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2014 Altegra Health Partners Summit Welcome


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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2014 Altegra Health Partners Summit Welcome

  1. 1. Altegra  Health   Partners  Summit   Las  Vegas  |  2014   at  the   Vdara  Hotel  &  Spa  
  2. 2. 2   WELCOME!  
  3. 3. Our  Goals  for  the  Summit   3   !  Enjoy  some  5me  with  all  of  you   !  Let  you  know  where  we  are   !  Provide  meaningful  content   !  Introduce  you  to  some  of  our  brightest   !  Help  you  be  beBer  at  what  you  do   !  Change  the  world;  1  step  at  a  5me  
  4. 4. Guess  Who   !   “I  Can  Explain  It  To  You,  But  I  Can't  Understand  It  For   You”   !   “There  Are  No  Traffic  Jams  Along  The  Extra  Mile”   !   “The  Leading  Cause  Of  Failure  Is  Success”   !   “Those  That  Seek  The  Truth.  Doubt  Those  That  Say   They've  Found  It”   !   “When  I  Was  Younger,  I  Could  Remember  Anything,   Whether  It  Happened  Or  Not”   !   “A  Verbal  Contract  Isn't  Worth  The  Paper  It's  WriBen   On”   4  
  5. 5. The  Presenters   5   ! Carl  McDonald,  Director  &  Senior  Analyst,  CiH  Investment  Research   ! MaB  Salo,  ExecuHve  Director,  NaHonal  AssociaHon  of  Medicaid  Directors     ! Anton  J.  Gunn,  MSW,  Consultant   ! Chris  Grondalski,  Director,  Risk  Adjustment  &  AnalyHcs,  Fallon   Community  Health  Plan   ! Carol  Olson,  Director  of  Coding  &  MRA,  Altegra  Health   ! Omid  Toloui,  Senior  Director,  Product  Management,  Altegra  Health   ! Michael  Kinne,  ExecuHve  Vice  President/Chief  OperaHng  Officer,   Whitaker  Kinne  Group     ! Dr.  Cheryl  Whitaker,  MD,  MPH,  FACP  President/Chief  ExecuHve  Officer,   Whitaker  Kinne  Group     ! Bonnie  Burke,  Vice  President,  Health  Care  AnalyHcs,  Amerigroup  
  6. 6. Our  Presenters   6   ! Merrill  Hausenfluck,  Vice  President    Finance,  Revenue  ReconciliaHon,   WellCare   ! Lisa  DiSalvo,  Senior  Director,  Product  Development,  Altegra  Health   ! Wanda  Kochhar,  President,  Outcomes  Health   ! Rolland  Ho,  Senior  Vice  President,  Risk  Adjustment  SoluHons  &  AnalyHcs,   Outcomes  Health   ! Rachel  Powell,  Director,  Medicare  Advantage  Revenue  Management,   Health  Alliance  Plan     ! Jimmy  Liu,  Vice  President  Risk  AnalyHcs  Services,  Altegra  Health   ! Chris  Coloian,  President  &  Chief  ExecuHve  Officer,  PredilyHcs     ! James  E.  Dalen,  Jr.,  MA,  Chief  Health  Economist,  Altegra  Health   ! Charles  Kenney,  Health  Care  Journalist  &  Author    
  7. 7. Housekeeping  Items   7   ! Restrooms  are  located  across  the  corridor  towards   your  right       ! Web  ApplicaHon  –  Scan  the  QR  Code  on  your   badge  or  any  of  the  posters  at  the  doorways   ! Logon  to  ALTEGRASUMMIT.COM   ! To  access  the  internet,  view  your  wireless   connecHons  and  choose  ‘Vdara’   ! Breakout  sessions  are  located  across  from  the   ballroom:    Rafael  1,  Rafael  2,  Rafael  3.  Signs  posted  
  8. 8. Housekeeping  Items   8   ! Badges  –  Bring  to  dinner   ! Dinner  –  Mandalay  Bay  Hotel,  FoundaHon  Room    -­‐   7:30pm   ! Meet  outside  the  Hotel  at  7:00  pm  for   transportaHon     ! “O”  Show  -­‐  Bellagio  Hotel  –  10:00pm   ! Meet  outside  the  Mandalay  Bay  at  9:15pm  for   transportaHon  to  the  show   ! Tickets  will  be  distributed  at  dinner     ! Meet  outside  the  theatre  entrance  ajer  the  show   for  transportaHon  back  to  the  Vdara  
  9. 9. 9   ENJOY  THE  NEXT  30  HOURS!