And the Grammy for the Most Social Buzz Goes to...


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It is the season of glamorous award shows, beautiful gowns and impressive (or mediocre) performances. The Grammys is the single biggest musical event of the year and the anticipation has been building over the last month and a half, since the nominations for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards were released in a special first-time TV Special.

Here at Alterian, we'd like to think that we are just the right combination of avid music lovers and quiet celebrity admirers, so we decided to monitor the online conversations surrounding five of the most talked-about and anticipated categories:

- Record of the Year
- Album of the Year
- Best New Artist
- Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
- Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

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And the Grammy for the Most Social Buzz Goes to...

  1. 1. Alterian Hot Topic And the Grammy forthe Most Social Buzz Goes to...?
  2. 2. Grammy Awards Monitored: - Record of the Year • B.O.B featuring Bruno Mars – Nothin’ on You • Eminem featuring Rhianna - Love The Way You Lie • Cee Lo Green– F*** You • Jay Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind • Lady Antebellum – Need You Now - Album of the Year • Arcade Fire -The Suburbs • Eminem – Recovery • Need You Now – Lady Antebellum • Lada Gaga - The Fame Monster • Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
  3. 3. Grammy Awards Monitored: - Best New Artist • Justin Bieber • Drake • Florence & The Machine • Mumford & Sons • Esperanza Spaulding - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance • Sara Bareilles • Beyoncé • Norah Jones • Lady Gaga • Katy Perry
  4. 4. Search Setup In Alterian SM2 Best Male Pop Vocal Performance • Michael Bublé • Michael Jackson • Adam Lambert • Bruno Mars • John Mayer Date Range: 12/1/2010 – 1/24/2011
  5. 5. 2010 Daily Volume – All Topics Analysis • Total of over 102k social media mentions • Initial nominee announcement generated a lot of buzz. • Buzz then trailed off dramatically, only seeing spikes when additional performers were announced
  6. 6. Comparing the Categories Analysis • Best New Artist is the category with the most buzz – reflects popularity of Justin Beiber • Next two popular categories are Best Female Artist and Best Male Artist • Discussions tend to focus on the artist rather than songs or albums
  7. 7. Best New Artist Analysis • Justin Bieber has 6 times as many conversations as runner-up, Drake. • Justin has 6.8 million Twitter Followers • At any point 3% of all Twitter activity is Justin Bieber related • Justin was discovered on YouTube
  8. 8. Best Female ArtistAnalysis• Lady Gaga nearly doubles the next leading lady, Katy Perry• A lot of this is due to that fact that it was announced on Jan. 13th that she would perform at the Grammys
  9. 9. Best Female ArtistAnalysis• Katy Perry’s announcement that she would also perform at the Grammys generated less buzz• More buzz generated for Lady Gaga’s performance vs. her nomination in two awards categories
  10. 10. Lady Gaga - Microblog resultsAnalysis• Lady Gaga had more buzz on Twitter during the performance announcement than when it was announced that she was an award nominee for two categories
  11. 11. Best Male ArtistAnalysis• Bruno Mars is leading the discussion but it’s a close race with Adam Lambert
  12. 12. Best Male Artist – Daily VolumeAnalysis• Much of the buzz surrounding Bruno Mars occurred on January 20th when it was announced that he would be performing
  13. 13. Best Male Artist – Negative MentionsAnalysis• When we filter by negative opinion Michael Jackson is the most talked about term.• If we look at conversations over time we see that there are spikes of negative conversations for Michael Jackson due to the discussion of his Posthumous album being released
  14. 14. Album of the YearAnalysis:• For the Album of the Year category Eminem is leading the conversations surrounding his album, Recovery.
  15. 15. Album of the Year – 2010 Top Selling Albums 2010s Top 10-Selling Albums (in millions) (1/4/10 - 1/2/11) 1. Eminem, "Recovery" (3.42) 2. Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now" (3.09) 3. Taylor Swift, "Speak Now" (2.96) 4. Justin Bieber, "My World" (2.32) 5. Susan Boyle, "The Gift" (1.85) 6. Lady Gaga, "The Fame" (1.59) 7. Sade, "Soldier of Love" (1.30) 8. Drake, "Thank Me Later" (1.27) 9. Usher, "Raymond v. Raymond" (1.18) 10. Ke$ha, "Animal" (1.14)Year If we had to predict a winner in this category it Analysis: would be Eminem because he is the most • If weAnalysis: had to predict a winner in this category it would be Eminem because he is the most talked about and had the of the Year category had the is leading the conversations can overcome album, talked about and Eminem most albums sold of• For the Album most albums sold of any nominee. We will see if this alonesurrounding hiscritical acclaim. It is somewhat surprising that We will see if this aloneleast number of mentions despite being the • Recovery. any nominee. Lady Antebellum had the can second best-selling albumcriticalyear, but this could be due to audience demographics overcome of the acclaim
  16. 16. Record of the Year Analysis: • Eminem leads the way, although the race is almost too close to call • Surprise contender could be Cee Lo Green’s F*** You
  17. 17. Where are people talking?Analysis:• Twitter seems to dominate the discussion not only when the original nominee announcements were made but when performance announcements came later on.
  18. 18. Demographics
  19. 19. Demographics – Best Female ArtistAnalysis:• All three of the top Female Artists had more males talking about their nomination than females• The gender breakdown for Lady Gaga is more closely divided than the other two nominees
  20. 20. Demographics – Best Male ArtistAnalysis:• Adam Lambert was the only nominee that had more females discussing him than males
  21. 21. Final Results And the Grammy for the Artist with the Most Buzz goes to … Justin Bieber!
  22. 22. THANK YOU! Please contact us with any questions: Steven True: Kyle Henderick: Elyse DeVries: elyse.devries@alterian.comUK/EU: +44 (0) 117 970 3200 | US: +1 312 704 1700 | Asia/Pac: +61 (2) 9968 2449 Web: | Blog: | Twitter: @Alterian Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian