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Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

Effective marketing is a perfect concoction of strategies, consistency and the courage to accomplish. Here comes up the top 5 marketing mistakes...

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Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

  1. 1. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs Top 5 Marketing Mistakes
  2. 2. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs 2 Insufficient Research and Testing  Mistake  Look before you leap. Inadequate market research and testing can land your company in losses.  Recovery Action  Incorporate inputs from the clients. Define the characteristics of the ideal client and spot out their desperate needs. The marketing strategies must be inclined on these research findings.
  3. 3. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs 3 Strategy Less Marketing  Mistake  No focus on your Unique Selling Proposition will give you no position in the crowd. Believing that the perfection in your product is enough to fetch customers, is absolutely wrong.  Recovery Action  Chalk out your plans and fix your target market to win the competition. Create a calendar of events along with associated budget to craft the road map to success.
  4. 4. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs 4 No Action to Call  Mistake  A beautifully designed website with catchy content is useless without a call to action to show for it.  Recovery Action  Using a coded button for call for action that drive a visitor to register in your portal or subscribe for a newsletter can help clients discover you.
  5. 5. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs 5 Failure in Capturing Repeat Customers  Mistake  A business aims growth by growing its customer base. But keep in mind that when marketing 80% of your business comes from existing customers and 20% comes from new customers. Failing to resell to your present customers could harm your profits detrimentally.  Recovery Action  Email can be one of the most inexpensive yet worthy way to stay in touch with your current customers. Send them relevant mailers that can be interesting for them.
  6. 6. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs 6 No Regular Reputation Measurement  Mistake  One can improve only what one can measure. Lack of performance evaluation can be catastrophic for any business leaving you goal-less in the long run.  Recovery Action  Adopt simple, inexpensive ways to track marketing ROI. You need to verify if your marketing efforts are paying off or not. If not, you need to modify your strategies to increase the number of clients.
  7. 7. INNOVATE - INTEGRATE - TRANSFORM © ALTEN Calsoft Labs 7 Thank You ALTEN Calsoft Labs a digital transformation,technology consulting and engineering services company offers Consulting, Enterprise IT and Product Engineering Services for Industry verticals like Education,Healthcare,Networking & Telecom,Hi-Tech, ISV and Retail.ALTEN Calsoft Labs enables enterprises to Innovate, Integrate, and Transform their business by leveraging disruptive technologies like Cloud,Mobility, IoT, Big Data,Analytics and Software-defined Networking (SDN/NFV).Headquartered in Bangalore, India,ALTEN Calsoft Labs has offices in USA, Europe and Singapore. Visit us at