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Social intelligence understanding your audience to enhance your business


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While it is necessary to know what influencers are saying about your brand, if that’s all you know about them, you’re missing an essential part of the conversation.

Understanding who your influencers are, what interests them and how their interests change over time will help you determine not only how to position the marketing of your products, but it can impact the future design and development of your products.

Join Scott Briggs, Director, Social Strategies and Insights at Alterian, as he goes through the methodology of starting with your audience and using social data to put them at the heart of your business.

What You Will Learn:

The methodology behind using social data to find insights from your true audience
How to use social media to understand consumer life cycles
How to understand the value of non-brand advocates
How to develop messaging and products tailored around your consumers

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Social intelligence understanding your audience to enhance your business

  1. 1. Social Intelligence -Understanding Your Audience Scott Briggs Director, Social Strategies and Insights Alterian hashtag: #AltSocial
  2. 2. What You Will Learn Today• Why you should be monitoring audience as well as brand• The challenges in this approach• A methodology for success• A measurement framework• Use Cases for analyzing and monitoring audience
  3. 3. Social Intelligence Social Intelligence “The management and analysis of customer data from social sources, used to activate and recalibrate marketing programs.” – Zach Hofer-Shall Defining Social Intelligence
  4. 4. Value of Social Media Data Highly responsive: can collect & respond to insight to any timescale Specific: can Is highly scalable: relate specific Provides access activities to to high volumes conversations at of data & a global a defined point in dataset time Can provide a 360 degree view Why social Highly predictive: of a customer (not just about their relationship media conversations are leading indicators to your brand) data? Provides unique Longitudinal: we access to can look back & competitor activity track forward In context: feedback is pure & customer generated (not contrived)
  5. 5. The most frequently asked social media question? What are people saying about my brand and its competitors?
  6. 6. Social Media has Exploded • 30 billion pieces of content (e.g., links, photos, notes) are shared on Facebook each month (Source: Royal Pingdom) • 25 billion tweets were sent on Twitter in 2010 (Source: Royal Pingdom) • 200 million views of YouTube via mobile per day (Source: Google) • 100 million new accounts added on Twitter in 2010 (Source: Royal Pingdom) • 53% of American Internet users look for information on Wikipedia, up from 36 percent in 2007 (Source: Pew Internet) • $3.08 billion will be spent to advertise on social networking sites in 2011, a 55 percent increase over 2010 (Source: eMarketer) • 200 million registered accounts on Twitter as of January 2011 (Source: Twitter) • 110 million tweets are sent per day on Twitter (Source: Twitter) • 65% of U.S. adults use social media and say they have received a positive benefit as a result (Source: Harris Interactive)
  7. 7. The Majority ofConversations donot mention yourBrand
  8. 8. Why Audience?An Audience-Focused approach can provide answers to business driven questions:• How can we increase and retain the relevance of our products and services?• How can we gauge the changing mood of consumers?• How can we enhance the digital experience for our consumers?• How do we deliver consistently relevant and engaging experiences both on and off line over time?• How can we understand our customer journeys?• How can we carve out a clear and unique position for our brand with our target audience?• How can we drive traffic to our on and off line properties by learning from people and domains who are influential and trusted by our target audience?• How can we tailor content to reflect the target audience’s seasonal focus and priorities?• How can we measure the success new product launches?
  9. 9. CHALLENGE: Socialmedia data is notcollected, organised oreffectively tagged byaudience
  10. 10. To be the mosteffective we need newtools and processes
  12. 12. A clear objective…
  13. 13. Defined audiences or subjects
  14. 14. The Social Media research Methodology Research Analyze Measure Social data set Benchmark Content Report development Refresh social Content data set Report developmentVirtual Social Media Data Analytics:ethnography: Measurement: Identifying and Refresh social data set Content Q2 Report developmentDiscovery & Theme extracting alearning validation to target data set ‘define’ target demographic On-going tracking cycle
  15. 15. Methodology – Mothers with Children Mothers with school age children
