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Which “Talking head” is Conquering the Social Web


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Political Talking Heads…. Love them or hate them, you probably have a strong opinion on each of them. Ever wonder whether the rest of the social web feels the same way you do? We wondered the same thing, so we ran an SM2 analysis of the most opinionated political commentators.

We tracked the buzz around Fox’s Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, and Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. See our analysis using social media monitoring data from Alterian SM2 and find out who is the most “talkable brand” on Cable News.

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Which “Talking head” is Conquering the Social Web

  1. 1. Jim Reynolds
  2. 2. Setup in Alterian SM2 Details: • Setup in Alterian SM2 • Keywords for Major Cable TV Broadcasters • SM2 Category Rules for Topic • English Only • Location Limited to US • 3 Months of Data
  3. 3. Daily Volume Analysis: • Large Volume of Conversation • Weekly Pattern of Conversation • Conversation Primarily Driven by Twitter + Social Networks •Major Spike caused by Glenn Beck event
  4. 4. Share of Voice: Ranking the Talking Heads Analysis: 1. Glenn Beck - 54% 2. Jon Stewart - 13% 3. Rachel Maddow - 8% 4. Stephen Colbert - 7% 5. Bill O’Reilly - 7% 6. Keith Olbermann - 5% 7. Anderson Cooper - 5% 8. Wolf Blitzer - 1%
  5. 5. Share of Voice: Ranking the Talking Heads - Who’s Most Loved? (On Twitter) Analysis: 1. Glenn Beck leads the pack once again – As noted on the next slide he is also the most disliked 2. Jon Stewart 3. Stephen Colbert 4. Rachel Maddow 5. Keith Obermann 6. Anderson Cooper 7. Bill O’Reilly 8. Wolf Blitzer
  6. 6. Share of Voice: Ranking the Talking Heads - Who’s Most Hated? (On Twitter) Analysis: 1. Glenn Beck 2. Jon Stewart 3. Bill O’Reilly 4. Rachel Maddow 5. Keith Obermann 6. Anderson Cooper 7. Stephen Colbert 8. Wolf Blitzer
  7. 7. Share of Voice: Fox News vs. CNN vs. MSNBC vs. Comedy Central Analysis: • Fox lands at #1 with 62% (Viewership driven predominantly by Glenn Beck) • Comedy Central is #2 with 20% • MSNBC is #3 with 12% (Rachael Maddow trumps Keith Obermann) •CNN is #4 with 6% (As noted by the chart, a distant 4th)
  8. 8. Share of Voice Prop 8 vs. Tea Party vs. Ground Zero Mosque vs. Sarah Palin Analysis: • The Tea Party leads the conversation due to the recent Glenn Beck Rally • Sarah Palin takes 2nd place with a close relationship to discussions about elections and the Ground Zero Mosque • The mid term primaries rank 3rd • The Ground Zero Mosque is the 4th most popular topic with a monster lift during the Glenn Beck Rally • And, surprisingly, Prop 8 (Gay Marriage allowed in California) is in 5th place
  9. 9. Share of Voice: Who’s Hating on Obama? Analysis: • Fox lands at #1 – hardly a surprise to anyone • MSNBC is #2 - this is somewhat unexpected • Comedy Central is #3 •CNN is #4
  10. 10. Social Media Channels Analysis: • Microblogs (Twitter + Others) were the most active media type followed by message boards and social networks • From diving into the data there is a huge following on Reddit & Digg as well