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Alterian 8th Annual Survey Results


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When it comes to engaging with your customers, do you have the right formula to reach them through their CHANNEL of preference, with the CONTENT they want and at their CONVENIENCE ? How engaged is your brand?

This year, Alterian surveyed nearly 1,500 marketing professionals to see just where brands stand when it comes to expenditure, social media, level of personalization, and whether brands are ready for growth or at risk.

In this presentation Donnell Wright and Russ Taufa, of Alterian's research consulting group, examine survey findings and provide insight into how brand engagement is shifting as well as discuss new marketing opportunities for 2011.

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Alterian 8th Annual Survey Results

  1. 1. Alterian’s 8th Annual Survey Results Review Industry Trends #AlterianSurvey
  2. 2. Methodology – Data CollectionThe survey was conducted from October 9, 2010 to December 17, 2010,both online and offline.• Offline: Alterian gathered survey responses at the following industry events: – DMA 2010 Annual Conference, October 9-14, San Francisco, CA – JUMP 2010, October 13, London, UK – PRSA International 2010, October 16-19, Washington DC – AMDIA 2010, November 2-3, Buenos Aires, Argentina – WOMMA 2010, November 17-19, Las Vegas, NV – Marcus Evans’ Social Media Marketing Conference 2010, November 18-19, Mumbai, India• Online: Alterian collected survey responses via an electronic submission form on a dedicated landing page on the Alterian website. The survey was promoted through email communication, social media interaction and social media workshops.
  3. 3. Methodology – Respondents by SegmentSurvey respondents totaled 1,462 professionals
  4. 4. Methodology – Respondents by Region
  5. 5. Areas of Exploration• Lay of the Land – Current practices• Market Shifts – Anticipated spend in 2011• Where the Opportunity Lies – What is needed to better engage• Key Challenges – Management and utilization obstacles
  6. 6. Lay of The Land
  7. 7. Lay of the Land: Current PracticesThe majority are missing the mark on website – mass marketing strategy isstill the norm over personalization.
  8. 8. Lay of the Land: Current PracticesAbout one-third of MSPs and Marketers are utilizing their websites primarilyas a corporate brochure, with agency’s significantly less likely to do so.
  9. 9. Lay of the Land: Current PracticesEmail blasts are still prevalent, but email personalization (i.e. segmentingaudiences) is further along than website customization overall
  10. 10. Lay of the Land: Current PracticesMarketers are more likely than MSPs or Agency’s to blast on a mass basis.
  11. 11. Lay of the Land: Current PracticesWhen asked about a personalized customer experience in multiple channels,again, it is clear email is at the front of the pack. The trend is important, butthe majority need help seeing the value in executing this strategy acrossmultiple channels.
  12. 12. Lay of the Land: Current PracticesAgencies are clearly ahead of the pack in their utilization of social media,while Marketers lag Agencies and MSPs everywhere else.
  13. 13. Market Shifts
  14. 14. Market Shifts: Anticipated SpendBased on projections, over half anticipate an increase in marketingexpenditure over the next year. Economic improvement is no doubtcontributing to increased marketing budgets.
  15. 15. Market Shifts: Anticipated Spend• Marketers are more likely than others to say they plan to maintain overall marketing expenditure over the next 12 months.• Agencies are more likely than Marketers to say expected marketing expenditure will greatly increase (25%+) over the next 12 months.
  16. 16. Market Shifts: Anticipated Spend• Respondents in Europe were more likely to say they expect to maintain or slightly decrease marketing expenditure over the next 12 months.
  17. 17. Market Shifts: Anticipated SpendAlmost 3 in 4 project increased social/digital media expenditure increases,with nearly one fourth anticipating a 25%+ increase. This indicates that theindustry is embracing these functions and that social/digital marketing is akey driver of general marketing growth in 2011.
  18. 18. Market Shifts: Anticipated Spend• MSPs are more likely than others to say they plan to maintain overall social/digital media expenditure over the next 12 months. They are less likely than others to say they plan to slightly increase (5-25%) social/digital media expenditure in the next year.• Agencies are more likely than others to say expected social/digital media expenditure will greatly increase (25%+) in the next 12 months.
  19. 19. Where the Opportunity Lies
  20. 20. Where the Opportunity LiesThe majority want to improve their understanding about the social mediaconversations happening around their brands or their clients’ brands. Although onlya small percentage are doing nothing, most need some direction on how to utilizethis information in an effective way.
  21. 21. Where the Opportunity LiesAgencies are more likely than others to say they report regularly tomanagement on the social media conversations happening around clientbrands.
  22. 22. Where the Opportunity LiesOver three fourths feel their brand is at risk to some degree of not being asengaged with customers as it should be. It is clear that guidance, the right toolsand a clear, strategic plan are needed to move toward full customer engagement.
  23. 23. Where the Opportunity LiesEuropean respondents are significantly more likely than others to say that overalltheir (or client’s) brand is somewhat at risk from not being as engaged withcustomers as it should be, and less likely to say it is at risk with major concerns.
  24. 24. Key Challenges
  25. 25. Key ChallengesWhen it comes to friction between IT and marketing, about 2/3 are not in sync forvaried reasons. The majority of marketing professionals are in need of a solution tomitigate these issues with IT so that both can perform their jobs more effectively.
  26. 26. Key ChallengesOnly about a third have a system in place to tie efforts back to future campaignsefforts. Having a system in place is key to understanding the value of what iscurrently being done as well as to realign strategy.
  27. 27. Key ChallengesAgencies are more likely than others to say everything they do is measured andanalyzed to drive future campaign strategy for clients. Correspondingly, they areless likely to say they struggle to tie analysis back to campaign strategy.
  28. 28. What’s it all Mean?• Stop & Evaluate• Customer Needs• Plan• Measure
  29. 29. Q&A Russ Taufa Account Manager, Market Research Donnell Wright Sr. Director, Global Research & Insights Download the full results of Alterian’s 8 th Annual Survey at