Identify the Strategic Impact of Conversations About Your Brand


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Identify the Strategic Impact of Conversations About Your Brand

  1. 1. Identify the Strategic Impact of Conversations About Your brand Through Social Media Insights Presented by Warren Sukernek, Senior Director of Social Media Services, Alterian
  2. 2. Value in Social Media Monitoring is More Than Just a Pretty Graph Social Media Monitoring should drive insights that then lead to actionable results Business value is far more than simple data points or a pretty graph
  3. 3. Getting Beyond the Obvious We start with asking the business problem then answer and deliver recommendations through actionable insights Who is talking about What are the main you?... topics?... And so what? And so what? What do they like and Who are the dislike about your influencers?... brand/product?... And so what? And so what?
  4. 4. Getting to ‘So What?’ Answers Requires: Human research & insights Best practices in social media research Expertise with SM2 Integration with other analytics tools Overall understanding of marketing strategy
  5. 5. Getting to Insights The insight is only as good as the thinking not the tool – too often tools lead the Solving a business Get out of the stove Actionable Insights “So What” framework rather problem pipe than the framework leading the tool development & selection INSIGHT It’s not about the tool, but what is done with it to solve business problems.
  6. 6. A few samples of Actionable insights Breaking Point Systems
  7. 7. BP Conversations by Day All Results Daily Volume Date range: 08/01/09 – 11/01/09 Total Results: 492 Social Video Breakingpoint’s letter to Twitter: ‘Let us help Marketin you’ Impactful sites: g: Pam o O’Neal o “HR by Cisco becomes the weakest link in o Twitter” National Infrastructure Most mention in: CA Security
  8. 8. BP Products’ Sentiment Summary Category Posts Positive Negative Neutral BP Elite 35 54% 0% 46% Firewall Testing 16 50% 0% 50% Custom Strike Toolkit 16 50% 0% 50% Cyber Security 24 4% 0% 96% Cyber Simulation 6 17% 0% 83% IPS Testing 5 20% 0% 80% Network Device Testing 6 17% 0% 83% Network Equipment Testing 12 50% 0% 50% Server Load Testing 11 64% 0% 36% Testing Capabilities 10 100% 0% 0% The most talked about products/features do not have the most positive results. Testing capabilities/Server Load Testing have favorable net sentiment but volume is lower.
  9. 9. Competitors Comparison: Share of Voice BreakingPoint Ixia Spirent POSTS % POSTS % POSTS % Microblog 298 61% 85 26% 55 24% Blog 45 15% 55 17% 30 13% Message Board/Forum 6 1% 10 3% 13 6% Mainstream Media 104 21% 165 51% 101 44% Video/Photo 4 1% 10 3% 28 12% Social Network/Wiki 4 1% 0 0% 2 1% BP is a step ahead of other competitors in using Twitter for marketing Need to engage more in forums/Youtube to increase brand awareness and increase sentiment values
  10. 10. Key Takeaways: • Content Management: Customers are more interested in the features of product, rather than price or services Content should focus more on product’s features to capture customer’s interest •Content syndication – seed content where audience exists: Delicious, LinkedIn, Ning communities. •BP has done a great job of engaging on Twitter. Extending those conversations to forums, blogs and videos can have a significant effect. • Engaging/creating more conversations on popular forums to increase product’s awareness and get more customer’s sentiment about a particular product •“BP Elite” seems to be a product that is strongly gaining momentum with users while some products like Layer 2-7 Testing Tool or Cyber Warfare are not getting enough attention promote these products on social media channels
  11. 11. Out-of-the-Box Perspective Relevant, useful Social Media solutions require out- of-the-box perspectives. They need human listening & insights across different data sets. In social media, we need to get out of the social media stove pipe and look at overall marketing strategy using applied social intelligence.
  12. 12. Answering Business Questions - Listening with a Purpose More than just Importance of brand tone & mentions sentiment Measurement Actionable of activity results
  13. 13. The Alterian Difference in Social Media Monitoring Get your Get relevant Leverage Listen social media business social media listening & insights that Learn through engagement lead to Engage… SM2, either initiative up actionable self or full and running results - SUCCEED service quickly NOW
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Warren Sukernek 206.601.1610 @warrenss Web: | Blog: | Twitter: Alterian_plc Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian