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Inspire 2014 – Scaling Your Analytics with Analytic Apps and Alteryx Server


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Your organization’s decision makers want rapid access to reports and analytic results to make better, faster decisions. This session will highlight how to deliver easy to use advanced analytics to decision makers with the new Analytic App authoring tools, and deploy them in your own customized Alteryx Server environment. And, deliver this insight with the same consumer experience of the field-proven Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Geoff Jones, Manager of User Experience, Alteryx
Kory Cunningham, Product Manager, Alteryx

Published in: Technology
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Inspire 2014 – Scaling Your Analytics with Analytic Apps and Alteryx Server

  1. 1. #inspire14 Scaling your Analytics with Analytic Apps & Alteryx Server Geoff Jones and Kory Cunningham Product Management Alteryx
  2. 2. #inspire14#inspire14 Agenda • What is an App and why would you use one? • Creating an App • Publishing & Sharing Apps using a Private Server
  3. 3. #inspire14#inspire14 Scaling Analytics Supporting Enterprise-class Data Analysis across an Organization • Improve Analytic App Authoring Process • GUI elements integrated into workflow • Dozens of usability enhancements • Deliver On-Premises Server Solution • Robust computing power and scalability • Common user experience between on- premises and private cloud • Analytic App Scheduling 3
  4. 4. #inspire14#inspire14 What is an App and Why Use an App? Analytic Apps • An App is a module with a simple interface that can be reconfigured and run repeatedly. • If you are asked to re-run the same workflow repeatedly with small changes, it makes sense to turn it into an App. Can we add a screenshot of maybe a workflow background with the app questions in the front?
  5. 5. #inspire14#inspire14 (Demo) Analytic Apps • Start with a working module • Double-click properties to show • Drop-Down Question • Module type changes automatically • A dozen different questions – for the end user • Interface Designer • Layout View • Tabs, Labels, etc. • Action Tool • About 20 different actions • Auto-configuration • Ninety-degree connection - explain • Numeric Up/Down Question • Auto Action Tool • No configuration needed • Re-run with same store • Radio Button Question (x2) • Action for one • Interface Designer • Test View • Debug Mode • Run as App • Migration – Consumer Analysis App • Tree View
  6. 6. #inspire14#inspire14 (Demo) Private Server
  7. 7. #inspire14 THANK YOU!