achieve Analytics Insight: Seek input from leaders and SMEs to find meaning in the data 5. Enrich the Model with Each Iteration: Add data elements that can provide meaning in each iteration 6. Focus on Execution: Execute as soon sufficient analysis is obtained Alteryx enables rapid iterations of analysis
  29. 29. #inspire14 Thank You