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Social Media Analysis - NFL Lockout will the Fans Stay


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The NFL draft looms just around the corner, players, teams and fans are becoming increasingly nervous about the lockout. Just how much chaos the lockout will wreak on the draft remains to be seen, but one thing is clear. No one is happy about the lockout, least of all the fans, who wonder whether a money dispute will shut down the most profitable sports league in the world.

What is at risk for NFL fans? Where are they directing their ire – at the teams, at the league or at the players’ union? Which team’s fans are the most up in arms about the lockout? And how are fans grappling with million and billion dollar squabbles in the midst of a continuing recession?

Watch Alterian’s Hot Topic analysis of the NFL Lockout!

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Social Media Analysis - NFL Lockout will the Fans Stay

  1. 1. NFL Lockout – Will Fans Stay? Measuring the Impact of the NFL Labor Dispute Presented By: Jim Reynolds Strategic Account Manager – SM2 @jimmyrey
  2. 2. Search Setup In Alterian SM2 • NFL Terms Monitored: “NFL Lockout” & “NFL” AND “Lockout” • Categories: All NFL Teams, NFL Owners, NFLPA, Roger Goodell & DeMaurice Smith • Date Range(s): 2/1/2011 – 5/1/2011 • Locations / Languages: US & English Only
  3. 3. Daily Volume – NFL Lockout Analysis • Total of 206k social media mentions • Largest volume of conversation when the NFL locked out the players (3/12) • 2nd Largest Spike: NFL & NFLPA agree to extend labor talks (3/3)
  4. 4. Share of Voice Total – NFL Lockout Analysis • 55% Media Types – Other – (Mostly affiliate news sites covering local teams) • 28% Microblogs – (Twitter & Clones) • 6.5% Message Boards & Forums • 6% Blogs – (Major & Minor sports blogs) • 5% Social Networks - (Public Facebook, Myspace & Others)
  5. 5. Share of Voice Trend – NFL Lockout Analysis • Major spikes focus primarily around information pre-lockout • Once NFLPA decertifies, conversations increase dramatically • Media Types – Other & Twitter follow nearly identical patterns
  6. 6. Owners VS. Players Analysis • By Far, the players are being discussed more than the owners, 61% to 39% • Conversations about the players are more focused on individual players and updates around the dispute • Conversations around the owners are definitely more focused on financial topics
  7. 7. Fan Sentiment
  8. 8. NFL Lockout – Tone of Conversation Analysis • By far the majority of the sentiment around the lockout is negative • The positive conversation correlates directly to break throughs in the labor dispute
  9. 9. NFL Lockout – Tone of Conversation Analysis • 77% + of the total graded posts were negative • As news is released around updates of labor dispute, spikes occur
  10. 10. NFL Lockout Owners – Brand References Analysis • 57% of the conversations about the owners are negative • Recently, conversations have become increasingly negative due to next break in labor mediation
  11. 11. NFL Lockout Owners – Brand References Analysis • First major spike in negative opinion focused on owners locking out players • Most recent spike was focused on recent releases of information from mediation
  12. 12. NFL Lockout Players – Brand References Analysis • 55% of the conversations around the players are negative • Conversations follow a very similar pattern to owner chatter
  13. 13. NFL Lockout Players – Brand References Analysis • Many of the NFLPA press releases and court cases have been received negatively by audience • As labor dispute continues, much of the audiences is equally angry at both owners & players
  14. 14. Ranking the Teams
  15. 15. Ranking the teams - Volume200001800016000140001200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Analysis Top 5 1. Packers 2. Steelers 3. Cowboys 4. Giants 5. Jets
  16. 16. Ranking the teams – Negative Opinion40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0% Analysis Top 5 1. Chiefs 2. Broncos 3. Cowboys 4. Saints 5. Lions
  17. 17. SummaryOverall• Being an NFL fan this was personally an very interesting data set to review. I feel that my personal view point is identical to many of the fans that commented in this analysis• Both the fans and the players have much to lose and based on the data set neither group is winning the hearts and minds of the fans• Beyond the fans, I could only image how concerned the broadcasters and advertisers are currently; with such an high amount of negative opinion currently associated with the League
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