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Operatingsystems 6grade


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Published in: Technology
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Operatingsystems 6grade

  1. 1. AALN
  2. 2.  The interface between the user and the computer hardware.
  3. 3. when two or more multiple more than one smaller parts of ausers can work applications CPUs that can program are loadedwith programs and operated at the be shared when needed by OSshare peripheral same timedevices (printer,scanner, fax)
  4. 4.  Ifyou ask your mum shell tell you to use XP because she knows it so well, if you ask your geek friend hell recommend you Linux because its so stable, if you ask the cool designer at work , hell tell you Mac OS cause you can build so many amazing things with it.
  5. 5. Server operating systems are designed to provide platforms for multi-users , for critical, network applications. Their main purpose is to provide security, stability and collaboration. Most of them come with a pack of dedicated software tools such as Web servers, e-mail agents and terminal services The common applications for server OSes are: File and printer sharing Application services (including databases) Web site services E-mail, groupware and messaging Terminal services Caching
  6. 6.  operating system that controls a mobile device