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Merkle CRM Executive Summit 2011


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At the Merkle CRM Executive Summit one of the many themes that was shared with other presenters was the shift that marketers have to make as our consumers become more empowered and in control. There were many discussions at the conference around terms like engagement and relevance and many presenters talked about the need for measurement and metrics in this new era of marketing.

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Merkle CRM Executive Summit 2011

  1. 1. is your audience frustrated?“Dear #[brand], thanks for the low rate, but pls stop sending me emails!I became a customer yesterday & have already heard from you 8 times.” RY Mike Talbot, President, Alterian
  2. 2. Engagement MetricsHOW RELEVANT ARE YOU?
  3. 3. Examined 27 Brands at The Merkle CRM 2.0 Executive Summit for Relevance of Marketing Messages
  4. 4. Evaluated Brandson Two Dimensions Popularity & Relevance
  5. 5. Popularity = Activity on SocialMedia + Alexa Website Rating
  6. 6. Relevance = measure of how consumers view your marketing messages
  7. 7. Social Media data wascollected from the 2010 holiday season
  8. 8. Conversations were collectedacross 3 Areas of messaging: Social Media Email Direct Mail
  9. 9. Both Relevance andPopularity were indexedagainst all Brands being examined
  10. 10. So How Do You Rate?
  11. 11. Which Bubble Are You?
  12. 12. Want to up your game?
  13. 13. Let’s TalkRelevance = Merkle + Alterian Email: Twitter: @mike_talbot Web:
  14. 14. AppendixIndex Methodology
  15. 15. Index Methodology • Created 2 Indices – Popularity – Relevance • Evaluated 27 companies • Collected data from November and December 2010 – A total of 1.5 million conversations
  16. 16. Popularity Index• Popularity is a weighted measure of activity for brands in 3 areas – Twitter Activity (Tweets and Followers) weighted at 25% – Facebook Activity (Likes and Posts) weighted at 25% – Alexa US Popularity Rating weighted at 50%• Each brand was measured in each area to come up with a ranking score and then weighted.• The sums of the weights were then indexed to a 100- based index – i.e. A score of 100 = average
  17. 17. Relevance Index• Relevance is a weighted measure based on marketing messaging in 3 channels – Social Media – Email – Direct Mail• Searches were set up in SM2 to find consumer conversations about relevance of messaging in each channel• Then the results were evaluated for conversations reflecting the Brands being studied• The total number of conversations for each Brand was also collected
  18. 18. Relevance Index• Conversations were collected about each channel: – Social 562,456 (38%) – Email 791,443 (53%) – Direct Mail 127,634 (9%)• In each channel we calculated percent of the brands conversations that were considered not relevant, bad, spam, etc• We then rated each brand from best to worse in each channel• The ratings were then weighted based on percent of conversations in channel
  19. 19. Relevance Index• The Relevance Score is the sum of the weighted values for each brand in each channel• This score was then indexed for all brands to a 100 based index – i.e. index of 100 = average brand
  20. 20. www.EngagingTimes.comStay… @Alterian LinkedIn Groups: Alterian