Inspire 2013 - Data Blending and Personal Productivity- Kaiser Permanente


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The ability to blend all relevant data is a key aspect of why Kaiser Permanente chose Alteryx to do strategic analytics. Hear Greg Hall, Service Optimization Leader at Kaiser Permanente, share how he uses Alteryx to implement new projects more quickly and efficiently. Alteryx gurus will also share how you can expand your use of data blending to include Hadoop-based data to uncover value hidden away in social media and other unstructured data sources.

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Inspire 2013 - Data Blending and Personal Productivity- Kaiser Permanente

  1. 1. Data Blending and Personal ProductivityLeveraging Alteryx to Respond to Customer InquiriesGreg Hall, Sr. Service Optimization Leader, Kaiser PermanenteMarch 6, 2013
  2. 2. Our Business and Function Kaiser Permanente • Integrated Healthcare system comprised of • Insurance plans • Hospitals • Medical centers • 9 million members across: CA, CO, GA, HI, VA, MD, DC, OR, WA, OH • Prepaid health plans • Integrated care and delivery • Focus on prevention Process and Service Optimization • Team of Lean Six Sigma professionals • Focus on cost savings and customer satisfaction • Typical projects: Improve call handling time, reduce processing turnaround time, reduce processing errors
  3. 3. Background Education and Work • Business degree • Non-technical business roles My Experience Obtaining Data • The right data is critical • Data can be difficult to obtain Data Journey • Analysis can be time consuming • History of data analysis • With persistence, some • A customer of reporting training, and relationships, and analytics teams getting the right data is • Climbing the food chain possible to get closer to the data source
  4. 4. Alteryx journey • Historically, mostly manual analysis with limited toolset • Exposure to Alteryx • Understanding the power and potential
  5. 5. Case study• Customers contact us through multiple channels• To get a complete view of a customers’ open and closed inquiries and issues, we have to look in multiple systems and Phone call to Request for across multiple teams customer service reprocessing Complaint Escalation• Multiple channels for different types of inquiries Call Tracking Reprocessing Request Tracking Complaints Tracking Escalation System Tracking System• Multiple IT systems housing data System System in different formats
  6. 6. Before Alteryx …• Multiple tabbed Excel spreadsheet, pivot tables and vlookups• Sub-optimal solution: • Refresh was manual and time consuming • Quality and data integrity risks with multiple lookup tables • Changes and additions were time consuming and introduced further risk of inaccuracies
  7. 7. Alteryx solutionThe Alteryx solution blends the data into aunified view, analyzes the data to drive thebest business decisions, and incorporatesseveral master sources, including:1. Phone calls2. Re-processing requests3. Complaints4. Customer master data
  8. 8. Module setupFile organization• Simple and effective way to organize• Differentiate between module typesMaster data sources• Phone Calls, Open Inquiries, Closed Inquiries, Open Escalations, Closed Escalations, Complaints• Writing to Alteryx yxdb files• Direct SQL queries time intensive• Reporting team provided data extracts
  9. 9. First iteration: files on shared drive• The first approach: append a daily extract to the master input file• Simple and fast• Dependent on another team, lacks flexibility
  10. 10. 2nd iteration: directory tool + dynamic file selection• Alteryx customer success manager helped• Uses directory contents to pick the most recent file• More robust, faster• Still dependent on reporting team for extracts
  11. 11. Final approach: automated direct query• Uses the file contents to determine the most recent date stored in the master file• Leverages dynamic input to replace the date field in the SQL with the latest date stored in the file• More robust, faster, no dependencies on other teams
  12. 12. Alteryx blends multiple sources• Desired a complete picture of the customer• Required blending data from multiple sources• Transformations required were simple within Alteryx
  13. 13. Filter tools create a complex decision tree• Wanted to reach out to customers more proactively• Series of filter and formula tools creates a decision tree flow• Union tool groups all output
  14. 14. SharePoint connector provides seamless workflow• Several teams are involved in customer issue resolution• Not all groups work on the same IT platform; gaps in workflow exist• SharePoint facilitates communication between departments• Alteryx SharePoint connector feeds module output to drive issue resolution and customer communication
  15. 15. Alteryx helped us solve several business challenges Challenge Alteryx Solution• Multiple data sources in various formats, not •Ability to pull in multiple data sources, cleanse, all integrated and join data• Several different customer service focused •Use Alteryx SharePoint connector to provide teams visibility across multiple users• Effort required for initial analysis •Alteryx tools allow rapid building of analytical model• Effort required to replicate analysis •Once built, the model can be run instantly with new data sources •The module can be automated and scheduled to run without manual touches• Speed to respond to changing requirements •Flexibility in the module structure allow for modifications with minimal additional effort
  16. 16. Thank You!