  16. 16. Network Analysis REVIEW PEOPLE TO TALK TO: • Where are they talking? • What are they talking about? • What language do they use? • How does the conversation change with: – The seasons? – World & local news? – The political climate? – The school year? – Age of children? • What other websites do they talk about? • What different roles do they play on the web sites?Identified: • Are they different when they have a problemThe right places (Potential Distributors) versus when they are having fun?The fertile territory (Hopes/fears/NeedWHERE people are talking?Which places MATTER?How those places FIT together?Who OWNS the places?WHO engages?What understanding are they BUILT on?
  17. 17. Virtual EthnographyIdentify how mothersinteract on-line
  18. 18. Mothers Play Many Roles Confidant Nurse Event Friend plannerTechnology user & Activist adviser Mothers with Financial school age Wife manager children Employer Cleaner Family Teacher archivist Adviser Cook
  19. 19. Rich Conversation Themes • Relationships • DH (Dear Husband) • Step Parents/ Exes and their partners • Travel • Rules for custody • Family friendly • Money • Rules for introducing locations • Budgeting new partners to kids • Offers and deals • Benefits - child and family • Letting off steam• Social issues • Instant outlet • Campaigns & political • Children’s activities • Local is key • Consumer advice • Searching for allies lobbying • Seeking recommendation • Seeking emotional • Young peoples • School holiday activities • Purchase locations validation issues • Child specialist purchases • Womens issues across all verticals • Local issues• Working • Schooling • Food and Nutrition • Time management • Exams • Recopies • Work Life balance • Teenage Parenting • Pressure, Stress • Specialist Seasonal dishes • Social and Behavioural Issues• Returning to work after a career break • Revision techniques / Support • Dealing with Allergies • Emotional support • Drugs • Finding a school • Faddy / Fussy eaters • Talking to children about drugs • Legal rights • Admissions • Quick and easy options • Working practices • Dealing with impact • Bullying • Information • Child care entitlements • Underage drinking • Reassurance of moral / disciplinary stance • Risks and impacts of drinking • How to stop / manage kids drinking • • Boyfriends/girlfriends • Setting and enforcing rules • Downtime / Social Time • Technical support • Teenage sex • Funnies & Banter • Advice • More confident to • Safe Sex and Contraception • Domestic bliss • Products to use ask peers than • Teenage pregnancy - fears, coping, • Social Gaming • Specialised cleaning professional discussing • Celebrity gossip needs • Instant help • Support to challenge situations • Fashion and beauty (inc skin and • Stain removal • Security and parental controls • Fashion and clothing makeup) • Health related to cleaning • Viruses • Dressing too maturely • TV and film reviews products • Firewalls • How to talk to teenagers about it • Book clubs - reviews and • Selections of PC/Laptops • Risks discussions • Selections of games consoles • Piercing and tattoos
  20. 20. Example Theme – Time ManagementI have so little TIME and so much to do at home … in my Looking after the personal life TIME home MANAGEMENT At Work In the kitchen
  21. 21. Example Theme – School Days Cleaner Dealing with exam Dealing with bullying pressureIt wasn’t like that in my SCHOOLday….. DAYS Helping with homework
  22. 22. Example Theme – Me Time The way I look The way I dress ecretblog/2010/07/01/style-tips- personal-branding/ ME TIME What makes me angry What makes me What lets me proud switch off
  23. 23. Step by Step Approach "cooking for allergies" 1 Diet 1. Childrens health ("kids" or "children") and "obesity" ("mother" or "mum") and "cleaning" 2 Health ("mother" or "mum") and "housework" Household ("kids" or "children") and "housework" 3 2. Domestic issues cleaning ("kids" or "children") and "chores" "DD" and ("parent" or "family") 4 Family group 3. General family issues "DS" and ("parent" or "family") 5 Health 4. Mothers issues "DH" and "family" and "kids" "DC" and ("parent" or "family") 6 Back to work "mother" and "breast cancer" and "children" 7 Stay at home "daughter" and "cervical cancer" "Mum" and "anxiety" 8 Work "mum" and "stress" "mother" and "anxiety" 9 Bullying 5. Universal parenting issues "mother" and "stress" ("mother" or "mum") and " back to work" "Stay at home mum" 10 Contraception "working mum" 11 Discipline (“mum” or “mother”) and (“home working” or “working from home”) "children" and "bullying" 12 Divorce "son" and "bullying" 13 Family friendly "daughter" and "bullying" "daughter" and "the pill" 14 Fostering ("kid" or "children") and "discipline" "Child" and "custody" and "Boyfriend" 15 Holidays "Child" and "custody" and "girlfriend" 16 School "divorce" and "children" and "custody" "family" and "friendly" 17 Sex "fostering" and ("children" or "kids") 18 Travel ("Kids" or "children") and "holidays" "family" and "holidays" 19 Work ("kids" or "children") and "tuition fees" 20 Budgeting "Finding" and "Primary School" "Finding" and "Secondary School" 21 Let off steam 6. Social release "daughter" and "boyfriend" and "sex" "son" and "girlfriend" and "sex" 22 Socialising "teenager" and "sleeping together" 23 Always ultra 7. Target brands "daughter" and "facts of life" "son" and "facts of life" 24 Duracell "children" and "games" and "car journeys" "children" and "entertain" and "car journeys" 25 Fairy "working mother" ("mother" or "DH") and "let off steam" 26 Gillette ("mum or "Mother" or "DH") and "scream" ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "scream" 27 Lenor ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "rant" 28 Max factor ("mum" or "mother" or "DH") and "moan" "meeting other parents" 29 Olay "mother" and "Always Ultra" and "pads" "mum" and "Always Ultra" and "pads" 30 Oral b "Managing" and "Family" and "Budgets" "living on a budget" and "children" 31 Pampers "Saving money" and "family" and "Kids" "mum" and "Duracell" 32 Pantene "mother" and "Duracell" "mum" and "Fairy Liquid" 33 Pringles1. Network analysis and 2. Analysis into role and "mum" and "Fairy washing powder" "mum" and "Fairy dishwasher tablets" 34 Feminine hygiene 8. Target categories "mother" and "Fairy Liquid" 35 Hair careanthropologist led theme development "mother" and "Fairy washing powder" "mother" and "Fairy dishwasher tablets" 36 Household cleaning "mother" and "Gillette"insights "mum" and "Gillette" "mum" and "Lenor" 37 Laundry 38 Skin care "mother" and "Lenor" "mum" and "Max Factor" Technology "mother" and "Max factor" 39 9. Mothers and technology support "mum" and "Olay" "mother" and "Olay" 40 Alcohol 10. Parenting teenagers "mother" and "Oral B" "mum" and "Oral B" 41 Depression "mother" and "pampers" 42 Drugs "mother" and "Pantene" "mum" and "pantene" 43 Exams "kids" and "pringles" ("mother" or "mum") and "sanitary towel" 44 Fostering ("mother" or "mum") and "hair care" 45 Piercing ("mother" or "mum") and "stains" "family" and "stain removal" 46 Sex "kids" and "stain removal" 47 Sexualisation "kids" and "washing powder" "kids" and "fabric softner" 48 Tattoos ("mother" or "mum") and "skin care" 3. Conversation Matrix: Unique, 4. Categorization defining search terms
  24. 24. Social Data Analysis Analyze • Collect Social Media conversations for the themes created in the research phase • Create a “conversation matrix” to segment your data set by categories and themes • Examine and quantify what is important and Data Analytics: Identifying and relevant to the target extracting a audience target data set • Analyze data by both Learn who INFLUENCES domain and author within Learn how they THINK each category Hear WHAT they SAY and HOW they say it Know what they LIKE and DISLIKE See what they RESPOND to
  25. 25. Analytics and Measurement – Mothers ExampleAuthor Influence – Relevant Influence Index• We created a unique measure of influence for the audience. We have called it the Relevant Influence Index• A score of 100 = average influence compared to all the other authors in the data set• If someone scores 200, they are twice as influential as the average author in our dataset, so if someone has a score of 5,000, they are extremely influential to your target audience and 50 times more influential than the average• The index is based on three things: 1. Volume of posts containing relevant content (i.e. from the conversation matrix) 2. Relevance of content (number of family taxonomy words contained in posts) – we call this NET FAMILY SCORE 3. Engagement within the community – number of followers (twitter) or responses to / comments on forum posts or blog entries
  26. 26. Analytics and Measurement – Mothers Example Theme Relevance Index • We created a unique measure to track changes in themes over time, we it call it the Theme Relevance Index. • Using the theme categories developed in the conversation matrix we can track changes in theme volume and sentiment over time. We can see changing moods on a weekly/monthly basis based on the index score of each category. • A score of 100 = average compared to all categories in the data set. A score of 200 indicates that theme is twice as relevant as the average theme in our dataset. • The index is based on two main elements: 1. Volume of posts containing relevant content for each category (i.e. from the conversation matrix) 2. Sentiment of the each category • This data is then tracked weekly and monthly to measure change in attitudes and themes of our target audience
  27. 27. Measurement Framework Measure Social data set Benchmark Visualize Report • Determine the business outcome up front • From the data develop standard measures and metrics that explain your Refresh social Visualize data set Report business outcome • If comparing or tracking over time we frequently will create a measurement index Refresh social data set Report Visualize • Determine the best way to visualize and present this data for your audience • Automate the process of updating the On-going measurements tracking cycle
  28. 28. Use Cases Where Audience > Brand• Influencer Identification – we can identify community influencers relevant to your brand, not just brand advocates• For content development – especially in industries with seasonal or time based components such as Retail and CPG• Campaign Messaging – wider audience view provides insights into changing attitudes that can be quickly incorporated into on-line and off-line campaigns• Product/Brand Launch – Social Audience Measurement can provide a framework for new productbrand launch. Can track changing attitudes from awareness to launch• Consumer Life Cycle Analysis - tracking a group of consumers over time
  29. 29. Contact Information Scott Briggs Director, Strategic Solutions, Alterian +1 312 884 5236
  30. 30. www.EngagingTimes.comStayConnected… @Alterian LinkedIn Groups: Alterian