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Enabling Self-Service Analytics Across a Multi-National Brewing and Beverage Company: SABMiller, Inspire Europe 2016


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What does analytics have to do with beer? Plenty, as SABMiller plc, a multinational brewing and beverage company, discovered. The world's second-largest brewer measured by revenues and a major bottler of Coca-Cola, SABMiller is using Alteryx to enable self-service data analytics across its organization. Join this session to understand how the company is using Alteryx to deploy and derive value from self-service data analytics.

To watch a recording of this session from Inspire Europe 2016, visit

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Enabling Self-Service Analytics Across a Multi-National Brewing and Beverage Company: SABMiller, Inspire Europe 2016

  1. 1. Enabling Self-ServiceAnalytics Across a Multi-National Brewing and Beverage Company Stuart Murray, Global Enterprise Information Architect, SABMiller Plc 13 September 2016
  2. 2. #inspireeurope16 Session Speaker
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction • CompanyOverview • Making Analytics real and sustainable for SABMiller • Challenges and our Approach • Our Alteryx Journey • Our Flexible Architecture • Some SABMiller Usecases • The value of Alteryx • Questions #inspireeurope16
  4. 4. #inspireeurope16 To watch a recording of this session from Inspire Europe 2016, visit
  5. 5. • SABMiller is a FTSE-10 Beer and Soft-Drinks company,We have around 70,000 employees in more than 80 countries, fromAustralia to Zambia, Colombia to the Czech Republic and SouthAfrica to the USA. Every minute of every day, more than 140,000 bottles of SABMiller beer are sold around the world. Introduction to SABMiller
  6. 6. Some of our Products 6
  7. 7. Challenge of making Analytics Real for SABMiller ? 7 Challenge was how do we empower our commercial decision makers at the frontline in a sustainable, cost effective way to deliver cost optimisation and support top-line growth. . Longstanding aspirational interest in Analytics and power of Big Data – but real catalyst came in 2014 with a desire to optimise our Commercial Investment – Marketing, Pricing, Promotions,Trade Spend, Customer Profitability initiated and sponsored by SABMiller CMO
  8. 8. Concerns 8 • Angel Effect – external experts coming down to earth to perform an analytics miracle and then ascending back to heaven • One way bets – large investments in technology or partnerships that become too big to fail • Siloed solutions, toolsets or architecture – solutions that only solve a single Business problem • Slow time to value – long project cycles before we see a return • Poor fit to Culture and Company –eroding Line of Business accountability and autonomy for delivering Commercial outcomes • SABMiller ownership – our people would develop and understand the analytical methods and embed in Line of Business • PAYG toolset - Our investment in tools would be small and reversible but could scale if required • Evolved an integrated open architecture – once tools were proven we deployed further • Agile approach to see results quickly • We used tools and approaches that put Business Users at the centre of development process or which allowed them to become the developer Approach
  9. 9. #inspireeurope16 Our Alteryx Journey 9 September 2016 SABMiller have deployed 40 plus Designer and 2 Server licenses POC Australia Commercial Italy Commercial LATAM Self Service Commercial LATAM Self-Service Czech/SK Analytics Alteryx POC Spark Pilot Poland Self-Service Panama Commercial Colombia Commercial Africa Analytics Romania Commercial Commercial Projects Feb 2015 April 2015 June 2015 August 2015 Jan 2016 Feb 2016 Mar 2016 May 2016 June 2016 Jul 2016 Jul 2016 Other Analytics • Initial Alteryx POC ported existing SQL profitability application that took four months to develop - redeployment in Alteryx took days. • Commercial Analytics Program included Business Change and embedding deployed Alteryx to Australia, Italy, Panama, Romania and Colombia • Self-Service deployed in Latin America (15 Business users and Poland 3 users) • Other Analytics – Africa and Czech/SK
  10. 10. SABMiller High-Level Flexible AnalyticsArchitecture 10 DataAcquisition Data Lake Agile Data Marts Processing Visualisation Analytics SAP CRM Digital Social Market Share Other DataWrangling AzureAzure Azure
  11. 11. Some Example SABMiller Use Cases 11 2. Early warning week by week instead of week 4 of effectiveness on Promotions and Discounts 3. Automatic sales quota disaggregation & collaborative plan and process. accelerated processing 2 days to 2 hours. 4. Microsegmentation process applied to improve price execution – which stores would accept price increases based on Shopper Insights and Spatial Analytics 1. Complex Pricing Analytics
  12. 12. SABMiller Benefits from using Alteryx 1. Development Speed • Combines a Design and BuildTool • Built in Functions already tested and debugged 2. End User/Developer Self-Service • Easy to learn for Data Analysts and Developers 3. Complemented Agile Process • Rapid turnaround of changes and speedy validation of data and route to value 4. Scalable – performance and features • Scalable Feature set – simple to complex analytics use case. • Can process large datasets even on client version – in database functions scale further 5. Cost Effective – not a one way bet. 6. Democratise the Analytics Process – visual read makes complex Analytics easier to understand therefore creating confidence in outputs = action taken quicker – fits well with our culture of Commercial Accountability 7. Open Architecture – • Connectors to read and write to a wide range of data platforms including SQL and Apache Spark and ability to write outputs directly toTableau (TDE) files. • Ability to call R or Python fromWorkflows 12
  13. 13. Learnings • Business Analytics Centre of Excellence key to enabling Self-Service • Worked well in our Latin American Business and we are making it a pre-requisite for rolling out Self-Service to Africa • IT can find Alteryx difficult tool to understand - need to be careful around how you position it vs existing ETL tools – complimentary and at the correct stage of the Development cycle • Need to develop your own materials and collateral to guide the use of Alteryx within your Enterprise Environment – we created ourAlteryx Cookbook eventually but should have done it sooner • Alteryx Wish List : • Full Public Cloud Server environment with integration to Azure • Enterprise Connectivity to SAP direct from tool – third party connectors exist dvw have a great one – it would be great if they come out of the box • $ pricing in Africa 13
  14. 14. Questions
  15. 15. Cheers Stuart Murray
  16. 16. #inspire16 You can also achieve the incredible benefits described in this slide deck Download a FREETrial of Alteryx and experience self-service data analytics on your next data project