3 Keys to Improving Your Analytic Results with Hadoop


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While Hadoop has emerged as a key technology in Big Data, many business analysts and users are still trying to figure out how Hadoop fits into their analytics strategy. Alteryx and Hortonworks, who recently co-authored “The Business Analyst’s Guide to Hadoop: A Three-Step Guide to Implementing Hadoop-based Analytics,” are co-hosting the “3 Steps to Improving Your Analytic Results with Hadoop Webinar.” This webinar will help you to understand key Hadoop concepts critical to your success:

Understand the value of including Hadoop in your analytics
learn how to maximize the value of data stored in Hadoop by blending it with the rest of your data (and analyzing it in context)

Get started with Hadoop-based analytics now
Register now and start harnessing Big Data to drive real business value.

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  • 3 Keys to Improving Your Analytic Results with Hadoop

    1. 1. 1© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.3 Keys to Improving YourAnalytic Results with Hadoop
    2. 2. 2© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.John KreisaVP MarketingHortonworksA veteran from the enterprisemarketing industry John has workedon products at every level of the ITstack from the depths of storagethrough to the insight of businessintelligence and analytics. CurrentlyJohn leads partner and strategicmarketing initiatives at open sourceleader Hortonworks who develops,distributes and supports ApacheHadoop.Today’s SpeakersBrian DirkingDir. Product Mktg.AlteryxBrian began his tech career as aproduct manager at OWLInternational. He has also held rolesin business development and productmarketing at Stellent, Oracle, andBox. At Alteryx, Brian is responsiblefor go-to-market strategy, planningand execution on partner and Big Dataprograms.
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    6. 6. 6© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.• Apache Hadoop• MapReduce• Apache Hive• Apache Pig• Apache HCatalog• Hortonworks Stinger InitiativeKey Hadoop Concepts
    8. 8. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013Next-Generation Data ArchitectureAPPLICATIONSDATASYSTEMSTRADITIONAL REPOSRDBMS EDW MPPDATASOURCESOLTP,POSSYSTEMSOPERATIONALTOOLSMANAGE &MONITORTraditional Sources(RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP)New Sources(web logs, email, sensors, social media)DEV & DATATOOLSBUILD &TESTBusinessAnalyticsCustomApplicationsEnterpriseApplicationsENTERPRISEHADOOP PLATFORMPage 8
    9. 9. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013Interoperating With Your ToolsPage 9APPLICATIONSDATASYSTEMSTRADITIONAL REPOSDEV & DATATOOLSOPERATIONALTOOLSViewpointMicrosoft ApplicationsHORTONWORKSDATA PLATFORMDATASOURCESTraditional Sources(RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP)New Sources(web logs, email, sensors, social media)
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    12. 12. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013DataSystemsApplicationsSourcesInfrastructure - Data LakeModern Data ArchitectureHadoop for Shared Data LakeTRADITIONAL REPOSRDBMS EDW MPPCustomAnalytic AppNew Sources(logs, clicks, social media, sensors)PackagedAnalytic AppTraditional Sources(RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP)• A more matureorganization will havethis as a goal for Hadoop• Store all data andbuild/enable applicationson shared “data lake”• Delivers broad valueacross the enterpriseENTERPRISEHADOOPPLATFORMPage 12HORTONWORKSDATA PLATFORM
    13. 13. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013SourcesApplicationsPackagedAnalytic AppDataSystemsBusiness ApplicationCatalyst: Type of DataHadoop for Targeted ApplicationsTRADITIONAL REPOSRDBMS EDW MPPCustomAnalytic AppNew Sources(logs, clicks, social media, sensors)Traditional Sources(RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP)• Many organizations starthere & expand usage• Driven by a type of datathat was not capable ofanalysis before Hadoop• Delivers explicit value fora business case or anindividual LOBPage 13ENTERPRISEHADOOPPLATFORMHORTONWORKSDATA PLATFORM
    14. 14. © Hortonworks Inc. 2012OS Cloud VM ApplianceHDP: Enterprise Hadoop DistributionPage 14PLATFORM SERVICESHADOOP COREDATASERVICESOPERATIONALSERVICESManage &Operate atScaleStore,Process andAccess DataHORTONWORKSDATA PLATFORM (HDP)DistributedStorage & ProcessingHortonworksData Platform (HDP)Enterprise Hadoop• The ONLY 100% open sourceand complete distribution• Enterprise grade, proven andtested at scale• Ecosystem endorsed toensure interoperabilityEnterprise Readiness
    15. 15. © Hortonworks Inc. 2012What We Do…• We distribute the only 100%Open Source EnterpriseHadoop Distribution:Hortonworks DataPlatform• We engineer, test & certifyHDP for enterprise usage• We employ the corearchitects, builders andoperators of Apache Hadoop• We drive innovation withinApache SoftwareFoundation projects• We are uniquely positionedto deliver the highest qualityof Hadoop support• We enable the ecosystem towork better with HadoopDevelop Distribute SupportWe develop, distribute and supportthe ONLY 100% open sourceEnterprise Hadoop distributionEndorsed by Strategic PartnersHeadquarters: Palo Alto, CAEmployees: 200+ and growingInvestors: Benchmark, Index, Yahoo
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    18. 18. 18© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.Alteryx for Retail includes:• Demographic andbehavioral analysis• Localization• Consumer profiling andtargeting• Store clustering• Target retailers• Product allocation• Demand profiling• Market and territoryoptimization• Gap analysisWalmart Transformed Retail Operations“Alteryx gives more insight to operationalperformance than I would have previouslywith Excel or Access.”Dana Pickup, Senior Manager, Strategy &Analysis• Optimize new store investment ROI across network• Tailor each store merchandize mix to realities of local markets• Evaluate and adjust with nightly financial audit of all operations
    19. 19. 19© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.Lightpath Delivers Fast Crisis Response• Rapid integration of infrastructure data with spatial analysis• Visual representation of outages focusing maintenance and emergencyresponse• Automation of data set creating accelerates analysis and lowers costshttp://bit.ly/TableauConf2012
    20. 20. 20© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.• Hadoop to refine and load data into a data warehouse• Hadoop platform as the data store1. Understand the Value of Hadoop-based Analytics
    21. 21. 21© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.• Speed time to value• Blend data to add context• Analyze without complexity2. Maximize the Value of Data Stored in Hadoop
    22. 22. 22© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.DEMONSTRATION
    23. 23. 23© 2013 Alteryx, Inc.3. Get Started with Hadoop-based Analytics Now• Download the Demo - bit.ly/HadoopDemo• Download the Hortonworks Sandbox - www.hortonworks.com/sandbox• Download the Alteryx Project Edition – www.alteryx.com/download
    24. 24. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013Hadoop Summit 2013• June 26-27, 2013- San Jose Convention Cntr• Co-hosted by Hortonworks & Yahoo!• Theme: Enabling the Next GenerationEnterprise Data Platform• 90+ Sessions and 7 Tracks:• Community Focused Event– Sessions selected by a Conference Committee– Community Choice allowed public to vote forsessions they want to see• Training classes offered pre event– Apache Hadoop Essentials: A TechnicalUnderstanding for Business Users– Understanding Microsoft HDInsightand Apache Hadoop– Developing Solutions with ApacheHadoop – HDFS and MapReduce– Applying Data Science using Apache HadoopPage 24hadoopsummit.org
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