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Alteryx ACE Fireside Chat


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Some of the most influential Alteryx experts, ACEs have demonstrated meaningful impacts to both their organization and your Alteryx community. In this presentation, ACEs share their hottest stories on lessons learned in creating a culture of analytics, their favorite Alteryx Data Aha! moments that solved big challenges, go-to platform tips that make their lives easier, and have an opportunity to ask questions yourself. Hear how these ACEs approach projects, tackle challenges, and break down barriers to insight with Alteryx.

Cathy Bridges - Tableau Developer - SCAN Health Plan
Daniel Brun - Consultant - Inviso
Mandy Gray - Manager of Geo Analytics - Delhaize America
Joe Lipski - Consulting Manager - Javelin Group
Michael Treadwell - Alteryx Practice Lead - InterWorks

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Alteryx ACE Fireside Chat

  1. 1. # A L T E R Y X 1 8# A L T E R Y X 1 8 Presented by ACEs: Cathy Bridges, Daniel Brun, Mandy Gray, Joe Lipski, and Michael Treadwell ALTERYX ACE FIRESIDE CHAT
  2. 2. # A L T E R Y X 1 8 MEET YOUR ALTERYX ACES MICHAEL TREADWELL ALTERYX USER SINCE 2013 Alteryx Practice Lead InterWorks CATHY BRIDGES ALTERYX USER SINCE 2015 Tableau Developer SCAN Health Plan DANIEL BRUN ALTERYX USER SINCE 2015 Consultant Inviso MANDY GRAY ALTERYX USER SINCE 2014 Manager of Geo Analytics Delhaize America JOE LIPSKI ALTERYX USER SINCE 2012 Managing Consultant Javelin Group
  3. 3. # A L T E R Y X 1 8# A L T E R Y X 1 8 THANK YOU Relive the Excitement of Inspire here. ACE Program m/ace-program