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ACEs' Delight: Panel Session on SDLC + Alteryx


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A panel of Alteryx ACEs share their experiences and best practices for deploying and scaling Alteryx in a variety of enterprise environments. Topics include the software development life cycle, migrating workflows from development to production, version control and change management, and using Alteryx Server in highly regulated organizations. Walk away with ACE tips on deploying and scaling in an enterprise environment while building a culture of analytics!

Nicole Johnson - Sr. Business Solutions Consultant, T-Mobile
Jesse Clark - Application Developer, Fallon Health
Sean Adams - VP, Head of Operations Analytics Enablement, Goldman Sachs
Jason Mack - Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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ACEs' Delight: Panel Session on SDLC + Alteryx

  1. 1. #ALTERYX19 PRESENTED BY ACES’ DELIGHT: PANEL SESSION ON SDLC & ALTERYX Nicole Johnson, Jesse Clark, Sean Adams, & Jason Mack
  2. 2. #ALTERYX19 COMPLETE SESSION SURVEYS ATTENTION 2 You were handed a survey as you entered the room. It should take less than 2 minutes to complete Please return your completed surveys B E F O R E Y O U L E A V E the room Surveys are anonymous, and we rely on your opinion for improvement
  3. 3. #ALTERYX19 3 Nicole Johnson Alteryx User Since 2015 Sr. Business Solutions Consultant Sean Adams Alteryx User Since 2015 VP, Operations Analytics Enablement Jesse Clark Alteryx User Since 2015 Application Developer Jason Mack Alteryx User Since 2015 Executive Director Nicole enables T-Mobile Accounting users to obtain faster and more accurate reporting and insights with Alteryx, and advocates for best practices in workflow design and Gallery configuration through the company’s Finance organization. Jesse is a full stack Alteryx engineer. From the guts of Server configuration to coding standards and best practice solutions in Designer, he has shaped the roadmap and vision for Alteryx at Fallon Health. Jason enables analytics-driven decision making for everyone from the CEO to bankers in local branches, evangelizing Alteryx throughout the firm to make sense of disparate data and turn insights into action. Sean leads Data Enablement for Operations with a focus on uplifting innovation and analytics through tooling, skills, culture, and data.
  4. 4. #ALTERYX19 4 TODAY’S AGENDA 1. Panel Introductions 2. A Brief Overview of SDLC 3. Panel Discussion 4. Four Key Takeaways
  5. 5. #ALTERYX19 SDLC 5 requirements design development testing deployment SECURE SDLC PROCESS risk assessment threat modeling & design review static analysis security testing & code review security assessment & secure configuration
  6. 6. #ALTERYX19 6 project kickoff & initiation requirements gathering analysis design development testing deployment operation & maintenance SDLC
  7. 7. #ALTERYX19 7 ASK THE ACE PANEL Sean Adams Jesse Clark Jason Mack
  8. 8. #ALTERYX19 8 ADVICE FROM NICOLE: How to respond to people when they question your Alteryx authority →
  9. 9. #ALTERYX19 9 One of the most important components at any level of deployment is to ensure that the right culture is in place! If you can “teach people to see,” and change the way people think about their analytical processes and how they fit within your organization’s SDLC framework, they will likely end up right where you want them to be without having to over- govern them! REMEMBER: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. FOUR KEY TAKEAWAYS Sean: Culture is key. Jesse: Think before you act: Create an architectural design for Gallery. You’ll accelerate faster than letting it run amok! Jason: Use Alteryx to manage Alteryx! Nicole: You are not alone! Reach out to the many Alteryx Community resources around you…like the ACEs! 1 2 4 3
  10. 10. #ALTERYX19 BEFORE YOU LEAVE ATTENTION 10 B E F O R E Y O U L E A V E … Please take a moment to complete your evaluation survey. Hand it to the room monitors on your way out.
  11. 11. #ALTERYX19 THANK YOU Nicole Johnson, Jesse Clark, Sean Adams, & Jason Mack 11 ALTERYX ACES Come find us at the ACE hub in AlterNation!