Inspire 2014 – Data Blending with All Relevant Data


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Analysts are faced with more disparate data sources than ever. Being able to access this data and incorporate it into their analysis is critical to improve the accuracy of their results. This session will highlight the ability to access and blend all relevant data through a wide variety of Alteryx connectors, with emphasis on accessing data in enterprise data warehouses, social media, sales and marketing automation systems, and more to deliver deeper business insights.

Poornima Farrar, Product Manager, Alteryx
Ben Gomez, Product Manager, Alteryx

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Inspire 2014 – Data Blending with All Relevant Data

  1. 1. #inspire14 Data Blending with All Relevant Data Using Connectors in Alteryx Analytics Ben Gomez, Poornima Farrar Product Managers Alteryx
  2. 2. #inspire14#inspire14 Agenda • New Connectors in 9.0 • Creating Your Own Connectors and Parsing Web Data • Using Alteryx to Deliver Business Insight • Obtaining Freedom from Analytics Platforms • Measuring Social Media Impact • Measuring Marketing ROI • Comprehensive Data Source Matrix
  3. 3. #inspire14#inspire14 Expanding The Dataset for LOB Analysts Alteryx Analytics 9.0 Improved and extended cloud data source support with an enhanced web download tools and JSON Parser DOWNLOAD JSONParse GoogleAnalytics GNIP FourSquareDataSift
  4. 4. #inspire14#inspire14 Expanding The Dataset for LOB Analysts Alteryx Analytics 9.0 Greenplum
  5. 5. #inspire14#inspire14 • Alteryx Analytics 9.0 provides tools to connect to many REST services with a couple of tools. • Alteryx connectors are built using the same functionality available to end users. • Tools have been vetted. Creating Your Own Connectors REST Services • Flickr • • Google API’s • Twitter • Facebook • imdb • Digg •* • Quandl • LinkedIn • • ESPN • Fitbit • Markit On Demand • • Validic
  6. 6. #inspire14#inspire14 • Simple Request to a service: • Result is in plain text JSON format: { "name_popular": [ { "id":"nm0004950", "name":"Jennifer Garner","description":"Actress, Juno"} ] "name_exact": [ { "id":"nm4216726", "name":"Jennifer Garner","description":"Actress, Fright Flick"}, { "id":"nm3871932", "name":"Jennifer Garner","description":"Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Down, Right, Hearted."} ]} What is a REST API?
  7. 7. #inspire14#inspire14 Download Tool Old behavior Download text/web pages with a specific encoding Download an image to insert into a report Download to a file for later use
  8. 8. #inspire14#inspire14 Download Tool Build up header value pairs Bring in headers from a field
  9. 9. #inspire14#inspire14 Download Tool Complete list of actions Compose queries from name value pairs Use fields for query string/payload Insert already built query Use raw text for payload
  10. 10. #inspire14 Delivering Business Insights with Alteryx
  11. 11. #inspire14#inspire14 Use Case: Combining Multiple Platforms Read Write
  12. 12. #inspire14#inspire14 Step 1. Read from SAS to Qlik in Alteryx data source:
  13. 13. #inspire14#inspire14 Step 1. Read from SAS to Qlik in Alteryx source:
  14. 14. #inspire14#inspire14 Step 2. Bring in data from imdb data source:
  15. 15. #inspire14#inspire14 Step 3. Visualize in Qlik How many nominations did the winning movies get?
  16. 16. #inspire14#inspire14 Measure the impact of how your online marketing campaign is being received in social media. Social Media Use Case Retrieve social media data about your campaign. Develop the Application Build a Full Solution Learn more about the user. Extract user id, date posted, etc. Download additional data. Write out all the data. Choose a scalable data store.
  17. 17. #inspire14#inspire14 Other Use Cases
  18. 18. #inspire14#inspire14 • Amazon Redshift • Amazon S3 • Apache Cassandra • Apache HBase • Apache Hive • Cloudera Impala • CSV • DataSift • Esri File GeoDatabase • Esri Personal GeoDatabase • Foursquare • Gnip • Google Analytics • Google BigQuery • Google Earth/Maps • HP Vertica • IBM DB2 • IBM Netezza • IBM SPSS Comprehensive Datasource Matrix • MapInfo • Marketo • Microsoft Access • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft Sharepoint • Microsoft SQL Server (includes bulk) • MongoDB • Oracle (includes bulk) • Pivotal Greenplum • PostgreSQL • Qlikview • SAS • Salesforce • SQLite • Sybase • Tableau • Teradata (includes bulk) • Text file • Twitter
  19. 19. #inspire14 THANK YOU!