Inspire 2014 – Enrich your Data: Making the Most of Market, Demographic & Spatial Data


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Discover and increase the value from the market data packaged with Alteryx, including demographic, firmographic, spatial household, and segmentation data. Learn about best (and worst) practices when combining internal data with third-party data from leading providers such as the US Census Bureau, Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet into your analytics.

Wendy Chow, Manager - Data Products, Alteryx

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  • Q1 2014 - ~ 26 million business locations
  • Inspire 2014 – Enrich your Data: Making the Most of Market, Demographic & Spatial Data

    1. 1. #inspire14 Enrich your Data: Making the Most of Market, Demographic & Spatial Data Wendy Chow Manager, Data Products Alteryx
    2. 2. #inspire14#inspire14 Core and Spatial Data Bundle Spatial Geocoder, ZIP+4 Coder, Address Points, Drive time Engine, Alteryx Maps, CASS, DigitalGlobe Demographics US -Experian CAPE, Mosaic, Simmons Canada – 2011 Census Household Experian ConsumerView HH and Individual Firmographics D&B Business Location and Summary Point File Traffic Counts Alteryx Designer with Spatial Alteryx Designer with Data Alteryx Analytics Gallery
    3. 3. #inspire14#inspire14 Experian CAPE Demographics Data sets derived from Census 2010, American Community Survey (ACS), Current Population Survey (CPS), Experian ConsumerView℠ o Current Year Estimates and Five-Year Projections – includes Daytime Population o Census 2010, American Community Survey (annual update) o Consumer Expenditure (Current Year Estimates and 5 Year Projections) o Retail Demand o Mosaic Segmentation BG Dominant, Mosaic BG Distribution (annual update) o Simmons Syndicated Survey Data (annual update)
    4. 4. #inspire14#inspire14 Mosaic What is lifestyle segmentation? o It’s a classification technique that categorizes all households and neighborhoods into unique groups based on sociodemographics, lifestyles, behaviors and culture o Mosaic has 71 unique segments and 19 groups What do I use it for? o Help target, acquire, manage and develop profitable relationships and improve business results. o Target Marketing o Market Analysis o Mosaic Workplace - where people work as opposed to where people live
    5. 5. #inspire14#inspire14 3 Forms of Mosaic – BG 080130122011 Mosaic BG Dominant •Block Group Group/1 Cluster Code •Type E19 : 390 households •Use with the Behavior Analysis tools in Alteryx to profile your customers Mosaic BG Household Distribution •Block Group Many Groups/Many Cluster Codes •A02 = 2, A06 = 13, B09 = 3, E19 = 215, G24 = 8, G25 = 86, K37 = 2, K38 = 7, K39 = 2, K40 = 4, O50 = 3, O54 = 8, P61 = 2, Q65 = 30, S71 = 3 : 390 households •Use to find out detailed Mosaic distributions for geographies ConsumerView Mosaic HH •Block Group Many Groups/Many Cluster Codes •A02 = 1, A05 = 4, B08 =1, B09 = 4, C11 = 1, E19 = 112, G24 = 23, G25 = 55, K37 = 2, K39 = 5, K40 = 12, O50 = 5, O52 = 1, O53 = 2, O54 = 26, O55 = 1, P61 = 1, Q65 = 31, S71 = 2, U00 = 19 : 308 households •Most granular form of Mosaic segmentation, use for target marketing and model application
    6. 6. #inspire14#inspire14 How Do I Use It In Alteryx? Geodemographic (Mosaic BG Dominant, Mosaic BG Distribution) o Profile market characteristics o Determine market potential o Pulling data for thematic maps Household (Mosaic Household) o Profile customers o Determine market potential for mailable households
    7. 7. #inspire14#inspire14 ConsumerView Household and Individual Analytical File What is it? o Experian’s data warehouse of consumer demographics, self-reported, life event, direct response, property and mortgage information o More than 235 million consumers and 113 million households in the U.S. o Over 150 fields - Household fields include: o Mosaic Household and ZIP4 o Mail order buyer preferences o Mortgage/home purchase o Median family income o Individual level includes: o Age, Marital status, Gender, Education and Occupation
    8. 8. #inspire14#inspire14 How Do I Use It In Alteryx? Alteryx Household Matching Macro o Automatically installed in Macros directory o Match to address and optionally to name and telephone number Calgary o Counts or lists of households and/or individuals with specific characteristics
    9. 9. #inspire14#inspire14 Do’s and Don’ts Do o Mosaic profiling of customers o More accurate and granular segmentation o Data enrichment to customer files o Get a clearer view of your customers based on more than just segmentation o Store trade area analysis o Look at makeup of households around stores Don’t o Use for market analysis – geodemographic data may be better used for this (basic demographics) o Mix household data and geodemographic data in the same analysis o Direct marketing purposes
    10. 10. #inspire14#inspire14 Business Location & Summary File The D&B file provides business locations in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada D&B Location file - Analytical use of the file o Over 100 variables including: Business Name o SIC and NAICS codes – up to 6 codes are captured per business record o Sales Volume, # of Employees (Total/Here), Square Footage o Cottage indicator (home base indicator), latitude and longitude o DUNS numbers, contact names, street address or phone numbers can not be returned though they can be queried D&B Business Summary File Employee and Establishment aggregated counts to the Block Group by Home-based and Non Home-based businesses
    11. 11. #inspire14#inspire14 Do’s and Don’ts Do o Analyzing the competitive landscape o Identifying businesses for co-tenancy o Identify drivers for traffic o Identify businesses to avoid locating near o Profiling business customers by SIC/NAICS code o Creation of sales territories based on counts of businesses Don’t o Business locations with a DUNS number o Direct marketing purposes
    12. 12. #inspire14#inspire14 Spatial Bundle o Geocoder o ZIP+4 Coder o Alteryx Maps o Drivetime engine o Address Points o 90 million (US) parcel centroids o To improve geocoding accuracy o Available in geocoding macro and app o Melissa CASS engine o DigitalGlobe
    13. 13. #inspire14#inspire14 Simmons Syndicated Survey Data (US) Based on a high quality, nationally representative Simmons National Consumer Study Survey of adults & households on lifestyles, attitudes, brand preferences and media use What do I use it for? o No customer data? o Use it as a proxy for your customers by looking at profiles for your industry How Is It Used? o Demographic Tools o Market potential o Behavior Tools o Understand product profiles o Identify target clusters o Rank markets by product potential o Use to predict attitudes or lifestyles of customers who have a higher propensity towards
    14. 14. #inspire14#inspire14 Kalibrate Technologies Traffic Counts o The most complete U.S. database of published traffic count data commercially available o Data is continuously updated for all road types – from freeways in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas to roads in rural areas o Traffic count data is collected from almost 6,000 city, state and federal organizations nationwide o What do I use it for? o Useful for estimating the daily traffic on any of the four approaches to that intersection o How Is It Used? o Site selection o Market analysis - determine the attractiveness of a market given current conditions and leveraging forward looking data
    15. 15. #inspire14 THANK YOU!