Bye, Bye Research. Hello Data Mining! Tapping into Social Media


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Consumers are talking about your brand at length on social networks and this data is finally able to be ‘tapped’ and utilized. Social Media Monitoring provides a different type of data that is unlike what marketing has seen in the past and figuring how to best use it is the challenge. Presentation based on recent cases study and social media monitoring data through the use of Alterian SM2.

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Bye, Bye Research. Hello Data Mining! Tapping into Social Media

  1. 1. Bye, Bye Research. Hello Data Mining! Tapping into Social Media Jim Schwab VP Business Development, Social Media Alterian March 10, 2010
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Quick Intro And my observations over the last couple years 2. Social Media, why should you care 3. Some caveats & challenges 4. Finding the right tool for mining social media And how to use it! 5. Some examples 6. What should you do? Listen, learn, engage and participate Leveraging Social Media Content Slide 2 of 20
  3. 3. Alterian SM2 at a Glance A software technology focused on social media monitoring and analytics Founded in 2005 commercially launched August 2008 10,000+ users Globally Freemium Professional Big brands and agencies alike Microsoft, Intuit, McKinsey Consulting Edelman, Carlson Marketing, Epsilon, Experian Slide 3 of 20
  4. 4. Quick intro My observations….. 1. We have to be where the consumers are! 2. Budgets are moving! 3. If I can do it anyone can! 4. The adoption curve is being followed But much more rapidly New solutions are emerging that make social media more main street focused Slide 4 of 20
  5. 5. Quick intro About me….. 1. I’m not a tech geek 2. I’m not a data jockey 3. I’m not a trained analyst 4. I’m passionate about understanding how to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time using the right mix of channels NOT AN EASY TASK!! Slide 5 of 20
  6. 6. Why should you care? Consumers are overwhelmed
  7. 7. Why should you care? Listen, learn & engage Twitter “i was just talking about this the other day - how ineffective/lame the new tropicana packaging is…” YouTube “just got my new toshiba netbook. seems to be working great. will be nice to use this rather then lugging around my big dell….” Blog “if you really want to stretch your dollars you can use your registered starbucks card to buy an iced coffee and get a free refill….”
  8. 8. Some caveats & challenges Social media content is dynamic and unpredictable It’s not magic!! Blogger, tweeters and SM authors do not cooperate with marketers and customer service professionals SM Content is NOT like your regular customer database SM has no boarders or zip codes SM has little demographics You won’t capture every SM post out there It’s unstructured Automated sentiment is a real challenge Slide 8 of 20
  9. 9. How do you get to relevant content? Filter filter filter…..mine mine mine The Universe of Content 1,000,000,000,000,000 Key words Continuous cleaning Exclusions Alerts Platforms Content structure Language Representativeness Location Irrelevant content Time period Spam Project goals Content that is relevant to you 10,000 posts about my brand + purchase intent + promo terms & time period + competitive mentions
  10. 10. What is being said….. Where is it being said…..
  11. 11. Who’s driving the conversations….. Compared to my competition…..
  12. 12. Why should you care? Turn unstructured text into actionable insight….
  13. 13. Social Media Monitoring Applications Client survey results, bucketed into 10 categories 1. Listening / Monitoring 2. Reputation & Crisis Management 3. Engagement & outreach 4. Market Research 5. Influencer identification 6. Competitive analysis 7. Customer support 8. SEO and link building 9. Support Loyalty Programs 10. Augment mystery shopper programs
  14. 14. The project Increase brand recognition and media attention OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds. Blogger outreach Online PR OLX wanted to run a 4 month trial period before proceeding any further. Unknown territory….. Chris Abraham, President and COO +1 202 352 5051 Slide 14 of 20
  15. 15. The payback Year on year increase in the US The payback Increase in volume, across languages Chris Abraham, President and COO +1 202 352 5051
  16. 16. The payback and key learnings web traffic increased 40% over the 4 month trial Abraham & Harrison renewed for 12 month contract Twitter accounts in 3 languages, 5 in 6 months Chris Abraham, President and COO +1 202 352 5051 Slide 16 of 20
  17. 17. The project Help client move the brand image among key influencers Two part project 1. 12 month audit of conversations, in depth analytics Report and recommendations delivered Segmentation and profiles built of key targets 2. Approval on recommended approach to influencers Outreach and PR program Wendy Scherer, Founder Partner +1 202 715 3884 Slide 17 of 20
  18. 18. Segmentations & Profile Their Views: “..recent concerns about excessive  dairy consumption and the possible effects on health.” Favorite web sites Most used social media channels Their Profile: “They heavily reference the writings of Michael Pollan, who advocates natural food production ……..generally recommend choosing foods from a variety of food  groups.”
  19. 19. The payback and key learnings Based on initial work the company has built a team (in house and agency) to do SM engagement. Begun to specialize their team Fantastic time saver in finding influencers Can’t be salesy – this is SOCIAL media Education materials on diet data, nutrition, gluten free…etc. Market & thought leader type conversations have increased Wendy Scherer, Founder Partner +1 202 715 3884 Slide 19 of 20
  20. 20. Find the right tool for the job Listen, learn, engage and participate….. Self service vs Professional service/agency Reporting Powerful and flexible functionality You HAVE to be able to dig into the weeds…….or you risk analysis based on bad data There are many vendors! High tech software to low tech Jim’s Social Media Company Many start ups There are only a few real players in the software space And many good agencies Slide 20 of 20
  21. 21. Thank you Sign up for a FREE Jim Schwab Social Media Monitoring +1.585.261.9433 account!!! @jimschwab SM2 Freemium Alterian SM2 Social Media Monitoring Slide 21 of 20