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Creating Value That Scales with Revolution Analytics and Alteryx


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Alteryx and Revolution Analytics combine the easy-to-use Alteryx analytics platform with the production-ready Revolution R Enterprise solution, delivering a deployment platform for Big Data and predictive analytics across the organization.

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Creating Value That Scales with Revolution Analytics and Alteryx

  1. 1. Creating Value That Scales with Revolution Analytics & Alteryx January 29, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda & Intros  David Smith (@revodavid), VP Marketing, Revolution Analytics – About R and Revolution R Enterprise  Matt Madden (@alteryx), Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx – About Alteryx – Demonstration: Sales Forecasting  Dan Putler (@AskDrDan), Data Artisan in Residence, Alteryx – Demonstration: Direct Mail Response Analysis  Conclusion  Q&A
  3. 3. Revolution Analytics The only provider of commercial big data big analytics platform based on open source R statistical computing language Our Software Delivers Scalable Performance: Distributed & parallelized analytics Cross Platform: Write once, deploy anywhere Productivity: Easily build & deploy with latest modern analytics Our Services Deliver Knowledge: Our experts enable you to be experts Time-to-Value: Our Quickstart program gives you a jumpstart Guidance: Our customer support team is here to help you
  4. 4. Innovate with R  Most widely used data analysis software • Used by 2M+ data scientists, statisticians and analysts  Most powerful statistical programming language • Flexible, extensible and comprehensive for productivity  Create beautiful and unique data visualizations • As seen in New York Times, Twitter and Flowing Data  Thriving open-source community • Leading edge of analytics research  Fills the talent gap • New graduates prefer R R is Hot WHITE PAPER
  5. 5. 5 Poll: How do you use R today?  No-one at my company uses R  I don’t use R, but others at my company do  I’m just getting started with R  I use R, but struggle with data size and/or performance problems  I use R, and it meets all my needs
  6. 6. Revolution R Enterprise  High Performance, Scalable Analytics  Portable Across Enterprise Platforms  Easier to Build & Deploy Analytics is…. the only big data big analytics platform based on open source R the defacto statistical computing language for modern analytics 6
  7. 7.  High-performance, scalable replacements for R analytic functions  Parallel/distributed processing eliminates CPU bottleneck  Out-of-memory XDF file format  Data streaming eliminates memory size limitations  Works with in-memory and disk-based architectures 7 Revolution R Enterprise ScaleR High-Performance, Scalable R Analytics
  8. 8. DistributedR ScaleR ConnectR DeployR DESIGNED FOR SCALE, PORTABILITY & PERFORMANCE In the Cloud Amazon AWS Workstations & Servers Desktop Server Alteryx Clustered Systems IBM Platform LSF Microsoft HPC EDW IBM Netezza Teradata Hadoop Hortonworks Cloudera 8 Write Once. Deploy Anywhere.
  10. 10. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | 10 Poll: How do you use Alteryx today?  I’m not familiar with Alteryx  I’ve heard of Alteryx, but haven’t tried it yet  I use it mostly for blending data from multiple sources  I use it for data blending and spatial analysis  I use it for data blending and predictive analysis  I used it for data blending, spatial and predictive analysis
  11. 11. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Customer Success Customers across the world 300+ Strong Foundation Renewal rate with funds to support innovation 95%+ Corporate Info. Associates across North America & Europe 165+ 11 Leader in Data Blending and Advanced Analytics
  12. 12. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Analytics Solution Must Deliver Business Insight Through Those Who Know the Business 12 • Line of business focused • Understands business requirements • Analytic thinker • Accesses data, blends and analyzes • Drives business change • Consumes reports, analytic apps, and analyst insight • Shares insights with colleagues, management, etc. Data Analyst Business Decision Maker
  13. 13. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics leading to deeper insights in hours, not weeks Through Intuitive Workflow Deeper Business Insight In Hours Not Weeks 13
  14. 14. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Report The Alteryx Solution For Analyst Enablement 14 All Relevant Data Access, cleanse, and blend data with unique packaged data options Rapid design of predictive analytics with unique spatial understanding Packaged Market & Customer Data Consumerize the use of sophisticated analytics Enrich Analyze Blend Te xt
  15. 15. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | 30+ prepackaged R tools to make predictive analytics accessible in any analytic workflow Programmers can write their own script or incorporate other R script into the workflow Bridging Predictive Analytics From the Data Scientist to the Data Analysts and Decision Maker
  16. 16. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | Alteryx Analytics and Revolution Analytics Scaling to Enterprise Requirements Alteryx and Revolution Analytics Partnership in October • Alteryx makes R accessible to business users by providing R analytics as drag and drop functions • Revolution makes R scalable, removing key performance issues with open source R Why does this matter? • Predictive analytics are driving the big data revolution • R is at the forefront of predictive analytics; it is the most widely used data analysis language Coming Soon is full Alteryx & Revolution R support and integration • Integration and bundling of software • Leveraging in-database analytics
  17. 17. © 2014 Alteryx, Inc. |© 2014 Alteryx, Inc. | 17 Demonstration
  18. 18. WRAPPING UP
  19. 19. 19 Poll: Revolution R Enterprise and Alteryx What interests you most about Alteryx with Revolution R Enterprise?  Ability to access R functionality in a drag-and-drop interface  Ability to run R analyses on Big Data with improved performance  Ability to create new Alteryx nodes based on R code  Ability to publish new workflows to a gallery for others to use  Ability to create simple web-based interface to run custom workflows
  20. 20. Alteryx with Revolution R Enterprise  Empowers analysts with easy-to-use predictive tools, combined with the leading R platform  Delivers enterprise-scale predictive analytics to line-of- business analysts  Enables a broader audience to harness the universe of R
  21. 21. For More Information…  Available on: Early Q2  Get the Data Sheet –  Get Alteryx with Revolution R Enterprise –  Get Revolution R Enterprise with Alteryx –
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  23. 23. Thank you. 1.855.GET.REVO Twitter: @RevolutionR 1.888.836.4274 Twitter: @alteryx