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Building On Social Intelligence What The Super Bowl Taught Us About The Need For An Integrated Media Strategy


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The marketing world has awoken to the potential, and reality, of the social media world. Across the board, CMO’s have begun shifting their budgets away from traditional media to digital and social channels. This movement is probably best represented by the recent Pepsi Refresh campaign where Pepsi made waves by going dark during the Super Bowl to focus on social media. Marketers now need to realize that possibly the best thing they can do for their social efforts is to drive an integrated social media campaign in order to fully engage with their customers.

Alterian has been analyzing the ability of paid media (a.k.a. TV advertising) to extend and expand the effect in earned media (a.k.a. user generated content and buzz) during events like the Super Bowl and Oscars. The results are surprising. Join us on April 15th, as Marcus Tewksbury, Director of Customer Intelligence, and Scott Briggs, Director of Business Solutions at Alterian, breakdown the findings and highlight the successes... and missed opportunities.

What you will take away:
• How to measure and assess the social reach generated by multi channel spends
• How to use social as a rapid, inexpensive approach to affinity or sentiment analysis
• How to measure the decay, or longevity of your message in the social channel
• How to quantify the financial performance of your media spend
• Insight as to how you can use social in combination with your current programs to extend and expand the emotional connection your consumers feel about your brand.

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