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Deeper Business Insight with Alteryx at Delhaize America


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Customer presentation from the Alteryx Analytic Independence Roadshow virtual event, where Mandy Gray, Manager of GeoAnalytics at Delhaize America, revealed the deeper business insight and significant time savings she’s getting with Alteryx – the leading platform for self-service data analytics. Hear an on-demand replay at

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Deeper Business Insight with Alteryx at Delhaize America

  1. 1. Deeper Business Insight with Alteryx at DelhaizeAmerica Mandy Gray Manager of GeoAnalytics, Delhaize America
  2. 2. Outline • Delhaize America overview • How we use Alteryx • Case Study:The Alteryx Impact on our business • Q&A
  3. 3. WhereWe Are: Eastern USA Grocery Retailer with 1300+ stores from Northeast - Mid-Atlantic - South
  4. 4. Alteryx supports our critical strategic priorities • Operations / Supply Chain • New Site Location / Real Estate • Marketing • Trade Area creation • Customer Behavioral/Basket Analysis How we use Alteryx Alteryx is used in a variety of ways • Data discovery • Report generation • Ad hoc requests • Mapping • Spatial analysis • Querying databases
  5. 5. The Alteryx impact on our business • Time & Cost Savings • End-to-end Control (analysis to output) • Removed dependencies outside department • Replicability / Continuity • Process is well-documented, output identical run-to-run • Easy continuity with new staff • Deeper Insights & Empowered Associates • Analysts spend less time crunching, more time thinking
  6. 6. Case Study:Trade Area Report Creation
  7. 7. Time & Cost Savings:TradeArea Report Creation • BeforeAlteryx: long, complex, expensive process • Early Alteryx days: faster, cheaper, centralized process • Today: Exponentially faster process From days per store to hours per store From hours per store to hours for entire network Took ~8,000 button clicks to complete entire network (about a month) Takes 5 button clicks to complete entire network (<2 weeks)
  8. 8. End-to-end Control:TradeArea Report Creation A single workflow takes us: from raw data… …to final product Alteryx workflow (example) (marrying multiple sources: spreadsheets, Access, ODBC, ESRI, ASCII, MapInfo, SAS, etc.) (can be PDFs, PowerPoints,Tableau, Qlik, Excel, ESRI, etc.)
  9. 9. Replicability / Continuity:TradeArea Report Creation • Comments and instructions can be added to workflows— helpful for new staff…and foggy memories! • Once built, the output of this workflow is exactly the same every time, even for different inputs Alteryx workflow (example) Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 • Every data source and process step is clearly visible… useful sequences can be copy/pasted
  10. 10. Deeper Insights & EmpoweredAssociates:TradeArea Report Creation • Bulk processing allows analysts to view data at macro level • Aggregate, banner-level analysis now possible • Time series analysis now possible • Basic report generation off the plate, new questions have room to grow • What can we learn about competitive impacts, behavioral trends, demographic shifts? • Availability of reports for all stores means we can share with our front line
  11. 11. “Its incredible what people can do when they’re empowered with data.” --Food Lion Central Division Regional Director
  12. 12. THANK YOU!
  13. 13. FreeTrial of Alteryx Analytics