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Alteryx & Tableau at Discovery communications


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Bernardo Roschke of Discovery Communications presented this deck on using Alteryx and Tableau to track operations. Discovery operates 187 TV networks in 224 countries and territories. They edit 23,000 hours of programming, customize 83,000 hours of content in 45 languages, process 254,000 promos & commercials, and create 32,000 digital media assets annually. They use Alteryx and Tableau to manage their editing operations – to check their throughput, to evaluate errors, and to know how productive both their people and their equipment is. Presented, April 10, 2014.

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Alteryx & Tableau at Discovery communications

  1. 1. Discovery Communications, LLC Alteryx & Tableau at Discovery Communications Bernardo Roschke Manager, Reporting & Planning @bernardo_12 1
  2. 2. Discovery Communications, LLC 2
  3. 3. Discovery Communications, LLC Media Technology, Production & Operations 3 Global Content Supply Chain What  Receive, process, and distribute content for broadcast and streaming  >800 employees in Silver Spring, Sterling, New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Munich and Singapore  Operate 187 TV networks in 224 countries and territories  Edit 23k hours of programming, customize 83k hours of content in 45 languages, process 254k promos & commercials, and create 32k digital media assets annually Who How much
  4. 4. Discovery Communications, LLC Production Center North 4 Silver Spring, MD Post Production  52 Edit suites  6 Audio suites New York City Media Operations Center  Duplication  Authoring  Digital Media  Technical Evaluation Post Production  5 Edit suites
  5. 5. Discovery Communications, LLC Reporting & Planning 5 Facility and operational metrics reporting Expense planning for cost recovery areas Chargeback operations Corporate Tableau Server Administrators Key Functions Leverage 58 unique data sources for reporting, analysis, and planning responsibilities
  6. 6. Discovery Communications, LLC Media Operations 6 Old Method  Tedious, multiple manual excel calculations  Not visual MGMT struggled to measure Duplication Success Rate New Method  Departmental and individual technician level  Differing success rate for differing denominators Alteryx & Tableau to the rescue! Challenge  Disparate data sources  Drill down capability
  7. 7. Discovery Communications, LLC Alteryx Module 7
  8. 8. Discovery Communications, LLC Select, Formula & Filter Tools 8
  9. 9. Discovery Communications, LLC Union Tool 9 Align data on similar dimensions and measures Output to Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file
  10. 10. Discovery Communications, LLC Technician Error Calculation 10
  11. 11. Discovery Communications, LLC Dashboard 11
  12. 12. Discovery Communications, LLC MOC Manager 12 “Connecting our disparate volume and error log data sources enables us to drill down in each individual operator's success rate while maintaining a meaningful overview of our entire team's performance. This data set provides a clear visual picture of our success to the business while allowing our line-level Supervisors to better identify and quickly manage error trends.”
  13. 13. Discovery Communications, LLC Thank you Bernardo Roschke Manager, Reporting & Planning @bernardo_12 13
  14. 14. Discovery Communications, LLC Key Terms 14 • Data blending • Data integration • Data analyst • Data enrichment • Business analyst • Data cleansing • Deep analytics • Strategic analytics • Statistical analytics • Predictive analytics • Geo-spatial analytics • Spatial analytics • Visualization • Alteryx • Discovery Communications • Tableau Software • Tableau 8 • Strategic Analytics • Big Data Analytics • Humanizing Big Data • Cosumerizing Big Data • Alteryx Analytics Gallery • Brian Dirking • Anthony Krinsky • Bill Engel • Consumer Orbit